Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 149

Chapter 149: Divine Soul Transformation!
Chapter 149: Divine Soul Transformation!
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"How is it? Dumbfounded, right?"

Nanfeng Zhirou glanced at the slack-jawed Su Yishan and appeared to be very pleased with herself as if she was the one who broke through.

Su Yishan was truly befuddled.

The essence energy which Ye Yuan absorbed was multiple times of others!

With such a colossal amount of essence energy, should it not burst the dantian?

Could it be that Ye Yuan was a natural-born freak with a dantian several times larger than the average person?

What kind of joke was this?!

This was not a genius but a freak! Looking at Ye Yuan's appearance, it totally did not look like his dantian was multiple times bigger than others!

However, how on earth did he do it?

"Hey, do you want to guess how many drops of spirit liquid Ye Yuan's formed? I guess that it's definitely seven drops, maybe even eight drops!"

Su Yishan jumped like a cat that had its tail stepped on when he heard that. "Eight drops?! How's that possible? Forget about our State of Qin, even in the entire Tranquil Cloud Sect's domain, the current highest record is just six drops! No matter how monstrous Ye Yuan is, seven drops is the pinnacle already. How can it possibly be eight drops?"

"Why can't it be possible? You said that it was impossible for him to break through directly to the Spirit Condensation Realm, but now, didn't he break through? Furthermore, you also saw that essence energy storm just now. It was multiple times the size of when we broke through! Such a terrifying essence energy storm, condensing eight drops shouldn't be strange either, right?"
"Perhaps . . . Perhaps a lot of the essence energy was wasted by him? That must be it!"

"Idiot! You still refuse to accept reality even now!" Nanfeng Zhirou could not be bothered with him anymore.

Nine represented the pinnacle of numbers. As a First Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist, the most was condensing nine drops of spirit liquid!

During the process of martial artists cultivating essence energy, it was also the process of using essence energy to strengthen the entire body.

It was just that the strengthening effects for the divine soul were too poor and very hard to detect.

But every breakthrough in a major realm would cause a qualitative leap in terms of body strengthening. The divine soul would also follow and experience a qualitative change, resulting in a one-time transformation!

However, even after martial artists break through to the Spirit Condensation Realm and their dantian received an immense boost, it could at most endure a total of nine drops of spirit liquid.

Any more would only result in the dantian to burst.

Each one of these nine drops of spirit liquid contained a colossal amount of essence energy. Every drop was virtually the total sum of essence energy held in reserve by Essence Qi Realms. One could imagine just how formidable nine drops of spirit liquid was.

However, for a martial artist to achieve nine drops of spirit liquid when breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm, it could only be described using these words: as difficult as ascending to Heaven!

The vast majority of Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists condensed between one to three drops. Some genius martial artists could condense four drops and above.

Such as Nanfeng Zhirou and Su Yishan, they both condensed four drops of spirit liquid!

But above four drops, there would be a huge spike in difficulty!

Because the more spirit liquid that was condensed, the more essence energy would be required. And a martial artist's dantian simply could not support such horrifying essence energy.

The reason why Long Tang could suppress all with his Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm cultivation was that he condensed five spirit liquid drops!

Each realm breakthrough in the Spirit Condensation Realm, due to limitations of the dantian, could only once again condense the same amount formed at the First Level Spirit Condensation Realm.

That was to say, when Long Tang was at the Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm, he already had 15 spirit liquid drops, while other Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm students merely possessed 16 spirit liquid drops.

To perception geniuses such as Long Tang, such a minute difference was simply unworthy of being mentioned. Hence, he could firmly occupy the place of number one on the Martial Roll!

In other words, the number of spirit liquid drops condensed when breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm represented the kind of heights a martial artist could reach in the future!

Just think about it. When a nine spirit liquid drops martial artist is at the Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, it would be nine by nine, 81 spirit liquid drops! While a one spirit liquid drop martial artist would only have nine spirit liquid drops.

It was simply impossible to compensate for this sort of difference with other aspects!

Of course, the vast majority of martial artists were at three drops and below. Hence, the difference between them would not be overly distinct.

It was just that if three drops and below martial artists did not have any heaven-defying lucky chances, they would stop at the Spirit Condensation Realm in this lifetime. Desiring to breakthrough to the Crystal Formation Realm would be impossibly difficult.

To want to break through to the Crystal Formation Realm, one must possess at least four spirit liquid drops and above. Even so, not everybody could break through to the Crystal Formation Realm.

The more spirit liquid, the greater the chances of advancing to the Crystal Formation Realm.

However, there were merely a meager two martial artists who condensed six spirit liquid drops when they were at the First Level Spirit Condensation Realm in the entire Tranquil Cloud Sect domain!

One of them was the current Tranquil Cloud Sect's Sect Leader, Yan Traceless!

The difficulty of condensing six spirit liquid drops was evident from this.

As for seven drops and above, those were all myths . . .

At least within the Tranquil Cloud Sect's domain, condensing seven spirit liquid drops was completely unheard of!

This was also the reason why Su Yishan was so astonished.

Even if he did not believe Ye Yuan could condense eight spirit liquid drops, he could not refute the fact that Ye Yuan condensed seven spirit liquid drops! That was because the quantity of essence energy which Ye Yuan absorbed just now exceeded the amount he absorbed back then by quite too much!

It far surpassed the volume of essence energy required for six spirit liquid drops.

Which was to say, Ye Yuan had already surpassed everyone in the Tranquil Cloud Sect domain!

This fact made Su Yishan infinitely depressed, endlessly jealous, and also utterly terrified.

Sure enough, the degree of Ye Yuan's monstrousness already far exceeded his understanding.

Seven spirit liquid drops! That meant that no matter how casually Ye Yuan cultivated in the future, he could cultivate to the Crystal Formation Realm!

Furthermore, Ye Yuan was already so terrifying while at the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm. Now that he condensed seven spirit liquid drops in one go, what extent would his strength soar to?

If he knew that Ye Yuan did not condense seven spirit liquid drops, but instead, the nine drops which he dared not even think about, who knew what he would think.

In reality, not only Su Yishan dare not imagine it, but even Nanfeng Zhirou also did not dare to imagine that.

She said eight spirit liquid drops just to ridicule Su Yishan. Honestly speaking, even she did not really believe that Ye Yuan could condense eight spirit liquid drops.

Because . . . that would be too inhuman!

"Nine drops of spirit liquid huh? Didn't expect that the breakthrough this time would actually be so perfect, way stronger compared to my previous life!" Ye Yuan also felt rather emotional.

In his previous life, Ye Yuan only condensed seven spirit liquid drops. Among the pinnacle powers in the Divine Realm, seven spirit liquid drops were not considered very impressive.

The true-blue geniuses all condensed nine spirit liquid drops!

In the Lower Realms, nine spirit liquid drops were something which only existed in the legends. But in the Divine Realm, there were a few people who could achieve it.

Of course, that was also because Ye Yuan did not hold any interest in the Martial Path. Otherwise, with his degree of monstrousness, nine spirit liquid drops was not at all that amazing.

But this time around, under the double effects of the Spirit Surge Pill and the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art, he finally achieved the perfect nine spirit liquid drops.

Right then, Ye Yuan suddenly felt his divine soul quiver and a head-splitting pain transmitted over.

"Siiii . . . So painful! Is it starting?"

Condensing spirit liquid was only fulfilling half of the breakthrough to Spirit Condensation Realm. There was still another half, which was the baptism of the divine soul!

This was the true sense of the first qualitative change of the martial artist's divine soul. It was of vital importance!