Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 158

Chapter 158: Sword Driving Technique!
Chapter 158: Sword Driving Technique!
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The little white tiger bared its fangs as the fur on its entire body stood on its ends. A low cat-like roar even came out of its mouth every now and then. No matter how one looked at it, it looked very cute.

And yet, under this sort of tragic circumstance, the little white tiger's roar seemed to be so helpless and pitiful.

Ye Yuan's heart shuddered for no reason as if he saw the former him.

"Ye Yuan, let's save that white tiger? Look at that little white tiger. It's really so pitiful." At this time, Nanfeng Zhirou's words sounded out by Ye Yuan's ears.

Ye Yuan turned to look but saw that Nanfeng Zhirou's face was already covered in tears. Clearly, she was deeply touched by that white tiger's profound parental love.

Under this sort of situation, it was obvious that waiting for the white tiger and the Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python to fight until both were heavily injured would be the best, but Ye Yuan really could not do it.

Ye Yuan did not say anything. He just nodded slowly and took out the Canghua Sword, saying to Nanfeng Zhirou, "The weak point of the Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python is that seven-colored flower. This is the high ground; an excellent place for ambushing. I'll go down and lure it over here, you find an opportunity to kill it in one blow!"

Nanfeng Zhirou nodded with all her might. The current her was also filled with a powerful resentment towards that python.

At the moment, the black python and white tiger was intoxicated with the intense battle. The white tiger suffered setbacks repeatedly, but it refused to back even one step.

The white tiger was already an arrow at the end of its flight. It only relied on a single obsession to forcefully hold on and not collapse.

That black python locked onto an opening and shot forward abruptly, directly targeting the white tiger's lower jaw.

The white tiger's actions already could not keep up with the black python at all any longer. If this bite landed, the white tiger will die without any doubt!

Right at this time, a white light sneak attacked the black python's face with lightning speed.

This happened too suddenly, the black python was unable to react to it at all. The white light directly struck its eye.


The black python's eyes instantly became a bloody mess.

An awful shrill cried out. The black python rolled on the ground in pain. The enormous body twisted non-stop and its tail swept around randomly filled with attack power.

Even Ye Yuan did not dare to rush up rashly at this time. He just gave the dying white tiger a look.

The white tiger gazed towards Ye Yuan with full of gratitude.

The little white tiger saw that the black python suffered injuries and plucked up its courage to come over to its mother's side. It used its tiny tongue to nurse its mother's wounds while periodically giving off whining sounds, appearing to be in great sorrow.

However, this scene did not continue for too long. The black python roused from its pain, and a grating howl indicated that it was currently in an enraged state.

The black python used its remaining eye to stare fixedly at Ye Yuan. But Ye Yuan just looked at it smilingly and even crooked his finger at it, seemingly very contemptuous.

That Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python flew into an even greater rage seeing the situation. With a swoosh, it vanished.

Ye Yuan was prepared long ago and naturally would not be successfully ambushed by it.

Similarly, with an Instant Flash, Ye Yuan vanished on the spot. That black python struck thin air.

"Big stupid snake, I'm over here!" Ye Yuan once again crooked his finger at the black python over at the other side.

The Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python seemed to understand Ye Yuan's words. It rushed towards Ye Yuan once more recklessly.

Ye Yuan's movement technique was not much slower than the Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python. He evaded once again.

Having repeated this twice, as long as Ye Yuan dodged one more time, the Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python would enter the place where Nanfeng Zhirou was lying in ambush.

Nanfeng Zhirou was also sharpening her blade as she stared fixedly at the seven colored flower at the black python's vital point.

Ye Yuan dodged and entered the ambush radius. Just as he taunted the black python once again and Nanfeng Zhirou was on the verge of striking, the black python actually hesitated!

"Damn it. This black python is naturally cunning. It actually grew suspicious of my actions!" Ye Yuan's cursed in his heart.

The Canghua Sword shook, and a sword beam fired out again. Except, the black python that was prepared would not be struck so easily. It avoided it with a slide of its body.

It was just that after the black python dodged, it still did not head over here.

A bad premonition arose in Ye Yuan's heart. Indeed, the black python suddenly turned around and actually charged towards the white tiger!

"Damn it!" Ye Yuan silently cursed and chased over with his sword.

Nanfeng Zhirou laid in ambush for so long, but that black python actually ran away. She could not help feeling very depressed.

However, her lying in ambush did not hold much meaning anymore at this point. With a large stride out, she also chased after.

This black python was abnormally cunning. Even though it gave away its back to Ye Yuan currently, it swayed around. There was simply no way of getting an accurate aim. Ye Yuan fired out multiple sword beams in a go and was evaded by it.

In a blink, the black python was only several dozen meters away from the white tiger. This distance was merely an insignificant matter to it.

The white tiger was already on the verge of death at the moment. After that fierce burst of strength just now passed, it could no longer muster up strength at this time.

It was not the black python's match from the start and was even bitten several times by the black python. Currently, it was not only covered in wounds, but it was also already deeply poisoned. How could it have the strength to resist?

Seeing the black python pounce over, despair showed in the white tiger's eyes. Its gaze turned towards the tiny white tiger by its side as its eyes were full of unwillingness and helplessness.

The little white tiger did not appear to be as frightened as it originally was at the current moment. Instead, it was snarling, baring its teeth at the black python and waving its claws about. It was sufficiently imposing, but sadly, it was too weak and tiny.

Nanfeng Zhirou was greatly anxious when she saw the situation. A series of sword beams shot over. It was just that her sword beams were much weaker compared to Ye Yuan's. Even if there were occasionally a few which landed on the black python's body, it neither hurt nor itched.

Ye Yuan knew that it was too late. He immediately gritted his teeth. "There's only this move! Little white tiger, if I slip up, don't blame me!"

In a thought, Ye Yuan lightly tossed the Canghua Sword up into the air and then put his both hands together to form a sword, pointing it towards the Canghua Sword.

A strand of soul strength wrapped around essence energy escaped from the fingertip and directly penetrated the Canghua Sword!

Just like that, the Canghua Sword actually suspended in midair!

"Sword Driving Technique! Go!"

Ye Yuan pointed with one hand; the Canghua Sword turned into a streak of flowing light as it swooshed out, directly piercing the black python!

The black python seemed to have sensed something, the speed of it pouncing towards the little white tiger became slower. But its body's swaying became even more pronounced and even more difficult to pinpoint!

Canghua Sword's speed was even faster than the sword beams released by Ye Yuan earlier. Even so, this sword still missed.

The black python gave off that horrible grating howl once again as if it was expressing a victory declaration.

Ye Yuan's face darkened, but his fingertip still pulled backward again. The Canghua Sword rapidly drew a lone line across the air and turned into a streak of flowing light, shooting towards the black python once more.

This time around, because the Canghua Sword was too near to the black python, the black python did not expect this sword could actually return after going off. Being caught off guard, it was pierced through by Ye Yuan!

"Sss, sss . . ."

The black python started rolling on the ground in agony once more, but it did not die straight away.

This sword did not stab its vital areas!

"Senior Apprentice Sister, quickly go and follow up with a strike!" Ye Yuan clenched his teeth and shouted.

With a cling , the Canghua Sword dropped on the ground. Ye Yuan was also sitting slumped on the ground, his entire person completely exhausted.

Only now did Nanfeng Zhirou recover from her surprise and hurriedly swung her sword to follow up with a blade.

However, before Nanfeng Zhirou even approached, the black python's tail swept by, nearly hitting her.

Nanfeng Zhirou was very anxious. She did not expect that this black python's vitality was actually so tenacious. She was actually unable to approach momentarily.

Just then, a streak of white light flashed across . . .