Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Commencing Breakthrough!
Chapter 147: Commencing Breakthrough!
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An Eighth Layer Wave from Ye Yuan was easily warded off by Su Yishan.


Another Absolute Yang Finger from Ye Yuan shot towards Su Yishan with abnormally fierce, incomparable force, but was defended by him again.

However, Ye Yuan did not feel dispirited. In fact, he became more excited as he fought.

He completely did not need to consider the problem of defense as he unleashed all the moves he knew over and over again.

While the threat to Su Yishan was not great, the other party was very ragged looking.

Ye Yuan's attack was not something which could be released by the average Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm. Even if he did not use his strongest trump card, the Nine Swords Stance, his attacks could cause substantial damage to Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists.

If Su Yishan had not broken through to the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, just these moves could exhaust him to death.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan was attacking all out wildly while Su Yishan could only endure being hit. Under the waxing and waning, Ye Yuan's attack became fiercer.

Ye Yuan already continued the reckless attacks for two days.

These two days, apart from eating, sleeping, and mediation, Ye Yuan spent the rest of the time training with Su Yishan.

With such a free human sandbag, hitting it was very delightful and satisfactory.

The more Ye Yuan hit, the more excited he got. The more he hit, the more he did not know fatigue. Sometimes, when he got excited, he could fight for several hours at a time.

In contrast, Su Yishan was already on the verge of collapse being tormented by Ye Yuan.

He simply could not understand how Ye Yuan had such incredible endurance when he was merely a Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm.

With such a powerful attack, logically speaking, the expenditure of essence energy should be enormous. But Ye Yuan could fight for several hours at a time and did not need to consume Qi Returning Pills!

Even if he was the one doing the frenzied attacks, he probably could not sustain for two hours!

However, were Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm and Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm on the same level?

Not that Su Yishan did not think of sneak attacking Ye Yuan, but Yuan Fei's aura remained indistinctly locked onto him this whole time, leaving him not daring to make any reckless moves at all.

Su Yishan believed that as long as he retaliated once, what awaited him was definitely a lightning blow!

He had already witnessed the terror of this Ape King. He was completely unable to last even a round with him.

These two days, Yuan Fei had also been observing Ye Yuan's wanton attacks the whole time. At times, his gaze was shining. It was uncertain what he was thinking.

Rather, it was Nanfeng Zhirou who had nothing to do these two days. But she also had a knot in her heart which was unresolved and was somewhat weighed down with worries.

Ye Yuan had heard 'Nanfeng' this surname. Most likely, he already guessed her identity.

'Nanfeng' was the imperial surname. Nobody was unaware of it in the State of Qin.

Nanfeng Zhirou and her aunty were already considered very good friends with Ye Yuan. But they had always concealed their identity. No matter what, it was not very justifiable.

These two days, Ye Yuan was consolidating his cultivation realm at full force, so he completely did not bother about this matter. Once he broke through his cultivation realm, would he dig into this matter? Would he drift away from her?

Nanfeng Zhirou started to become somewhat anxious about her gains and losses.

. . . . . .

After another day passed, Ye Yuan continued to unleash his wanton attacks on Su Yishan as usual.

Suddenly, Ye Yuan halted his attacks and sat down crossed-legged.

Yuan Fei narrowed his eyes and seemed to have guessed something. His body moved, and he instantly appeared between Ye Yuan and Su Yishan, isolating the two.

Su Yishan also seemed to have guessed something and knew that it was impossible for Yuan Fei to give him the opportunity to get close to Ye Yuan. Hence, he withdrew to the sides sensibly and meditated on his own.

Ye Yuan wanted to breakthrough, and Su Yishan also needed to recuperate.

Though he did not feel that Ye Yuan could directly breakthrough to the Spirit Condensation Realm, it was still best to prepare for everything!

What kind of joke was this? Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm directly breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm. Even his old man did not dare to do that back then!

Not only his father, Su Yulin, but also Lord Dean, Wan Donghai, Nanfeng Yi, these well-known Crystal Formation Realm experts, who among them was not a peerless talent back then?

But not one of them dared to directly breakthrough to the Spirit Condensation Realm when they were at the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm!

What kind of joke was this?

Transitioning from half-step Spirit Condensation Realm was the method to impact the Spirit Condensation Realm fumbled out by countless ancestors. Does Ye Yuan wish to challenge countless ancestors with his own strength?

Even a genius like Su Yishan prepared for a full half years' time.

Back then when Nanfeng Zhirou broke through to the Spirit Condensation Realm, the amount of time she prepared for was a little lesser than Su Yishan, but there was still four to five months' time.

However, Ye Yuan did not make any preparations at all. He only used a few days to consolidate his cultivation realm and then directly initiated breakthrough.

If he succeeded, then what did they, these so-called geniuses, even count as?

Nanfeng Zhirou saw that Ye Yuan was preparing to breakthrough and also became nervous immediately.

Even though Ye Yuan said it like he was very confident, this sort of matter like challenging the limits known to martial artists still made Nanfeng Zhirou feel quite worried.

A major realm could not be broken through as and when one liked. Facing the breakthrough to Spirit Condensation Realm, nobody dared to be negligent in the least bit.

Because if the assault failed, they would suffer varying degrees of injuries, possibly even facing the risk of a drop in cultivation!

Although it could be cultivated back once more, the difficulty when impacting the bottleneck next time would increase tremendously!

This was also why all martial artists would be extremely prudent when breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm.

"You must succeed, Ye Yuan!" Nanfeng Zhirou silently cheered.

She knew that if Ye Yuan could not break through, Lu-er would die for sure.

Once Lu-er dies, the blow to Ye Yuan would definitely be huge!

This was something which Nanfeng Zhirou did not wish to see.

Ye Yuan just sat cross-legged like that for an hour, the aura on his body gradually stabilizing.

His eyes suddenly snapped open. Retrieving a Spirit Surge Pill from his storage ring to consume, he said to Yuan Fei, "Yuan Fei, help to guard me. I'm going to begin the breakthrough. Eye Su Yishan properly and don't let him escape."

"Be at ease and breakthrough, Young Master. There's Yuan Fei here for everything," Yuan Fei answered.

Ye Yuan nodded and shut his eyes again.

Not far away, Su Yishan witnessed this scene and was secretly alarmed in his heart.

Ye Yuan could actually really communicate with this demonic beast!

No wonder he could subdue this Tier 3 demonic beast!

There was really innumerable secrets on Ye Yuan's body!

Ye Yuan adjusted his condition and consumed the Spirit Surge Pill, and he officially commenced the attempt to break through into the Spirit Condensation Realm!

While the onlookers felt that Ye Yuan impacting the Spirit Condensation Realm was filled with incomparable danger, to the party involved, Ye Yuan, it was not really a very amazing thing.

His understanding towards heaven and earth essence energy surpassed any so-called expert in the State of Qin considerably.

Those Crystal Formation Realm experts' understanding towards heaven and earth essence energy was not even fit to carry shoes for Ye Yuan.

To them, the Spirit Condensation Realm was a massive ridge. To Ye Yuan, the Spirit Condensation Realm was merely a small threshold; that's all.

The Spirit Surge Pill entering his abdomen was just like tossing a small pebble onto the surface of a peaceful lake; breaking the original equilibrium state of essence energy within Ye Yuan's body.

Practically instantaneously, the essence energy within Ye Yuan's Dantian seethed!

Woo! Woo!

A whirlwind started to howl underneath Ye Yuan. This whirlwind continuously enlarged, expanding more, whipping up fallen leaves.

The essence energy tempest! Commenced!