Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 152

Chapter 152: A Fathers Love Is Akin to a Mountain
Chapter 152: A Fathers Love Is Akin to a Mountain
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Inside Ye Yuan's sea of consciousness, two faint silhouettes stood as they faced each other.

Ye Yuan looked at this kindly but big and tall figure as he wept bitterly.

"I'm so stupid! I'm so stupid! I'm so stupid! I should have long thought of this! In this whole wide world, who would do all this for me except for you?"

Ye Yuan's tears covered his face as his emotions were virtually crumbling.

Ever since birth, Ye Yuan had always been calm and collected. He had never lost control of his emotions like this before.

He had buried the hatred at the bottom of his heart all along and placed all of his energy on cultivation. He only hoped to be able to charge back to the Divine Realm one day and kill that traitor!

But this time around, facing this person, he could no longer keep his cool.

This was the father who raised him, taught him alchemy, and taught him cultivation: the most powerful Alchemy Emperor in the Divine Realm, Ji Zhengyang!

A man would not shed tears easily unless his heart was broken!

Ji Zhengyang had an amiable appearance and did not develop a baleful aura from being murdered by that traitor. His gaze toward Ye Yuan was filled with tender love.

Ji Zhengyang smiled kindly and said, "Yun-er, to be able to see you reincarnate and get a new lease on life, Father is very comforted. Has all been well?"

"Good . . . Good. . . Everything has been good for this child. I just often miss Father very much." Ye Yuan choked.

"Haha, what's the point of missing a dead person? Since you have a new identity, a new life, you should go and live that new life. Don't wallow in the past. The Medicine King Hall is already the past. Things that had happened, just let them be," Ji Zhengyang smiled and said very nonchalantly.

"How can I? Father's debt of gratitude for raising me up, even if Yun-er is ground to dust, I wouldn't dare to forget! And that traitor, how can I dispel my grinding hatred if I don't tear his corpse to shreds?! Yun-er dare not forget the scene of Father's death! With heaven's grace, I, Ji Qingyun came back to life. How can I be considered human if I don't avenge this enmity?"

Ji Zhengyang stretched out an illusionary hand and lightly caressed Ye Yuan's head like the past.

Except, the current Ji Zhengyang was a remnant soul without a corporeal body. How could he touch Ye Yuan?

However, Ji Zhengyang did not seem to mind this. Although his hand passed through Ye Yuan and did not touch anything, his face still revealed a satisfied smile.

Seeing this scene, Ye Yuan felt like a knife was twisting in his heart.

"Oh Yun-er, you reviving is not some heaven's blessing. It's father who used a divine soul secret art to send you to the Lower Realms. But father did not send you to the Lower Realms to hope for you spend your days living in hatred and be blinded by hatred. That way, you would become a machine for revenge. That's not the outcome I wish to see!" Ji Zhengyang sighed and said.

Ye Yuan trembled, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

Him reincarnating was actually due to father using a great arcane ability? How . . . How was this possible?

However, Ye Yuan suddenly thought of something and immediately said agitatedly, "Father, since you have this kind of powers, did you also arrange yourself to reincarnate? Where did you reincarnate? I . . . I'm going to find you!"

Ji Zhengyang smiled and said, "You're overthinking it, Yun-er. Ji Canglan schemed for such a long time, how could he give Father a chance for my divine soul to escape? Back then, Father already expended all my effort to send you away. It was only because he underestimated Father's strength that I could give you a slim chance of survival. At that time, my divine soul was almost entirely pulverized by him. It was at an extremely frail and weak state, but it did not dissipate. It was merely because his divine soul realm could not detect my presence. Hence, I concealed within the void and waited until he was killing you to execute an almighty deception secret art to make him think that your soul already dissipated. Then my remnant soul brought your divine soul to shuttle through the void and enter the Lower Realms."

Only now did Ye Yuan knew that his reincarnation was not accidental, but a feeble thread of hope sought out for him by Ji Zhengyang risking the complete exhaustion of his divine soul.

Ji Zhengyang described it easily, but Ye Yuan could feel the peril back then!

Ji Canglan's divine soul realm was not low, and it was absolutely impossible for him to not discover a remnant soul. Ji Zhengyang had to outsmart Ji Canglan's probing and go into hiding, and he also needed to execute the secret art to make Ji Canglan think that Ye Yuan was already dead. Then he shattered the void to bring Ye Yuan to the Lower Realms.

This process was an extremely huge drain on the divine soul.

If not to save him, Ji Zhengyang completely had the ability to escape alone!

With Ji Zhengyang's divine soul realm, reincarnating was not something hard.

However, Ji Zhengyang did not do so. Instead, he did everything he could to leave this thin thread of hope for him!

This was the choice made by a father before he died!

Such a father's love akin to mountains and oceans, how should Ye Yuan repay it?

He had no chance to!

If he could, Ye Yuan would rather that the person who died was him!

But Ye Yuan knew that his father's remnant soul could not hold on much longer.

This farewell would be forever!

"Father, I . . ." When Ji Zhengyang finished talking, Ye Yuan was already choking through sobs.

No one knew a man better than his own father. Ji Zhengyang had never doubted his son's filial piety. Hence, he smiled and said, "Yun-er, Father did not tell you all these to make you think about revenge and whatnot. I only wish for you to know that Father only hope you will live on well and not become a machine seeking revenge."

"But . . . But Ji Canglan is so treacherous. Are we going to let things go just like this?" Ye Yuan asked very unwillingly.

Ji Zhengyang shook his head and said, "Father did not mean that. I also know I can't stop your vengeance. You have your memories of your previous life. Ascending to the Divine Realm in the future is a certainty. You'll also meet Ji Canglan sooner or later. But father does not wish for you to be completely clouded by hatred. What's the difference between the such of you and a walking corpse? If you really kill Ji Canglan, then your life would completely lose meaning. At that time, you'll also lose yourself, and your cultivation realm will no longer advance too. Yun-er, you have to halt your footsteps to pay attention to the people around you. Don't let down their expectations of you. You . . . are no longer Ji Qingyun now!"

Ye Yuan's mind trembled. Images of Ye Hang, Ren Hongling, Lu-er, Nanfeng Ruoqing, Nanfeng Zhirou, Huyan Yon, Tang Yu, involuntarily appeared inside his head.

That's right. I'm no longer Ji Qingyun anymore! I'm currently Ye Yuan!

I have a family, teachers, and friends!

Ye Yuan sucked in a deep breath and nodded solemnly. "Father, this child understands! Be at ease, I'm still your son, Ji Qingyun! However, I'm also Ye Hang and Ren Hongling's son, Ye Yuan! I . . . won't disappoint you all!"

Ji Zhengyang had a smile in his eyes. Clearly, he was very pleased with his son.

In fact, he had always been very pleased with his son ever since his birth!

Even though they were separated by life and death today, it was enough for him to know that he was living on well.

"Haha, when has my Yun-er ever disappointed me? However, you have to promise father, in the future when you return to the Divine Realm, you have to act within your capability. Never forcefully do things. While Ji Canglan might be powerful, it's impossible for him to overturn the Medicine King Hall alone. There's definitely an even more powerful person behind him!" Ji Zhengyang warned him.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, "Relax Father. This Child knows what to do! Father, this Child will definitely step into the Deity Realm in this lifetime and attain the long-cherished wish from our previous life!"