Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 144

Chapter 144: You’re Really a Genius!

Meanwhile, the Chang Brothers gathered together. The complexions of the trio did not look too good.

Hearing the meaning of Ye Yuan's words, their painstakingly designed killing scenario actually helped Ye Yuan to have a breakthrough!

That movement technique just now was very profound. Even Chang One, the Sixth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, was actually unable to differentiate which was the true body.

"Ye Yuan, you aren't nave enough to think that you can retreat safely after evading our ambush, right? Although that move just now was incomparably profound, your cultivation realm is still too low," Chang One said in a low voice.

Chang One designed this death trap as a precautionary resolute measure to resolve a complicated problem. All done to prevent unnecessary complications.

Even if they did not ambush, with his cultivation realm, killing Ye Yuan was as easy as taking something out of his pockets. Not to mention there were even Chang Two and Chang Three by his sides.

"Hur hur, you guys are thinking too much. Why do I have to retreat? If I didn't have a breakthrough at the last moment just now, I would already have been killed by you all. How can I let you off so easily?"

Though Ye Yuan said these words while smiling, those familiar with him knew that Ye Yuan was truly enraged!

It was just that Ye Yuan's threat sounded rather comical. A Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm rookie actually threatening three Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm and above experts. No matter how they looked at it, it just seemed like stubbornness.

When Ye Yuan finished talking, the Chang Trio Brothers involuntarily exchanged glances. They were wondering if Ye Yuan had a problem with his brain.

With their understanding of Ye Yuan, while Ye Yuan might be very unbridled, he never did something he had no confidence in.

However, the current circumstances did not seem to allow him to be overbearing.

Ye Yuan could not naively think that he was a match for the three of them, right?

"Ye Yuan, I think that you haven't made clear of the situation, right?" Chang One asked rather bafflingly.

"Of course I understand the situation. The three of you are the Su Family's lackeys, right? Received that old dog Su Yubai's order to come and kill me, yes? No?" Ye Yuan scoffed coldly.

Chang One had clearly heard of the power of Ye Yuan's eloquence, so he did not plan on bickering with him. He nodded and said, "You're mistaken. Elder Su did not order us to come. We're under the family head's command to come and kill you."

Ye Yuan was taken quite by surprise. "Family Head? Su Yishan's old man? Well, same thing! Looks like I really have to give a good one to the Su Family when I return. Otherwise, they will really think that this little lord is nice to provoke!"

Chang One felt rather confused. Although he went through an in-depth investigation on Ye Yuan before this task, this was his first time meeting Ye Yuan after all.

Only now did he discover that Ye Yuan's personality was entirely different from what he understood.

In his impression, Ye Yuan was calm and steady, seemed like he was reckless, but entrenched himself at every step.

But now, Ye Yuan was clearly an incomprehensible good-for-nothing from a wealthy family. He completely could not make clear of the situation!

If not for Ye Yuan's performance being overly stunning just now, Chang One might even think that Ye Yuan was a moron.

Just as Chang One was dazed, Ye Yuan pointed at his nose and scolded, "Hey, do the three of you still have a sense of shame? A Sixth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, two Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, came to kill me and yet dare not do it openly. Instead, you guys used this sort of underhanded sneak attack tactics! Indeed, the type of master one has will have the same kind of lackeys! Su Yubai that old dog is also so sinister and enjoys sneak attacking others! You are all indeed cut from the same cloth!"

Chang One was scolded by Ye Yuan until he was stupefied. He unwittingly started to doubt his own judgment.

Could it be that Ye Yuan this fellow was really just a hothead? A 100% good-for-nothing silkpants?

Of course, Ye Yuan's talent was beyond all doubts. He was definitely a peerless genius. Even the young patriarch, Su Yishan, would have to admit defeat.

Other than this, was Ye Yuan really a rash fellow?

Was his actions back in the Dan Wu Academy just a random coincidence?

Ye Yuan finished scolding the Chang Brothers and turned his head toward Su Yishan. He started to cursed, "Su Yishan, you tortoise's grandson! You only know how to bully women! If you have the capabilities, then come and one on one with this Little Lord! Spineless fellow! Want to kill me but dare not make a move in the academy. You even run all the way to the Endless Forest to do this. In the future when the Su Family lands in your hands, it will be squandered away to nothingness eventually! Oh no, the Su Family won't be able to exist for a long time. When I go back, I'm going to beat the Su Family until they can't raise their heads!"

Su Yishan was currently in a heated battle with Nanfeng Zhirou when he suddenly heard Ye Yuan's cursing and could not help burning with rage after hearing it.

Forcing Nanfeng Zhirou back with a blow, Su Yishan arrived in front of Ye Yuan with a few leaps.

Nanfeng Zhirou also followed tightly behind and came to Ye Yuan's side. Both parties entered a stalemate.

Ye Yuan casually fished out a medicinal pill and threw it to Nanfeng Zhirou. Then he said with a smile, "It's been hard on you, Senior Apprentice Sister Nanfeng. Eat it. No need to mind this sort of small injuries."

Nanfeng Zhirou caught the medicinal pill but lowered her head instead. She knew that her identity had already been made aware to Ye Yuan, making it rather awkward.

"Don't get cocky, Ye Yuan! Even if you avoided the Chang Brothers' ambush, do you think that you can still exit the Endless Forest today?" Su Yishan was displeased when he saw Ye Yuan's composed appearance.

Shouldn't the current Ye Yuan be in a panic?

Ye Yuan stared at Su Yishan and said with a smile, "I don't plan on leaving the Endless Forest."

"Humph! Good that you know!"

"The Endless Forest is so fun! I still plan on playing for a few more days! As for whether you guys can walk out or not, that I dare not guarantee."

"Is your brain spoilt, Ye Yuan? Can't you tell what kind of situation you two are currently in? Just now, I heard that you want to fight one on one, yeah?" Su Yishan stared at Ye Yuan like he was looking at a fool.

Ye Yuan beamed and said, "That's right. Does the dignified Su Family's Young Patriarch only know how to bully women? If you have the capability, let's go one-on-one!"

"Hahahaha . . ." Su Yishan roared with laughter when he heard that and said, "Alright, I'll fight you one on one! But . . . it's us as a group fighting you alone!"

Ye Yuan's face fell after hearing that, and he said in terror, "Su Yishan! Are you a man or not?! If you have the capabilities, let's fight one-on-one!"

Seeing Ye Yuan's appearance, Su Yishan felt incredibly venting. He chuckled and said, "Ye Yuan, I think your brain really broke down! The four of us combined can kill you like slaughtering a dog! Why should I entertain you with a duel? Do you think this is the academy?"

Ye Yuan stared at Su Yishan who looked proud of himself and suddenly grinned, smiling very happily.

"You can still laugh when death is knocking, Ye Yuan? I got to hand it to you. Chang One, Chang Two, Chang Three, kill Ye Yuan! Leave Nanfeng Zhirou alive, I still have a use for her!" Su Yishan ordered.

While the Chang Brothers were secretly displeased that Su Yishan was still lustful at such a time, they would not refute Su Yishan's words. After all, he was the future Su Family's family head.

Just as the Chang Brothers were prepared to make a move, their face suddenly changed!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In a blink, hundreds of white colored apes appeared in front of their eyes, enclosing them in the center together with Ye Yuan.

The weakest one of these white apes was at the Initial Stage Tier 2!

"Haha, Su Yishan! I found out that I really like your idea of one on one! All of us versus you guys! Man, you're really a genius to even come up with this sort of one on one method!" Ye Yuan looked at Su Yishan as he burst into laughter.