Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 157

Chapter 157: Demonic Beasts Fierce Battle
Chapter 157: Demonic Beasts Fierce Battle
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The God Stunning Spike was just a simple way of using soul strength to attack the opponent's divine soul. It was not all that profound.

If Su Yishan were prepared beforehand, Ye Yuan would not even have succeeded.

After all, Ye Yuan only had middle-rank Alchemy Master soul strength; it was roughly the same as Su Yishan.

This attack of his took him by surprise.

Of course, divine soul mystic arts were not much to Ye Yuan. But in mortal countries like the State of Qin, it was absolutely an exceedingly rare existence.

Even if it was the crudest type of divine soul mystic art!

When the State of Qin's martial artists fought, they would not even think of the other party using divine soul mystic arts, because this thing was too rare.

Hence, martial artists who possessed divine soul mystic arts tend to succeed in sneak attacks.

It was just that too few people knew it; so scarce that there simply wasn't any need to be on guard against it. There was no need to go so far as to be on guard against the opposing party's divine soul mystic art every time one fought a battle. Being distracted like that was, on the contrary, a big taboo.

"Yeah, I should have thought of it long ago. Other than divine soul mystic arts, how could Su Yishan have made this kind of low-level mistake?" Nanfeng Zhirou muttered.

Ye Yuan turned to go. Nanfeng Zhirou quickly recovered and hurriedly chased after, grabbing hold of Ye Yuan and said, "Ye Yuan, teach me this divine soul mystic art, okay?"

But Ye Yuan shook his head and said, "Not okay!"

Seeing Nanfeng Zhirou's face change instantly, Ye Yuan quickly said, "Right now, your matter at hand is to cultivate the Water Defying Incantation. Wasting time on other matters would only delay your cultivation. After your Water Defying Incantation is completed, I'll teach you an even stronger one!"

Only now did Nanfeng Zhirou's rage transform into joy as she said, "You were the one who said it! If at that time, you don't teach me, I will . . . I will . . ."

Nanfeng Zhirou said "I will" for a long time and could not think of an even better threat.

Ye Yuan's strength was already no longer beneath hers. What could she threaten Ye Yuan with?

"Relax. I have plenty of divine soul mystic arts. As long as you can cultivate to a sufficient realm, I have as many as you want! Let's go!" Ye Yuan said very generously.

The previous life's Ye Yuan virtually gave up on the Martial Path but had researched quite a bit in terms of divine soul. Therefore, he also cultivated many divine soul mystic arts.

Of course, the aim of him cultivating the divine soul was still for alchemy. These divine soul mystic arts helped Ye Yuan to better understand the divine soul. He naturally enjoyed it tirelessly.

. . . . . .

A day later, Ye Yuan brought Nanfeng Zhirou and Yuan Fei to the Gray Pine Forest to harvest the Pine Yang Fruit.

This place obviously also had powerful demonic beasts to guard it. However, it was merely a Tier 2 demonic beast.

Ye Yuan released Yuan Fei, and that demonic beast immediately started quaking. It did not reveal the slightest hostility from the start till the end.

The hierarchy in the demonic beast world was more stringent. When a Tier 2 demonic beast faced a Tier 3 demonic beast, there was only the word 'submission.'

Obtaining the Pine Yang Fruit effortlessly, Ye Yuan and the rest rushed to the Blackwater Ravine. It was also the habitat of the Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python.

The Blackwater Ravine was to the east of the Crimson Summit Ridge, roughly over a thousand miles away. It was six hundred miles from the borders of the Endless Forest and also an extremely perilous land.

But to the current Ye Yuan, it was not all that dangerous.

With a Tier 3 demonic beast following by his side, he could go anywhere he wanted to in the thousand mile radius of the Endless Forest.

However, Ye Yuan normally would not let Yuan Fei follow by his side, but made him stay inside the spatial artifact.

Not only there were many students participating in the trial inside the Endless Forest, but there were also even more demonic beasts hunters. If they encountered anyone, they could only silence them permanently.

Ye Yuan did not wish to murder innocents, so it was better to lay low.

Also, Ye Yuan had the intention of tempering himself when he entered the Endless Forest. If he made Yuan Fei take the front for everything, it would lose the meaning of tempering.

A day later, Ye Yuan and Nanfeng Zhirou finally arrived at the Blackwater Ravine.

This place had babbling brooks with a beautiful forest. It was quite a nice place to go to.

The six hundred mile region is a boundary. Here, Tier 1 demonic beasts and Tier 2 demonic beasts mingled together.

Of course, this was also not an absolute assumption.

However, that martial artist which Ye Yuan treated was pretty unlucky. To have encountered the Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python here could be considered super lucky.

According to the description by that martial artist, Ye Yuan determined that Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python might be Middle Stage Tier 2. This strength might not require Yuan Fei to come out. He might be able to handle it himself.

But Ye Yuan did not dare to be negligent. The Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python did not only have a formidable poisonous breathe, but its fleshy body was also very powerful. If one were to accidentally brush past by it, they would definitely suffer.

"According to the records, this Blackwater Ravine was originally a late-stage Tier 1 demonic beast's territory. But who knew when it became occupied by the Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python. I reckon that there must be something that the Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python likes here. Otherwise, it would not cling to this place. We might even obtain something nice." Ye Yuan transmitted his voice to Nanfeng Zhirou.

Nanfeng Zhirou was already long used to Ye Yuan's encyclopedic knowledge. She just asked, "Then what do we do now? Lure it out and kill it?"

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, "No rush. Let's sneak inside and check out the situation first."

The pair swallowed the Breath Concealing Pill and quietly sneaked into the Blackwater Ravine.

Traversing past layers of the dense forest, the two finally arrived close to the stream of water.

But right at that moment, from an empty space beside the stream, a series of intense fighting clamors sounded out.

Ye Yuan pulled aside the tree leaves to sneak a glance and actually saw two demonic beasts currently in the midst of a fierce battle.

One of them was a black python, roughly ten foot long. Looking closely, one could see that there was indeed a seven-colored stripe at its vital point. It was precisely the Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python!

And the other demonic beast was a mighty white tiger; similarly a Tier 2 demonic beast.

Except that the white tiger's strength was a stage lower than the Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python; just low-stage Tier 2.

The battle between the two was very intense. However, the Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python clearly held the absolute upper-hand. That white tiger was currently already covered in injuries.

Bright red blood completely dyed that body of white fur, making it look very miserable.

However, that white tiger seemed to be very stubborn. It refused to take even a step back despite being injured to such an extent. Instead, it roared and took the initiative to attack the Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python.

That manner of appearance showed that it clearly intended on taking it down with it.

"Ye Yuan, why doesn't that white tiger run away when it can't beat it?" Nanfeng Zhirou transmitted. Evidently, she also found it very strange.

Ye Yuan shook his head slightly and similarly transmitted his voice. "No idea. Maybe it has some reason that it can't retreat?"

"Demonic beasts also have reasons? I think it's just stupid and just have to fight to the death with that python. Could they be snatching territories? Such severe injuries, even if it wins, it most likely won't be able to survive."

"All life has spirituality. Even demonic beasts have feelings. You've also seen Yuan Fei. Low-tier demonic beasts don't have such complex emotions. But it refuses to fall back despite knowing that it's no match for it. I'm afraid that it really has its reasons."

While speaking, Ye Yuan pulled the tree leaves aside even more. The pair's visual field became even wider.

Entering their sight was a tiny white tiger the size of a cat was currently quivering there.

Nanfeng Zhirou could not contain her surprise as she turned to look at Ye Yuan.