Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 154

Chapter 154 How Can You Be So Strong?


“I . . . What happened to me? Ah! Ye Yuan! You’re fine; that’s great!”

Nanfeng Zhirou slowly woke up. Seeing Ye Yuan safe and sound, she could not help being overjoyed.

Unknowingly, Nanfeng Zhirou’s concern towards Ye Yuan had already become an involuntary habit.

“Hur hur, it’s just breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm; what could happen?” Ye Yuan forcefully pressed down the grief in his heart and said with a forced smile.

“But you really frightened people to death just now; rolling on the ground while clutching your head, I even thought you . . . I saw your distressing appearance and wanted to come over to help you, but I was knocked unconscious by this fellow! Humph! ” Nanfeng Zhirou pointed at Yuan Fei and said with a displeased look.

If not for Yuan Fei being too powerful, she probably would have swung her sword over at this time.

“He’s right in not letting you come over, so don’t blame him anymore. My divine soul transformation is different from others. I’ll experience a type of special baptism, that’s why it’s so painful. Earlier, the several dozen feet radius around me was extremely dangerous. Your divine soul would have suffered injuries if you came over rashly,” Ye Yuan explained.

Nanfeng Zhirou looked at Ye Yuan with suspicion and then looked at Yuan Fei. “Really?”

“Of course it’s true. If not, you can feel my soul strength, and you’ll know that what I said isn’t false.”

As he spoke, Ye Yuan released his soul strength. Yuan Fei and Nanfeng Zhirou clearly felt that surge of soul strength.

“You . . . You. . . You. . . actually directly broke through to middle-rank Alchemy Master’s soul strength?” Nanfeng Zhirou had a face as if she saw a ghost. Even her speech became stammers.

By the side, Yuan Fei also found it unexpected. Two ape eyeballs flickered. Clearly, he was also very surprised.

Under normal circumstances, a martial artist’s soul strength followed their cultivation realm. The level of cultivation would possess a matching soul strength, apart from those people with naturally powerful divine souls.

Before Ye Yuan’s broke through, his divine soul was roughly the same as the average person. Even if he went through divine soul transformation, it should have only been to the extent of low-rank Alchemy Master soul strength. How could he directly possess middle-rank Alchemy Master soul strength?

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Didn’t I say just now? My divine soul transformation is different from others. Having experienced such a painful divine soul baptism, what I obtained was naturally more than others.”

“But . . . But. . . if you possess middle-rank Alchemy Master soul strength, wouldn’t you be able to directly refine high-grade Tier 2 medicinal pills?” Nanfeng Zhirou exclaimed in shock.

She recalled that Ye Yuan could refine Tier 2 medicinal pills when he was at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm. Then did that not mean that he possessed the strength of a high-rank Alchemy Master at minimum currently?

Wasn’t this too quick?

“High-grade Tier 2? Even if I didn’t reach middle-rank Alchemy Master soul strength, that’s also not an issue.”

To Ye Yuan, these medicinal pills from the State of Qin had no challenge at all. Refining high-grade Tier 2 medicinal pills were too easy.

The real challenge was those medicinal pills which surpassed high-grade Tier 2. If Ye Yuan’s soul strength did not have a breakthrough, there might really be some difficulties in refining it.

After all, Tier 2 medicinal pills were way harder than Tier 1 medicinal pills. To go even further by leaping ranks to refine medicinal pills, the difficulty naturally also increased.

Nanfeng Zhirou sucked in a deep breath before saying, “Su Yishan was really spot-on about something.”

Ye Yuan was stunned and asked, “What did he say about me?”

“You’re a freak! Freak! Freak!”

It was rare for Nanfeng Zhirou to acknowledge something Su Yishan said because each and everything that happened on Ye Yuan’s body could not be described using the word ‘normal,’ so it could only be described using ‘freak.’

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “How rare for Su Yishan’s appraisal of me to be so high. In order to thank him, I’ll give him a chance to fight fairly!”

Nanfeng Zhirou was greatly startled when she heard that and quickly said, “You aren’t really going to go one-on-one with him, right? You just broke through! With Yuan Fei and me around, you don’t have to be swayed by personal feelings!”

The meaning of that was that Ye Yuan was obviously not Su Yishan’s match.

Nanfeng Zhirou’s thinking was not wrong. Although she knew that Ye Yuan was very strong and he was surely even more impressive after breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm, he had just broken through after all, and Su Yishan was three minor realms higher than him. This distance could not be compensated so easily.

Nanfeng Zhirou knew that after the Spirit Condensation Realm, jumping ranks to battle would be even more difficult because the disparity between each minor realm was even greater.

A three spirit liquid drops First Level Spirit Condensation Realm and a Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm who likewise condensed three spirit liquid drops, there was a whole three spirit liquid drops difference between them. That also meant that the difference in essence energy quantity between them was 100%!

It was very hard to compensate for this sort of disparity without heaven-defying methods!

Between Ye Yuan and Su Yishan, there was a full three minor realms gap between them. There was even a minor stage in-between.

The disparity in-between was too big!

Ye Yuan just smiled and said, “Relax, I know what I’m doing.”

Right then, Su Yishan also slowly awakened.

Seeing Ye Yuan’s currently sizing him up with ill intentions, his heart shivered for no reason.

“Come on, Su Yishan! I said that I’ll give you the chance to duel me. Now, let’s carry out a one-on-one deathmatch!” Ye Yuan’s words carried an imposing air as if he showed disdain on everyone.

“You . . . You really want to go one-on-one with me?” Su Yishan clearly also did not dare to believe it.

Ye Yuan’s advantage over here was too clear. There was simply no need to do this sort of foolish thing.

“What? You’re unwilling?” Ye Yuan’s tone turned icy.

“Willing! Of course I’m willing!” Su Yishan hurriedly responded.

At this point, he already had no choice. Since Ye Yuan himself was being stupid, then wouldn’t he be as dumb as Ye Yuan if he did not grasp this opportunity well?

It was just that he was worried Ye Yuan merely only using him to measure his strength, and he would still make Yuan Fei kill him in the end.

If it were him, he would definitely do that.

“You don’t have to worry; Yuan Fei and Senior Apprentice Sister Nanfeng won’t attack! As long as you can kill me, you can leave this place. I’ll make Yuan Fei hold back Senior Apprentice Sister Nanfeng and not let her attack,” Ye Yuan saw through Su Yishan’s concerns and said calmly.

“Ye Yuan, you!” Nanfeng Zhirou immediately jumped up but was held back by Yuan Fei.

Su Yishan could not help becoming ecstatic when he saw this scene.

These few days had been too aggrieved for him. Having lived for nearly twenty years, he had never suffered such injustice before!

“Haha . . . Ye Yuan, you asked for it yourself, then don’t blame me for not holding back! You aren’t nave enough to think that you’re really my match after just breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm, right? One-on-one isn’t the time for being a training partner anymore!” Su Yishan laughed madly.

Ye Yuan said nonchalantly, “So much crap. Come on!”

“You’re courting death, Ye Yuan!” Su Yishan gritted his teeth and attacked Ye Yuan with a punch.

If in the past, Ye Yuan would definitely evade this punch at the first moment. But now, Ye Yuan did not run or dodge, he directly struck out with an Eighth Layer Wave. The two of them clashed together!


After an intense collision, the pair each retreated several steps.

An incredulous shock was written all over Su Yishani’s face. “Didn’t you just broke through to the Spirit Condensation Realm? How can you be this strong?!”