Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 146

Chapter 146: Feeding Moves
Chapter 146: Feeding Moves
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Ye Yuan looked at Su Yishan kneeling on the ground with snot dripping from his nose and said with a smile, "I also didn't say that I'm killing you, Young Master Su! Look how frightened you are!"

Su Yishan was already like a bird startled by the twang of a bowstring right now. His brain was already no longer in charge.

Hearing that Ye Yuan had the intention to let him off, he spontaneously became overjoyed and said, "Y-you're for real? Th-then I can go?"

"Of course you can't go. All of my secrets have already been seen by you. If you were to leave and spread outside that I possess a spatial spirit artifact, then wouldn't I die without a burial place?"

Su Yishan was so terrified that his legs weakened. Ye Yuan's meaning was to kill him for sure.

"Don't worry, I can swear a Heavenly Dao Oath to absolutely not spread the things I saw today!" Su Yishan then raised his hand and looked as if he was really about to swear a Heavenly Dao Oath.

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, "That isn't necessary, Su Yishan. I'll give you a chance; a chance to fight one-on-one! After you kill me, you can leave this place."

Su Yishan was stunned and quickly returned to his wailing and said, "Y-Young Master Ye, Great Hero Ye, I really know that I was wrong. I shouldn't have opposed you. I shouldn't have brought people into the Endless Forest to come and kill you."

Ye Yuan also did not expect Su Yishan to be so spineless. That normally haughty bearing was all gone. At this time, he was like a despicable person devoid of any sense of shame.

Sometimes, people were like that. Without arriving at the final juncture of life and death, one could never see through a person's true character.

People who normally appeared to be incomparably lofty would become shamelessly menial when facing death, while those who typically appeared to live a licentious life and had improper conduct would remain incomparably unperturbed in the face of death.

There were numerous manners of life.

It was very clear that Su Yishan belonged to the former.

If Ye Yuan made the Long-arm Stone Apes attack, Su Yishan might still give a desperate struggle. But Ye Yuan surrounded him and did not kill him yet. Also, with the Chang Brothers' horrifying way of dying as the precedent, Su Yishan's mind collapsed entirely.

Ye Yuan suddenly pulled a long face and said solemnly, "I have no time to joke with you! If you don't want this opportunity, I can kill you right now."

The current Su Yishan was clearly someone who yielded to force but refused a soft approach. With Ye Yuan riling up, the words sunk into Su Yishan instead.

"Bu-but . . ." Su Yishan stammered.

"But I'm not a match for you, right?" Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Su Yishan lowered his head. Clearly, he tacitly agreed. But at such a time, he did not dare to say these words out.

"This Little Lord asks to fight one-on-one, it means one-on-one with you. You don't need to doubt this. However, the one-on-one I mentioned is not right now. There are also conditions for giving you this chance."

Hearing Ye Yuan say that, Su Yishan's eyes lit up as he felt like he had grasped hold of his final life-saving straw.

"What conditions? As long I can do it, I'll comply!"

"Well, I feel that my cultivation is almost consolidated. After my cultivation realm consolidates, I can break through to the Spirit Condensation Realm. At that time, we'll have a deathmatch! But before then, in order to help me consolidate my cultivation realm, I'll have to trouble you to feed me moves," Ye Yuan said.

"Spi-Spirit Condensation Realm? So quickly?" Su Yishan was stunned.

Ye Yuan had just broken through to peak Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm not long ago. He was going to break through to the Spirit Condensation Realm now?

Who among martial artists when breaking through a major realm was not filled with trepidation as if they were treading on thin ice?

Back then when Su Yishan broke through to the Spirit Condensation Realm, he prepared for a full half year, all the way until he was very certain before he dared to take this step.

And at that time, Su Yishan was already at half-step Spirit Condensation Realm.

Ye Yuan was obviously still just peak Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm now. Could it be that he wanted to break through to the Spirit Condensation Realm directly?

Wasn't this too exaggerated?

In the State of Qin, breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm must go through the process of half-step Spirit Condensation Realm. This was something everyone knew. Never had anyone been foolish enough to directly breakthrough to the Spirit Condensation Realm.

Not that it was impossible to breakthrough directly, but because the success rate of a direct breakthrough was too low. So low that nobody dared to attempt this step!

The success rate of breaking through directly from Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm to Spirit Condensation Realm was so low that it was negligible!

With such a low success rate, who would dare to try it rashly?

Ye Yuan had not broken through to Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm for long. Now, he wanted to directly breakthrough to the Spirit Condensation Realm. Was this possible?

"None of your business whether it's fast or not. Either way, you can forget about escaping if I don't break through to the Spirit Condensation Realm. Hence, you'd better pray for me to breakthrough earlier," Ye Yuan said coolly.

"B-but if I win you, what if you go back on your words then?" Su Yishan was not a fool either and enquired about his doubts.

"Hur hur, that will have to depend on my mood. Doesn't matter to me anyway. But you can't not take this gamble! Lose, you're a dead man. Win, you can go back and continue to be the Su Family's young master! This is your only chance. Up to you whether you want to or not," Ye Yuan said indifferently.

"D-don't . . . I want this chance! Of course I want this chance!" Su Yishan hurriedly said.

This was Su Yishan's sole lease on life. He would be a fool to give it up.

Ye Yuan could completely make those demonic beasts destroy him right now, but he just had to find trouble for himself. How could Su Yishan give up this opportunity?

Ye Yuan nodded and said, "Since that's the case, you have to remember, you can only defend and not attack! Fully be my human sandbag! At that time, I'll let Yuan Fei watch the battle by the side. If you have the slightest intention to attack, you'll die horribly!"

Su Yishan had certainly thought of harming Ye Yuan when the latter was feeding moves, but now that Ye Yuan said that, he immediately tossed this idea out of his mind.

You got to be joking. A Tier 3 demonic beast watching the fight by the side, if he revealed even a trace of killing intent, the other party would finish him off without hesitation.

If Ye Yuan was an ordinary Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, then forget about it. However, it was impossible for Su Yishan to kill in one strike with Ye Yuan's practical combat abilities.

Hence, he better obediently became his human sandbag.

. . . . . .

"Are you joking, Ye Yuan? You're only at the peak Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm, not even at half-step Spirit Condensation Realm. How are you going to breakthrough to Spirit Condensation Realm? Ah! I know already! You must be messing with Su Yishan!" Nanfeng Zhirou was pleasantly surprised that she discovered something.

However, Ye Yuan shook his head and said, "Breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm within a few days is a must. It has to happen even if it can't! If I don't break through, I can't even refine the Essence Yang Pill, and Lu-er can't be saved. Therefore, I have to break through to the Spirit Condensation Realm by hook or by crook."

"But . . . you aren't even half-step Spirit Condensation Realm!"

"What kind of crap is half-step Spirit Condensation Realm? Essence Qi Realm to Spirit Condensation Realm is meant to be done in one shot. You people separating it into half-step Spirit Condensation Realm and Spirit Condensation Realm are actually self-ruining your foundations, making Spirit Condensation Realm's foundation unstable!" Upon mentioning half-step Spirit Condensation Realm, Ye Yuan's face was filled with contempt.

"But . . . everybody impacts the Spirit Condensation Realm from half-step Spirit Condensation Realm. Could everyone be wrong?" Nanfeng Zhirou refused to accept.

Ye Yuan retorted with a question after hearing that, "Are those everyone you say more amazing than my master when added up? My master said it's good to break through directly. Do you think that he would harm me?"

". . ." Nanfeng Zhirou had nothing to refute with.