Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 151

Chapter 151: Divine Text
Chapter 151: Divine Text
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Arghhh! What's going on?! Ye Yuan howled agonizingly in his mind.

The Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation was an absolutely powerful soul cultivation method in the Divine Realm. Ji Qingyun and his father only became renown throughout the Divine Realm because of cultivating this technique.

But now, even the Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation could not resolve the issue of the divine soul tearing?

It was but a one-time simple breakthrough. How could something like this happen?

Just as Ye Yuan was completely helpless and hovering on the edge of absolute despair, his divine soul once again underwent an abnormal change!

Numerous golden-colored unknown texts slowly drifted into Ye Yuan's sea of consciousness, akin to the trickling of a stream, immediately nourishing Ye Yuan's divine soul!

These golden texts were incomparably profound and mysterious. Each word vanished after entering Ye Yuan's sea of consciousness, and Ye Yuan's divine soul was also being repaired.

Gradually, the pain of the divine soul being torn apart lessened, all the way until it disappeared entirely.

However, the inflow of these gold texts did not end. They continued to enter Ye Yuan's sea of consciousness. Not only did it fully mend Ye Yuan's divine soul, it even nourished Ye Yuan's divine soul, strengthening it slowly!

"Wh-what are these texts? To actually have such a miraculous effect?"

Even being an illustrious Alchemy Emperor in his previous life, Ye Yuan had never seen such an abstruse and abnormal thing before. Merely the texts itself could strengthen the divine soul. Just what kind of heaven-defying means was this?!

Could these texts be a soul cultivation method? Then if one grasped these texts, wouldn't they become a heaven-defying existence?

Could it be that these texts had already transcended this world and were the legendary Divine Script?

For the sake of researching the Alchemy Path, Ye Yuan had read extensively on all books in his past life and learned countless languages.

But he actually could not recognize any of these golden words!

Where did these words come from? Why did they enter my sea of consciousness?

Ye Yuan was currently full of doubts and questions.

The breakthrough in cultivation realm this time was way too abnormal. It had already surpassed Ye Yuan's understanding!

Ye Yuan's divine soul no longer hurt anymore, but to his dismay, he discovered that he could not do anything. He could only let those texts enter his sea of consciousness freely.

Since he could not do anything, then Ye Yuan might as well just lay there and started to savor these golden texts.

With this bout of savoring, Ye Yuan immediately felt that these golden texts were out of the ordinary.

Between each brush and stroke, it divulged the allure of Dao. This was an indescribable sort of boundless feeling as if what these texts were currently describing was this stretch of Heaven and Earth!

This feeling even gave Ye Yuan an illusion of tearing through the firmament.

Ji Qingyun was formally a Divine King powerhouse, but his cultivation realm was completely piled up using medicinal pills. He did not necessarily have a very deep understanding of Heavenly Dao.

Even so, he was a genuine Divine King. His comprehension of the Heavenly Dao was extremely deep.

But when he looked at these texts, Ye Yuan felt that his understanding was worse than dog shit!

In front of these characters, Ye Yuan felt that his understanding of Heavenly Dao was just like a toddler learning how to walk.

Even if Ye Yuan could not understand them, the impact of the deep, resonant feeling of the boundless Great Dao contained within these words pierced deep into the soul!

"Could these words really be the Divine Script? An existence lording above Divine King? But . . . where did they come from? Could it be that these texts automatically entered my sea of consciousness with my one-time breakthrough to the Spirit Condensation Realm? But I didn't step on sh*t today!"

Ye Yuan knew that he picked up a treasure!

With his knowledge and horizons, he naturally knew the extraordinariness of these words.

Even the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art was likely not as good when in front of these characters!

Even if these characters were not the legendary Divine Script, it was also an existence which could cause a frenzy in the entire Divine Realm!

Ye Yuan was certain that once somebody in the Divine Realm knew that he possessed these texts, they would tear his divine soul into shreds with any hesitation and use all kinds of methods to search it out from his sea of consciousness!

Even if they could not understand the contents of these texts, just placing it inside the sea of consciousness and giving it a look every day would be tremendously helpful to martial artists.

The maxim of Great Dao contained within these words might be able to . . . help lead martial artists towards the Deity Realm!

It's the Deity Realm!

Just by thinking of these two words, Ye Yuan could not stop his body from trembling a little!

Which martial artist did not yearn for the Deity Realm?

Even Ji Qingyun who had no interest in the Martial Path in his previous life fervently pursued that legendary Alchemy God Realm!

To want to become an Alchemy God, first, one's divine soul must step into the Deity Realm!

Without a deity level divine soul, how could one possibly refine out deity rank medicinal pills?

Presently, Ye Yuan could leap ranks to refine medicinal pills because these pills were too low leveled. The requirements towards divine soul were not high.

But as the level of the medicinal pill rose in tier, the difficulty of refining would also become increasingly difficult! Without the support of a powerful divine soul realm, it was impossible to refine them!

If not for the sake of letting the divine soul undergo a transformation, Ye Yuan would not even be bothered to advance to the Divine King realm.

The Deity Realm could absolutely drive all martial artists insane!

Ye Yuan produced a series of conjectures about these golden texts.

Firstly, could these golden texts be a soul cultivation method written using the Divine Script?

Highly probable!

That was because these texts could be used directly on the soul. Not only did it repair his damaged divine soul, it even nourished and strengthened his divine soul!

Secondly, if one could completely comprehend these golden characters, did that mean that they could break through the chains of heaven and earth and gain access to that Deity Realm which enraptured all?

Also possible!

But Ye Yuan felt that it might not be so easy.

The profundity of these golden texts could no longer be described using words. Even with Ye Yuan's peerless talent, he was unable to comprehend one in ten-thousandth of it.

It was easier said than done to want to comprehend it thoroughly.

Apart from this, the reason for the Deity Realm to dwindle to zero was unknown. But most likely, it was not as easy to take that step as mastering a set of cultivation law. Even if this set of cultivation law was a Deity Realm cultivation method!

One hundred thousand years ago, all the Deity Realm powerhouses in the Divine Realm vanished overnight!

Nobody knew where they went and nobody knew why they disappeared. But ever since then, the Divine Realm had never given birth to another Deity Realm powerhouse!

Not just that, all the secrets involving the Deity Realm also seemed to have vanished overnight since then.

One hundred thousand years had passed and time had buried even more secrets in oblivion.

Today, nobody knew how to break through to the Deity Realm anymore.

In these hundred thousand years, there had been countless dazzlingly shocking geniuses who wanted to try all sorts of means to smash the fetters. In the end, it all came to naught.

There were even some unrivaled powerhouses who fell during midway, leaving behind infinite regrets.

Ji Qingyun had once been hailed as the genius figure most likely to break through to becoming an Alchemy God. But even that was only everyone's flattery, or perhaps it was everyone's affirmation of him.

Because nobody truly felt that he could genuinely break through to the Alchemy God realm.

That was because this was a hundred thousand year shackle! Nobody could break it apart!

While Ye Yuan's imaginations were running wild, that sheet of golden texts already completely entered Ye Yuan's sea of consciousness.

Just as Ye Yuan heaved a sigh of relief, his entire being was like he got shocked by lightning. His divine soul also shuddered as tears started flowing out . . .