Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 150

Chapter 150: Sudden Change in Situation!
Chapter 150: Sudden Change in Situation!
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Crack . . . Crack . . .

The initially vast clear skies of the Endless Forest had an abrupt change and was covered up by layer upon layers of dark clouds.

Countless streaks of lightning flashed across the sky, while the sound of rolling thunder came from the far away to near.

"What happened? What's going on?"

Su Yishan's complexion turned ashen. He had never seen such abnormal weather and could instinctively sense that things were not quite right.

The feeling that this sudden change in the situation did not seem to have formed naturally. Rather, it seemed like a phenomenon brought about when some powerhouse broke through cultivation realms.

Yuan Fei's eyes shone like he seemed to know what was happening. Hence, he lightly patted Nanfeng Zhirou's shoulder, and his other hand picking up Su Yishan like a baby chick as he shot away even further in the distance.

This time around, Yuan Fei moved away even further away from Ye Yuan. A distance of several miles!


Yuan Fei casually threw Su Yishan down, but his gaze was fixed firmly at the place Ye Yuan was breaking through.

Nanfeng Zhirou also caught up right then as she stared at Yuan Fei in total bewilderment. She really wanted to ask Yuan Fei just what in the world happened, but they were unable to communicate so Yuan Fei would not understand even if she asked.

But looking at Yuan Fei's actions, could it be that the source of this phenomenon was actually Ye Yuan?

How was this possible?

Such a phenomenon was impossible to have even if one broke through to the Crystal Formation Realm, let alone breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm!

Just what on earth happened on Ye Yuan's body?

Su Yishan picked himself up rather miserably and just happened to meet Nanfeng Zhirou's baffled gaze. He involuntarily became pissed. "Don't look at me; how would I know what happened? This Ye Yuan is a natural-born freak! Freak! Freak!"

Su Yishan did not dare to get mad at Yuan Fei, so he could only say 'freak' three times consecutively to express his displeasure, and at the same time, conceal the deep shock within his heart.

Through Yuan Fei's reaction, Su Yishan clearly also realized that the source of this phenomenon was Ye Yuan.

However, he just could not figure out how Ye Yuan could invoke such a horrifying phenomenon when he was merely breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm.

Nanfeng Zhirou was speechless for some time before she said, "Ye Yuan's gathering qi and then liquefying it is already completed. Now, it should be the divine soul transformation. But would the divine soul transformation invoke such a phenomenon? Could it be due to him condensing seven spirit liquid drops?"

"I already said that I don't know! Divine soul transformation is just symbolical. How can it possibly trigger such a phenomenon?" Su Yishan said crossly.

Nanfeng Zhirou thought about it for a long time and also could not come up with an explanation. She could only observe Ye Yuan's movements closely.

. . . . . .

Meanwhile, over ten thousand miles away, at the Tranquil Cloud Sect, an old man filled with a sage-like bearing broke out of his seclusion and looked at the phenomenon in the distance with a grave expression.

"It's over at the Endless Forest. What happened? Could another Tier 4 demonic beast be born? But it's also not possible for Tier 4 demonic beasts to trigger such a phenomenon!"

. . . . . .

Somewhere deep in the Endless Forest, an elderly man who was only skin and bones looked at the phenomenon towering the skies with a similarly solemn expression!

"Which old demon broke through? Such a level of phenomenon is simply inconceivable! I'd better stay further away from him! Breaking through in the Endless Forest, doesn't this fellow scared of provoking that old demon in there?"

Although the elderly man was very curious about what happened, he still turned around and left without looking back.

. . . . . .

Over at the other side of the Endless Forest, this place was hailed as a land forbidden to humans, the Ten Thousand Demons Valley. There were countless powerful demonic beasts within!

In the deepest part of the Ten Thousand Demons Valley, inside a cave, a youth actually sat there cross-legged.

The youth was presently training in meditation when he suddenly opened his eyes. He murmured to himself, "It's the aura of a human! To think that such a heaven-defying existence appeared once again among the humans! What a pity! I'm also at the most critical juncture right now. Otherwise, I would go and meet him."

Finishing, the youth shut his eyes again, cutting off all of his senses.

. . . . . .

This instant, countless masters in the Endless World was startled by the phenomenon caused by Ye Yuan.

It was just that no matter how they thought, they did not imagine that such a level of phenomenon was caused by a puny little Spirit Condensation Realm.

However, Ye Yuan's current body condition was not great.

"Siii . . . Why is the divine soul transformation in the Spirit Condensation Realm so painful?!"

Ye Yuan was currently experiencing a head-splitting pain, his divine soul feeling like it was being shredded, making him wish that he was dead.

Ye Yuan had the past experience of breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm, so of course he knew what the Spirit Condensation Realm's divine soul transformation was all about.

But now, this sort of agony had greatly surpassed his experience.


Ye Yuan finally could not take it anymore. He clutched his own head and started rolling around on the ground in anguish.

In the distance, Nanfeng Zhirou who saw the situation was greatly alarmed. She was about to launch herself over when she was stopped by Yuan Fei.

"Ape King, can't you see how much pain Ye Yuan is in? Quickly go and save him!" Nanfeng Zhirou was almost in tears.

Yuan Fei just shook his head and did not have any intention of heading over.

"Yuan Fei! Ye Yuan is your master! If something happens to him, you'll also suffer retribution!" Nanfeng Zhirou threatened when she saw that she could not persuade Yuan Fei.

Yuan Fei waved his hands again and continued to be unmoved.

Nanfeng Zhirou saw Ye Yuan rolling around non-stop on the ground appearing like he was in increasingly tormenting pain and could no longer endure it. She raised a palm to attack Yuan Fei.

However, Yuan Fei's speed was even greater than her's. He directly gave a hand-chop to the back of Nanfeng Zhirou's neck, and Nanfeng Zhirou promptly fainted.

Su Yishan who was watching at the sides was unclear what was going on. Did this Yuan Fei really want to see Ye Yuan die?

However, Yuan Fei did not give him much time to ponder. With the same hand-chop down, Su Yishan also fainted.

Finishing these, Yuan Fei seated on the ground and quietly watched Ye Yuan who was struggling on the ground.

The current Ye Yuan felt that his entire body was about to be ripped apart. Even as somebody who had been through two lives, he had never tasted this sort of feeling.

Ji Qingyun was an expert in terms of souls. Otherwise, it would not have been possible for him to become the youngest Alchemy Emperor.

However, he had never experienced this sort of torment even during his previous life where he broke through so many cultivation realms.

This was only breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm!

Ye Yuan's mind was on the verge of being extinguished. During this time, it was the desire towards life which sustained him, making his soul preserve that last trace of clarity and eternity!

He, Ji Qingyun, wanted to take revenge!

He, Ji Qingyun, wanted to charge back to the Divine Realm and kill that traitor with his own hands!

Ji Canglan was still living well in the Divine Realm. How could he, Ji Qingyun, die just like this?

Ye Yuan was unresigned!

Using his last trace of clarity, Ye Yuan revolved the Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation!

This was his first time revolving the Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation in this lifetime. Because cultivating soul strength below the Spirit Condensation Realm did not hold any meaning whatsoever.

Even so, Ye Yuan's familiarity towards the Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation originated from the deepest parts of the soul!

In his previous life, he cultivated this technique countless times. This skill was akin to a part of his body!

In his previous life, Ji Qingyun did not hold much interest towards cultivation methods and was also uninterested in martial techniques. He was only infatuated with soul manuals!

As an alchemist, Ji Qingyun could not do without soul manuals!

However, the Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation which had proved effective every time actually failed this time!

How was this possible?!