Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 155

Chapter 155: Venting Emotions!
Chapter 155: Venting Emotions!
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Su Yishan was all too familiar with Ye Yuan's moves!

Stacking Waves Layered Palm, Eighth Layered Wave!

But the question was how could the Eighth Layered Wave have such incredible power?

It was actually not at a disadvantage when clashing with his palm!

No matter how strong the Eighth Layered Wave was, it was just a Tier 1 martial technique.

Ye Yuan had just broken through to the Spirit Condensation Realm. A First Level Spirit Condensation Realm using a Tier 1 martial technique could actually have a draw with a Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist like him?

Since when were Tier 1 martial techniques so powerful?

Since when were First Level Spirit Condensation Realms so strong?

Ye Yuan curled his lips and said with displeasure, "Indeed, Tier 1 martial techniques are no longer suitable!"

Ye Yuan had just broken through to the Spirit Condensation Realm. Apart from the movement technique Spirit Void Shattering Space, all his martial techniques including the Absolute Yang Finger were all Tier 1 martial techniques.

Using a Tier 1 martial technique to battle a Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm was clearly not quite enough.

That clash just now looked to be evenly-matched, but in reality, he was at a clear disadvantage.

The impact Ye Yuan suffered was much greater than Su Yishan's. The distance he retreated was also farther.

Nanfeng Zhirou also had her mouth wide open when she saw this scene and no longer struggled in Yuan Fei's arms.

It was very clear that this scene gave her a similarly huge shock.

Even though that palm from Su Yishan just now was not his strongest move, he did not hold back any strength.

Middle-rank Tier 2 martial technique plus Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm strength; no matter how one looked at it, the outcome should be Ye Yuan heavily injured and puking blood. However, Ye Yuan merely moved back a few steps.

Nanfeng Zhirou suddenly thought of something and asked out loud, "Ye Yuan, just how many drops of spirit liquid did you condense?"

With Nanfeng Zhirou asking, Su Yishan also perked up his ears. He was also very curious whether it was seven drops or eight drops.

Ye Yuan did not turn his head back and just said casually, "Nine drops."

Su Yishan's eyes popped out. "Ni-nine drops? Impossible! How can there possibly be a person who can condense out nine spirit liquid drops in this world and not have their dantian burst?"

Ye Yuan said calmly, "You don't know, doesn't mean that there isn't. The State of Qin is merely a small place. You are but a frog at the bottom of a well."

"What kind of joke is this? I don't believe it! Frog at the bottom of a well? You said it like you aren't someone from the State of Qin! Haha, I know, you must have only condensed seven drops and want to make yourself look good. Either that or you're trying to shake my state of mind!"

Not that Su Yishan was unwilling to believe, but because nine spirit liquid drops were truly even more mythical than legends. The way he perceived it, it was completely impossible to appear.

And yet, Ye Yuan said he condensed nine spirit liquid drops, shattering the absolute of Su Yishan's knowledge. Hence, he chose to not believe.

But deep down inside, a discordant voice was telling Su Yishan that what Ye Yuan said was true!

Otherwise, how could one explain why Ye Yuan could pair a Tier 1 martial technique with his First Level Spirit Condensation Realm and be equally matched with him?

Even though Su Yishan had never seen seven spirit liquid drops martial artists, he knew that it was absolutely impossible for seven spirit liquid drops martial artists to possess such a powerful strength!

That was to say, Ye Yuan condensed at least eight spirit liquid drops, maybe even the nine drops which Su Yishan was reluctant to admit!

"I was just stating a fact, not to make you believe it. It doesn't matter whether you believe it or not; the outcome won't change," Ye Yuan said indifferently.

"Humph! I don't believe you then! No matter how monstrous you are, you're just at the First Level Spirit Condensation Realm. Can you oppose the heaven?" Su Yishan said indignantly.

After that, Su Yishan rushed forward and collided together with Ye Yuan.

The pair's movement techniques were quick to the extreme. They turned into two streaks of afterimages and clashed together non-stop. In a blink, they had crossed over a dozen exchanges!

Su Yishan's movement technique goes without saying. He also trained in a high-grade Tier 2 movement technique, not at all inferior to Nanfeng Zhirou's Spirit Swallow Dance!

However, after Ye Yuan broke through to the Spirit Condensation Realm and had the support of immense essence energy, the true might of the first stage of the Spirit Void Shattering Space also emerged!

His speed was actually even slightly faster than Su Yishan!

Outsiders could not tell, but Su Yishan's senses were incomparably clear.

Just because of that tiny bit, his attack was forever half a beat slower than Ye Yuan's. This also resulted in him being unable to unleash his full power each time.

Ye Yuan's Eighth Layer Wave and Absolute Yang Finger were Tier 1 martial techniques with tremendous power. Especially the Absolute Yang Finger, its power could no longer be mentioned in the same breath as it was during the Essence Qi Realm.

While it could not cause real harm to Su Yishan, it made him unable to leave it unrestrained.

Ye Yuan made use of this half a beat advantage coupled with the powerful might of the Absolute Yang Finger and the Eighth Layered Wave to forcefully fight Su Yishan to a draw!

This sort of feeling made Su Yishan so depressed that he wanted to vomit blood.

Currently, he was somewhat regretting playing such large stakes with Ye Yuan. He should have used his most powerful move right from the start and fight Ye Yuan to the death.

Under the current situation, it was no longer possible even if he wanted to withdraw from the fight.

It was like Ye Yuan went mad. He pestered him dead from the start till the end without giving him any chance to catch his breath.

"Damn it! To think that his movement technique is so strong. I fell for his trick!" Su Yishan silently cursed as he dealt with things.

His present thoughts were very simple. To find a chance to break free from the battle and then unleash a big move!

However, Ye Yuan just refused to give him this chance.

The current Ye Yuan was like an old bull which did not know fatigue. All his moves 'greeted' Su Yishan's body like a raging tempest.

Having just parted forever with his father, Ye Yuan's heart carried boundless grief. He turned this sorrow into battle power and unleashed it all on Su Yishan's body!

The current Su Yishan was just the target to vent the emotions in his heart.

Just like this, the two of them exchange over a hundred rounds in a hundred breaths of time!


Another clash, but this time the pair separated.

Ye Yuan finally gave up his entanglement with Su Yishan. The negative emotions in his heart were almost vented finish.

After pulling apart, the pair were panting heavily. Clearly, such high-frequency clashes were very taxing on their stamina and essence energy.

After panting a few times, Su Yishan recovered first. He said furiously to Ye Yuan, "Ye Yuan, don't think that you're very impressive just because your movement technique is fast! If you have the capability, try breaking apart this move of mine for me to see!"

Finishing, Su Yishan raised both palms towards the skies. It was precisely the starting motion of the Heaven Flipping Palm!

Su Yishan was already at the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm. Displaying the Heaven Flipping Palm right now could no longer be mentioned in the same breath as back in the academy!

An astonishing aura undulated out. It actually made people feel that the sky was rent asunder and the earth was split open.

Ye Yuan breathed in deeply and recollected his feelings. He took out the Canghua Sword and said lightly, "The warmup exercise is already done. Now, I'll send you on your way with the Nine Swords Stance which was completed because of you guys' assassination!"

Finishing, his silhouette split, and nine Ye Yuans appeared in front of Su Yishan's eyes.

Su Yishan's pupils involuntarily shrunk when he saw the situation. He did not expect that Ye Yuan was actually still hiding such a formidable move!

Chang One's fight only lasted for an instant. Back then, he was battling with Nanfeng Zhirou and did not witness how Ye Yuan avoided the assassination.

Also, during the subsequent spars, Ye Yuan did not use this move either.

No matter how one looked at this, the nine silhouettes gave Su Yishan an enormous shock!