Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Nine Drops of Spirit Liquid!
Chapter 148: Nine Drops of Spirit Liquid!
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A vortex formed from the essence energy tempest brought forth a violent tornado, and this storm grew increasingly larger!

The Endless Forest was originally a land rich with essence energy. Ye Yuan recklessly absorbed all the essence energy converging without any care, flowing into his dantian.

"En? What's going on? This essence energy storm is not right!" Su Yishan exclaimed in shock.

Back then, the essence energy storm he caused when he himself broke through to the Spirit Condensation Realm was simply a small apprentice in the presence of a great sorcerer when compared to Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan's essence energy tempest gave him the feeling like it was a great flood or savage beast, incomparably violent.

With such violent and turbulent essence energy gushing into the dantian ceaselessly, would it not burst the dantian?

"Hehe, burst it! Burst it! Let's see how you posture after it bursts!" Su Yishan was chuckling inwardly over his misfortune.

But just as he was taking pleasure in the misfortune of others, his collar was suddenly grabbed from behind, lifting him up like carrying a baby chick.

Yuan Fei carried Su Yishan and speedily headed for the distance. Nanfeng Zhirou followed behind them.

The essence energy tempest formed from Ye Yuan's breakthrough grew larger and larger, almost about to spread over here. Hence, Yuan Fei decisively brought everyone to retreat a certain distance away.

Su Yishan who was being dragged felt unbearable shame and humiliation. But facing a Tier 3 demonic beast, what could he do?

He did not wish to end up like the Chang Brothers, being torn to shreds by those damnable apes!

Yuan Fei landed far away after a few flashes; roughly a thousand feet away from Ye Yuan.

Even with such a distance, they could still feel that surging essence energy storm.

The expansion of the essence energy storm showed no signs of stopping. Instead, it grew even larger.

Ye Yuan was situated in the eye of the essence energy storm, oblivious to all that was happening in the outside world. Currently, all of his thoughts were placed on refining essence energy.

Unlike the wild essence energy in the outside world, the essence energy inside Ye Yuan's body was impossibly tame.

If the essence energy in the outside world was a violent wild beast, then the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art was a powerful beast tamer. Essence energy which went through its domestication became very obedient.

Ye Yuan was currently revolving the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art, Mortal Chapter's second phase's cultivation method. He also did not expect that breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm would actually require such an enormous amount of essence energy.

No wonder Spirit Bristle Divine King that fellow was so powerful. This was only breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm, and the necessary essence energy was already so titanic. If one entered the Divine King Realm, just how terrifying would the quantity of essence energy required be?

Ye Yuan was just like a diligent little bee, refining the essence energy non-stop using the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art, then sending it into his dantian.

The essence energy within the dantian accumulated more and more, gradually inflating Ye Yuan's dantian to the limit!

And right now, the critical juncture of breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm had arrived, and that was to gather the qi and liquefy it!

However, Ye Yuan did not bother about the essence energy inside the dantian but continued to refine essence energy ceaselessly, steadily pouring it into the dantian.

Ye Yuan's dantian was inflated even much more bigger with the risk of exploding at any time! If he did not take measures right away, it could really be like how Su Yishan desired; stuffing the dantian so full it explodes!

"No way right? Is Ye Yuan still refining essence energy? His dantian is probably about to explode from fullness, right? Turns out he didn't even know how to impact the Spirit Condensation Realm! To actually wager with me by making such a shameless claim! Hahaha!" Su Yishan was full of delight from his misfortune.

Nanfeng Zhirou glared viciously at him and said angrily, "Shut your mouth for me! If Ye Yuan dies, the Ape King will kill you too! Therefore, you'd better pray for him to survive. At least that way, you theoretically still have the possibility of staying alive!"

Su Yishan was full of disdain as he said, "Even if he breaks through to the Spirit Condensation Realm, it's merely First Level Spirit Condensation Realm! I'm a small stage higher than him! You're so sure that he can defeat me?"

Nanfeng Zhirou sneered coldly and said, "Wasn't Lin Tiancheng also a small stage higher than Ye Yuan back then? And what was his end result? Do you think that Ye Yuan is a fool? To suggest such a duel under the circumstance where he had no confidence? I dare to bet that as long as he enters the Spirit Condensation Realm, killing you will be as simple as slaughtering a dog!"

"Humph! Then he has to break through to the Spirit Condensation Realm first! You look at him. Right now, what's the difference from suicide?" Su Yishan remained stubborn.

Nanfeng Zhirou did not make any sound this time. Ye Yuan's actions were truly no different from committing suicide!

What Ye Yuan needed to do at this time was to gather the qi and liquefy it, not to refine essence energy. No matter how large a martial artist's dantian was, it also could not contain so much essence energy!

Nanfeng Zhirou looked at Ye Yuan in the distance; her eyes full of concern.

Rather, it was Yuan Fei who stared at Ye Yuan glowing eyes, uncertain whether it was worry or reassurance on that ape face.

Ye Yuan naturally did not know what they were thinking. Just as his dantian was about to blow up, a warm qi flow poured into the dantian, enveloping the violent essence energy.

This flow of qi was precisely the medicinal strength transformed from the Spirit Surge Pill!

This flow of medicinal strength was just like a tight pocket; wrapping up all the inflated essence energy tightly inside. No matter how they swelled up, it was to no avail.

With the assistance of the Spirit Surge Pill's medicinal strength, Ye Yuan's dantian swiftly recovered to its original size, while that newly refined essence energy was compressed by the medicinal strength!

Finally, the essence energy within Ye Yuan's body reached saturation. He was unable to continue refining essence energy, so he started to condense the gathered qi into liquid according to the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art's method!

As soon as the cultivation method was revolved, the essence energy within the dantian started to form a cyclone!

While at the same time, the medicinal strength of the Spirit Surge Pill and the essence energy which were refined had fused together, causing the essence energy inside Ye Yuan's dantian to become even more massive!

The Spirit Surge Pill already contained massive amounts of essence energy to assist martial artists to breakthrough to the Spirit Condensation Realm under the effects of other medicinal herbs.

The pill formula of the Spirit Surge Pill was not much to Ye Yuan, but it could absolute give rise to a storm of blood in the State of Qin.

This was the best supplementary medicinal pill which Ye Yuan knew to attack the Spirit Condensation Realm.

Under the guidance of the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art, the cyclone inside Ye Yuan's dantian became increasingly smaller, and ever more condensed.

The originally formless essence energy actually transformed into a hazy mist inside his dantian!

However, the mist was unstable at the moment and had yet to truly form the liquid state of essence energy.

This was also the most crucial moment of gathering qi to liquefy it!

These mist seemed to be only a step away from liquefied essence energy, but this was also the most unstable period. Once a rebound occurred, the essence energy would swiftly return to its original state.

If it was minor, the martial artist's cultivation realm would fall. But if it was severe, the dantian would suffer damage, affecting future cultivation!

The incredible aspect of the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art was that it was matchlessly tyrannical! With such an overbearing cultivation law, how could it possibly give these mist the opportunity to rebound?

Under the overwhelming oppression of the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art, these mist finally continued to condense together!


A liquid state of essence energy dripped down. The first Spirit Liquid had completely taken shape!

However, this was merely the beginning!

Drip . . . Drip . . .

Drops of Spirit Liquid fell down. At the end, nine drops of Spirit Liquid completely took form!

"Nine drops of spirit liquid huh? Didn't expect that the breakthrough this time would actually be so perfect, way stronger compared to my previous life!" Ye Yuan gasped in admiration.

However, the breakthrough to the Spirit Condensation Realm was not over yet!