Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 145

Chapter 145: Complete Breakdown

"Wha-what's going on?"

Su Yishan stared wide-eyed at this unbelievable scene and could not even hear Ye Yuan's mocking him.

Several hundred Long-arm Stone Apes appearing out of thin air. This visual impact was seriously enormous!

With their vision filled with Tier 2 Long-arm Stone Apes, this sort of pressure was absolutely unforgettable for life.

Su Yishan could even feel his own legs quivering!

Not just Su Yishan, the Chang Brothers were also completely dumbstruck at the moment. Even though they had experienced too many things, they had never seen such a huge occasion before!

These hundreds of Tier 2 Long-arm Stone Apes was enough to plow the Su Family one time over.

Although the majority of these Long-arm Stone Apes were at Initial Stage Tier 2, there were also quite a number of Middle Stage and Late Stage Tier 2.

Just one Middle Stage Tier 2 demonic beast was enough for him to choke over. What kind of outocme if hundreds were added up?

At this moment, their nerves were already tensed to the limits.

"Spatial spirit artifact! It must be a spatial spirit artifact! If not, it's impossible to contain so many demonic beasts! Ye Yuan, he . . . actually has a spatial spirit artifact!" Chang One suddenly exclaimed in shock.

"Spa-spatial spirit artifact? H-how's that possible?" Even though the truth was in front of his eyes, Su Yishan still felt that it was unreal.

"That's right. It is indeed a spatial spirit artifact. I didn't think that you would have such knowledge, quite a figure. However, you offended this Young Master. This is the most foolish thing you've done in your entire life!"

Although it was just a few short breaths of exchange, Ye Yuan could tell that among these four people, Chang One served as a brain-center character.

With Su Yishan's personality, it was impossible to lay down such an elaborate killing trap to wait for the hare to land in it.

The absolute strength of the four of them was much greater than Ye Yuan's pair. There was simply no need to be so cautious.

That final strike from Chang One was remarkably brilliant. In fact, it was a flawless blow. Ye Yuan truly arrived at the borders of life and death at that time.

If not for him remaining calm in the final hour of peril and having broken through at the last moment, he would already be a corpse now.

From this, one could see that this Chang One was absolutely a very nasty character to deal with!

But sadly, his opponent was Ye Yuan! He was a young master who would definitely avenge any grievances, not some old good-two-shoes who returned good for evil.

Towards Ye Yuan's words, Chang One did not refute them, because he knew that what Ye Yuan said was the truth.

The stupidest thing that he, Chang One, ever did in his life was to offend Ye Yuan!

Chang One was naturally crystal clear on Ye Yuan's actions in the Dan Wu Academy and knew about his personality of seeking revenge for the smallest grievance. Hence, he dismissed the thought of begging for mercy.

"Fight it out, brothers! Ignore those demonic beasts and directly kill Ye Yuan!" Chang One was also a very decisive person as he directly laid down an order.

When Chang One's command was issued, he took the lead to burst towards Ye Yuan. Chang Two and Chang Three and Big Brother had incredible synergy. Following closely behind, the trio charged towards Ye Yuan in a triangle formation.

This was Chang One's dying act. Facing so many Tier 2 demonic beasts, he did not feel that he could kill Ye Yuan. However, what made Chang One speechless and pleasantly surprised was that these Tier 2 demonic beasts actually did not react at all to this!

These demonic beasts unexpectedly did not move out to stop the three of them!

Could it be that these demonic beasts were just what Ye Yuan pulled out to intimidate them? Ye Yuan could not command these demonic beasts at all?

This discovery filled Chang One with wild elation!

"Haha! Nearly got hoodwinked by you! So, you can't command these demonic beasts at all! Brothers, kill him with me!" Chang One roared with laughter.

Ye Yuan did not take any actions. He just looked at Chang One with a smile that was not a smile filled with ridicule.

"Humph! At gates of death already and yet, you're still pretending there! Wind Thunder Sword!"

Chang One's sword appeared in front of Ye Yuan once again. But this time around, Ye Yuan did not exhaust all his energies to defend. He remained motionless there.

Right at this moment, a white figure flashed out from the side and grabbed hold of Chang One's sword very violently, twisting it into scrap metal.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

One exchange, three palms landed respectively on Chang One, Chang Two, and Chang Three's chest.

This figure was as fast as lightning. The three of them did not even make clear of what it was before being sent flying out.

"Ti-Tier 3 demonic beast!"

Chang One's face finally flickered as he stared at that white ape built like an iron pagoda in horror. Only now did he know why Ye Yuan did not move this whole time. Because he did not need to move at all.

With a Tier 3 demonic beast guarding by the side, why would he need to make a move personally?

However . . . why would a Tier 3 demonic beast obey Ye Yuan? He was merely an Essence Qi Realm martial artist!

Chang One suddenly recalled that Ye Yuan had just descended down the Crimson Summit Ridge and finally understood some things. His complexion changed greatly against his will!

"You . . . you brought the entire Crimson Summit Ridge's Long-arm Stone Ape clan under your control?" Chang One stared at Ye Yuan with dread.

"Hur hur, you finally realized. I even thought that you were pretty smart. Didn't think that you're so slow! That's right. Yuan Fei and his clansmen will be following me in the future."

Of course, it was not because Chang One was dumb, but because the impact he received today was too tremendous.

An Essence Qi Realm martial artist subduing the entire Crimson Summit Ridge's Long-arm Stone Ape clan. If this spread out, other people would surely treat him like a lunatic!

However, this sort of impossible matter genuinely happened!

"H-how's this possible? The Ape King is a Tier 3 demonic beast. Why would he willingly obey you? Also, humans and demonic beast have a language barrier. How can you possibly subdue him?" Chang One questioned unwillingly.

"Do you feel that I have a need to answer your question?" Ye Yuan said with a cold smile.

Chang One only asked because of the burning uncertainty in his heart. Truthfully, he did not hope for Ye Yuan to answer him.

Chang One sighed and shut his eyes painfully. He gave a long exhalation and said, "Sigh, the Su Family going against you is the Su Family's greatest failure! Perhaps the Su Family will vanish entirely from the scene of the State of Qin because of this! Make your move!"

Yuan Fei waved his long arm, and immediately, over a dozen Tier 2 Long-arm Stone Apes rushed up, carrying away the Chang Brothers who already had no means to retaliate.

Before long, blood-curdling screams came from far away, making the scalp of those who heard it tingle.

The Long-arm Stone Apes were originally wild and untamable. They had always just killed any human martial artists they saw. Only Ye Yuan who knew the universal beast language could communicate with Yuan Fei who activated his spiritual wisdom. Otherwise, their end result would not be much better than the Chang Brothers.

Each one of the wretched screams transmitted into Su Yishan's ear, impacting his mind repeatedly. It already completely collapsed his mental defense.

Su Yishan only abruptly roused with a jerk after Ye Yuan slowly walked towards him. He retreated non-stop, all the way until he bumped into a Long-arm Stone Ape before jumping in fright and dodging hurriedly.

"Y-Ye Yuan, I-I was wrong, I deserve death! I deserve death! I beg you, please don't kill me! It's all because Su Yubai that old bastard forced me! It's all because he forced me!"

Su Yishan could not hold on any longer and slammed his knees onto the ground as he begged for mercy by shouting himself hoarse.