Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 143

Chapter 143: Nine Swords Stance Completed!

The assassination this time was inter-connected, making a chain attack. It virtually took into account Ye Yuan's every reaction!

Just now, Ye Yuan borrowed the recoil from the Eighth Layer Wave to barely avoid the second attack.

But now, Ye Yuan was in midair. The third attack connected seamlessly without giving Ye Yuan any opportunity to catch his breath.

The grasp on timing was precise, and coordination was marvelous. It was virtually flawless!

More importantly, the strengths of these three peoplewere extremely strong. All of them at the Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm and above.

For three Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm and above martial artists to lay down such an ingenious killing trap, it was simply an unavoidable certain death scenario!

"Ahh! Ye Yuan!" Feng Zhirou also reacted in a flash and was about to go over and help Ye Yuan.

But right then, another figure flashed out and shot directly at Feng Zhirou.

"Your opponent is me!" An azure figure attacked Feng Zhirou with unimaginable speed.

"It's you, Su Yishan!" Feng Zhirou angrily exclaimed in shock.

The two people instantly exchanged a blow. They were actually on par.

"Heh heh, if not, who do you think it is? Nanfeng Zhirou, this young master has chased after you for so much, but you refused to give any face. Today, I'm going to let you taste this young master's prowess!" Su Yishan smiled nastily.

As the Su Family's young patriarch, Su Yishan was naturally aware of Nanfeng Zhirou's true identity.

The Su Family's relationship with the Imperial Family had always been very delicate. Su Yishan had also pursued Nanfeng Zhirou for a very long time in the academy, but Nanfeng Zhirou always spoke bluntly to him.

Su Yishan had been pursuing Nanfeng Zhirou. On the one hand, it was in consideration for the Su Family's interests. On the other hand, it was obviously because of Nanfeng Zhirou's beauty.

Not only was Nanfeng Zhirou's looks outstanding, but she was also a famous ice beauty. How could Su Yishan not be moved?

Nanfeng Zhirou involuntarily flew into a great rage upon seeing Su Yishan tease her with words. "Such gall, Su Yishan! I'll definitely return and report to Imperial Father about this incident and make him administer punishment onto your Su Family!"

Su Yishan sneered coldly and said, "Then, you have to be able to go back first! Hehe, the dazzlingly gorgeous Senior Apprentice Sister and the super genius both fell in the Endless Forest. Truly lamentable!"

"With the likes of you?" Nanfeng Zhirou said with similarly a cold sneer.

. . . . . .

Over here, Su Yishan intercepted Nanfeng Zhirou. On the other side, Ye Yuan already arrived at the critical juncture of life and death!

Ye Yuan could naturally call out Yuan Fei at this time, but after he summoned him, he would already be a dead man.

The Chang trio brothers were clearly unaware that Ye Yuan had subdued Yuan Fei, but their chain assassination this time coincidentally sealed shut the possibility of Ye Yuan summoning Yuan Fei!

Chang One was born cautious. His investigation concerning Ye Yuan was also quite thorough.

Regardless of how much of a wastrel Ye Yuan was in the past, he was now currently an opponent that barred absolutely no negligence!

If they looked down on Ye Yuan just because he was at the Essence Qi Realm, they would definitely suffer a huge loss.

In reality, Ye Yuan's performance affirmed Chang One's thoughts.

If it were some other Essence Qi Realm martial artist, that deadly arrow from Chang Three would have already pierced through his heart. But not only did Ye Yuan evade Chang Three's arrow under the situation where it was impossible to change his body's inertia, he forcefully altered directions in midair!

This could no longer be described as being tough!

Two Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm's immaculate assassination was actually dodged ingeniously by a Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm!

But that was alright because Chang One himself was the person in charge of the final strike!

Chang One, a Sixth Level Spirit Condensation Realm expert!

Since the beginning when Ye Yuan entered the area they were lying in wait, Chang One was already accumulating his energy and waiting to release it, all for this final lethal blow.

This strike was a Sixth Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist's most powerful strike!

Due to the addition of that Eighth Layer Wave from Ye Yuan earlier, his current airborne speed was even faster than before!

And Chang One's speed was greater than Chang Two's. That was to say that Ye Yuan's and Chang One's speed which was greater than Chang Two's were coming together!

Chang One also used a sword. It seemed as if he already saw the result of Ye Yuan being gored through and breathing his last.

"Ah! Careful, Ye Yuan!"

Nanfeng Zhirou was entangled by Su Yishan and could not free herself. But she saw the scene of Ye Yuan about to be killed.

"Better take care of yourself first, Princess Nanfeng!"

Seeing Nanfeng Zhirou's reaction, Su Yishan also felt a wave of delight. That hateful Ye Yuan was finally about to die!


Nanfeng Zhirou was sent flying and spat out blood on the spot.

But at the same time, the script did not play out according to Chang One's plan.

The tip of Chang One's sword was about to stab Ye Yuan when the scene before his eyes suddenly blurred. Nine Ye Yuans actually appeared at the same time in front of him!


Ye Yuan was currently airborne, how could he possibly create afterimages?

And these nine Ye Yuans were incomparably realistic. Just which one was the real body?

Chang One's divine sense swept across these nine figures instantaneously, but to his shock, he discovered that these nine silhouettes were actually all real bodies!

What sort of situation was this? Seeing ghosts?

However, Chang One was currently like an arrow fitted to a string, being at the point of no return. He could not tolerate any hint of hesitation.

"Humph, paltry tricks! It's just camouflage!"

Chang One chose the centermost Ye Yuan without hesitation. That was also his initial target.

Creating afterimages under this sort of situation, it was ten to one a camouflage. The aim was to confound Chang One's senses.

And the true body had never changed from the very beginning!


Chang One's body passed through the afterimage just like that.

There was no unsmooth feeling of penetrating a body. He passed through the air!

Chang One's heart involuntarily sunk.

To deal with a Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm, the three brothers employed all of their skills to its limits and meticulously laid out this certain death situation. The result was just making Ye Yuan suffer some light injuries?

When setting up the scenario, Chang One had absolute confidence that let alone a Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm, even a Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm would suffer major losses when caught unprepared.

Towards Ye Yuan, Chang One had already placed great emphasis until he could not think any higher of him. But the outcome still exceeded his expectations.

All the way up to now, Chang One could not figure out just how Ye Yuan created eight afterimages while in an airborne state.

Also, just which one was his real body?


The Ye Yuan behind Chang One fell heavily onto the ground. Chang One also landed softly, appearing to be very relaxed without Ye Yuan's shabby appearance.

Ye Yuan stood up and dusted off the grass bits on his body and said calmly, "I really have to thank the three of you. Without you guys, I'm afraid that my Nine Swords Stance wouldn't be completed so quickly!"

On the boundary of imminent danger, Ye Yuan remained calm and immediately entered Heart Like Still Water state.

Under that sort of situation just now, the more he panicked, the more certain he would die.

Ye Yuan understood that to shake off this strike, he could only utilize the Nine Swords Stance's movement technique!

But his Nine Swords Stance was incomplete. There must be a foothold to execute the movement technique, but he was currently suspended in midair.

In the moment of crisis, relying on Heart Like Still Water state, Ye Yuan stimulated his potential to the greatest extent and finally completed the Nine Swords Stance!