Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 153

Chapter 153: Medicine Gods Soul Canon!
Chapter 153: Medicine Gods Soul Canon!
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Seeing Ye Yuan mention the Deity Realm, a yearning look also appeared on Ji Zhengyang's face.

"Deity Realm? That's truly a long-cherished wish! Yun-er, Father believes that you can crack this hundred thousand year mystery and step into the Deity Realm!"

Ji Zhengyang chose to believe Ye Yuan's wildly rampant words when he heard it without any hesitation at all.

"Father, you can actually send this child down to the Lower Realms to reincarnate. Just what realm did your divine soul reach?" Ye Yuan voiced out the query in his heart.

Ye Yuan's previous life's divine soul was also very powerful. Yet, he was unable to achieve reincarnation; let alone talked about resurrecting other people.

Therefore, he was very curious just how strong Father was, to actually let him resurrect!

Ji Zhengyang smiled and said, "As long as you properly study the Medicine God's Soul Canon, with your talent and perception, reaching my level is not something hard!"

"Medicine God's Soul Canon? Could it be those golden characters that entered my sea of consciousness?" Ye Yuan asked in amazement.

"That's right! Father's divine soul realm subsequently soared fiercely due to the effects of studying the Medicine God's Soul Canon daily."

"So that's how it is! No wonder Father can refine a half-step divine pill. So it's actually due to obtaining such a mystical arcane canon! Could it be that Father's divine soul really reached the legendary half-step Deity Realm?" Ye Yuan was incomparably shocked in his heart.

Ji Zhengyang shook his head and said with a smile, "What half-step divine pill? That's all concocted by Ji Canglan. That medicinal pill was at most slightly stronger than peak Tier 9 medicinal pills. How can it be worthy of being called a half-step divine pill? As for divine soul realm, I'm still very far away from half-step Deity Realm! If I reached the half-step Deity Realm, how could Ji Canglan have the opportunity to lay hands on me? However, the more I understand the Medicine God's Soul Canon, the more I feel that the Deity Realm is vague and abstruse!"

Ye Yuan was also formerly at Divine King realm. He could naturally sense the mythical and illusory allure of the Deity Realm.

But hearing Ji Zhengyang say that, he felt that the future would be riddled with difficulties.

This Medicine God's Soul Canon was so mystical, and it was actually unable to help Father step foot into the Deity Realm?

"Father, where did you get this Medicine God's Soul Canon from? Why have I never heard of it before?" Ye Yuan asked curiously.

"Father acquired this Medicine God's Soul Canon from the Godsfall Mountain Range. But this Medicine God's Soul Canon is only an incomplete canon. To this date, I also don't know its origins. When I obtained it, it was only a tattered book, very inconspicuous. But when I used divine sense to inspect it, these golden characters actually automatically imprinted within my divine soul. I was also unable to retrieve it. I could only study it every day, all the way until my divine soul realm had some breakthrough, then only I was barely able to control these golden characters," Ji Zhengyang explained.

"It's actually the Godsfall Mountain Range! No wonder! Roughly ten years ago or so before Father died, you joined hands with numerous Divine King powerhouses to barge into the Godfall Mountain Range together. I'm afraid that the Medicine God's Soul Canon was obtained during then, right?" Ye Yuan had a look of realization.

Divine King experts were indeed pinnacle existences in the Divine Realm. However, it was not like they could travel freely anywhere around the world.

In the Divine Realm, there were some forbidden places. Even if Divine King experts entered, just a moment of carelessness and there would be the risk of perishing!

The Godsfall Mountain Range was one of them!

As the name suggests, a place where even Deity Realm powerhouses had to perish, what did Divine King experts count for?

Of course, there was another saying about the Godsfall Mountain Range. Countless eons ago, an earth-shattering great war took place in that place. Those participating in the great war were all Deity Realm powerhouses! In that battle, many Deity Realm experts fell. Hence, that place was later called the Godsfall Mountain Range.

But too much time had passed. As for which saying was true, it could no longer be determined.

Only one thing was certain, that was the Godfall Mountain Range was an extremely perilous place but also a place with tremendous lucky chances!

This Medicine God's Soul Canon might have been a soul cultivation method left behind by some Deity Realm expert!

Ji Zhengyang nodded and said, "That's right, it was obtained back then. You have also seen the Medicine God's Soul Canon and should understand its allure. I was also unable to grasp these golden characters back then, so I temporarily did not tell you. Later on, when I planned to impart you the Medicine God's Soul Canon, that unexpected incident happened. Sigh . . . Truly fate makes a fool out of men! With your talent, if you were given several hundred years to comprehend the Medicine God's Soul Canon, you might really achieve Half-Deity Realm!

To Divine King experts, several hundred years was not considered long. It might just be the duration of a retreat.

For Ji Zhengyang to give Ye Yuan a time limit of merely several hundred years, it was clear just how confident he was in his son's talent!

But when Ye Yuan heard that, he said, "Father, perhaps this lifetime is my opportunity! In my previous life, I neglected the martial path. Even if I had acquired the Medicine God's Soul Canon, I might not be able to reach Half-Deity Realm. In this life, I'll pour my heart into the martial path and pursue that unparalleled Deity Realm. I absolutely won't let Father down!"

Ji Zhengyang smiled and said, "I naturally won't be disappointed. Father has already observed your new body. You cultivated very well, and your foundation is also very solid. You condensed nine spirit drops, and the divine soul transformation was also very flawless. As long as you take each step forward firmly, stepping into the Deity Realm in the future is definitely not a dream! Alright, time is almost up. Father should go. In the future when Father isn't by your side, you have to take good care of yourself!"

As he was talking, Ji Zhengyang's body became increasingly faint. This was the sign of a remnant soul about to vanish!

Ye Yuan's eyes instantly blurred once again. The father and son barely managed to reunite, yet, it was so fleeting.

This goodbye was forever!

Ye Yuan desperately tried to grab hold of Ji Zhenyang, but how could he clutch a remnant soul on the verge of disappearing?

"Don't worry, Father. This child has already grown up. I'll take good care of myself! I'll definitely step into the Deity Realm in the future. Even if I have to try every means, I'll definitely find a way to revive you!" Ye Yuan said with tears in his eyes.

"Haha, silly boy. Life and death are set by the heaven. You just . . . have to . . . live well by . . . yourself and . . . that would do . . ."

Ji Zhengyang's remnant soul gradually become fainter, hazier, and finally vanished into nothingness . . .

Once again watching his father leave him, Ye Yuan felt as if a knife was twisting in his heart. He only hated himself for being too weak. If he had Father's former strength, he could surely hold onto Father's divine soul and even revive him.

But right now, he was unable to do anything!

Ye Yuan once again experienced that sort of deep helplessness. He disliked this sort of feeling very much.

"I, Ye Yuan, must definitely step into the Deity Realm in this lifetime! The heartless heavens treat everything as straw dogs! I, Ye Yuan, have to carve out my own Great Dao and oppose this Heaven!"

At this point, Ye Yuan already returned to reality. Ye Yuan howled at the skies.

At this point, Ye Yuan's breakthrough to the Spirit Condensation Realm was finally completed!

The heaven and earth phenomenon faded away as if it had never appeared.

Yuan Fei brought the unconscious Nanfeng Zhirou and Su Yishan in front of Ye Yuan. Ye Yuan had not yet completely recovered from his grief. Seeing Su Yishan, his killing intent involuntarily surged!