Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 159

Chapter 159: Natural Born Sovereign
Chapter 159: Natural Born Sovereign
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Ye Yuan and Nanfeng Zhirou both stared wide-eyed as they watched this scene in disbelief.

The little white tiger scurried to the black python's vital spot like lightning, rushing at that seven-colored flower, and biting down on it!

"Sssss. . . Sssss. . ."

The black python itself also did not think that this little white tiger would actually take advantage of his misfortune to profit from it. Furthermore, it could have bitten any other place, yet, it just had to bite down on its vital spot!

This was lethal!

The black python shook its body repeatedly, trying to shake off that little white tiger.

However, the little white tiger's teeth locked down on that seven-colored flower securely and refused to let go. No matter how much the black python rocked, it just did not loosen up!

Initially, the black python had its vital spot bitten, it already could not unleash a tenth of its full strength. With the addition of the injuries from battling the white tiger along with the wounds Ye Yuan inflicted, it would no longer move anymore after some time. It was just that it still twitched every now and then.

A Tier 2 middle-stage demonic beast was actually bitten to death by a little white tiger just like that!

Even though the black python was already unmoving, the little white tiger still refused to release its bite as it chomped down firmly without letting go.

Ye Yuan picked up the Canghua Sword, walked over to the black python's side, and petted the little white tiger's small head. The tiny white tiger seemed to have understood and only let go then.

Ye Yuan was also afraid that the little white tiger did not bite viciously enough and supplemented another stab on the seven-colored flower, thoroughly ending the Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python's life.

After the little white tiger released its bite, it no longer bothered with the black python, but instead, returned to its mother's side and used its tiny tongue to lick her wounds.

Ye Yuan and Nanfeng Zhirou turned to look at each other and also did not know what to say.

The two of them expended such an enormous effort, but the result was that it was this little fellow who gave the killing blow.

But the speed which the little fellow displayed just now also made them have a completely new appraisal of it. Once this little fellow matures, it would be an absolutely terrifying character!

Nanfeng Zhirou glanced at the white tiger lying on the ground and looked at Ye Yuan again.

Ye Yuan understood her meaning, but he shook his head and said, "She is too gravely injured. Moreover, she's also poisoned by that Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python. There's already nothing I can do."

Nanfeng Zhirou said without any sign of giving up, "Didn't you bring a lot of medicinal pills? There should be detoxification pills and healing pills, right?"

Ye Yuan sighed and said, "It's useless. Demonic beasts' physique is different from humans. They must use corresponding medicinal pills. The medicinal pills I brought along is no use to her."

The medicinal pills used by demonic beasts formed a system of its own. They were different than the medicinal pills used by humans.

Also, only Ye Yuan this sort of Alchemy Dao great master could achieve such brilliant accomplishments in both systems at the same time.

However, even a clever housewife cannot cook a meal without rice. Presently, there was no pill refinement room here. Without ingredients, no matter how amazing Ye Yuan was, it was also impossible for him to pull medicinal pills out from nothing.

Ye Yuan saying this was the equivalent of sentencing the white tiger to death. Nanfeng Zhirou could not bear it. Seeing the whimpering little white tiger, her tears started overflowing uncontrollably once again.

Ye Yuan also found it hard to endure.

He was not a person overflowing with compassion. It was just that the scene just now was overly similar to his experience in his past life.

Although the white tiger was just a demonic beast, he still felt as if he experienced it himself.

The white tiger's eyes which were originally already shut gradually opened at this time. It also seemed to have recovered a bit of consciousness.

Seeing its mother open her eyes, the little white tiger involuntarily started jumping about in front of her in joy.

The white tiger's gaze was full of loving kindness; completely unlike a fearsome demonic beast.

Except, Ye Yuan and Nanfeng Zhirou both knew that this was the white tiger's final radiance before death. Most likely, it was already done for.

The white tiger looked at the little white tiger with tender love, but its gaze shifted to Ye Yuan as it revealed an imploring intention.

After that, she used all the strength in her body to use her head to push the little white tiger to Ye Yuan's feet.

This white tiger was actually entrusting her child to him!

Honestly speaking, Ye Yuan did not wish to become a nanny. He still had many things he needed to do and had no time to waste in this area.

Even though he pitied this mother and son pair very much, he still felt that it was rather troublesome to ask him to raise this little white tiger.

The white tiger clearly saw through Ye Yuan's reluctance and could not help but give a low roar; akin to a final lamenting whine. The intent of begging was already very clear.

Nanfeng Zhirou could not help flying into a rage when she saw Ye Yuan hesitating. "Ye Yuan, do you still have any sympathy? The little white tiger is already so pitiful. It lost its mother when it's so small. Leaving him here unchecked will cause him to be killed by other demonic beasts! If you aren't taking him in, I'll shelter him! Come, little white tiger!"

But the little white tiger did not approach Nanfeng Zhirou but jumped back. It was evident that it was unwilling to leave its mother.

The white tiger gave another roar, and her gaze became stern. The little white tiger looked like a child who did something wrong as it lowered its head, but it still headed over to Ye Yuan's feet.

When Nanfeng Zhirou saw this, her temper rose again.

"Hey, little fellow, is your brain even working? He doesn't even want you, why did you run over to him for? Quickly come over to my side!"

As she spoke, Nanfeng Zhirou reached out to hug the little white tiger, but the little white tiger squeezed in between Ye Yuan's legs and just refused to let Nanfeng Zhirou hold it.

Like this, Nanfeng Zhirou became even more livid. She was originally someone with a fiery temper, but her goodwill was taken for ill intentions. It would be weirder if she did not get angry!

"Run some more! Keep running! Do you believe whether or not I'll yank your ears!" Nanfeng Zhirou had her hands on her hips as she said with an enraged face.

But the reply was a cat-like roar.

This one human and one tiger actually started to play catching around Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan was driven to a point where he was at a loss whether or cry or to laugh by Nanfeng Zhirou. It turns out that this woman did not differentiate between demons or humans when she lost her temper!

"Alright, alright. Stop circling. Keep going in circles, and I'm going to get dizzy! I'll keep the little white tiger, alright?" Ye Yuan said impatiently.

Ye Yuan pulled Nanfeng Zhirou off and lowered his body to speak to the white tiger. "Don't you worry, since I promised you, I'll take good care of him. Following me, his power in the future will definitely be above yours. You can go in peace."

Not that Ye Yuan was callous, but it was because this white tiger was already done for long ago. The reason why it still did not pass away was because Ye Yuan had yet to promise it.

There was plainly a language barrier, but the white tiger seemed to have understood what Ye Yuan said. It gave off another low roar as if it was thanking Ye Yuan, and then gradually, it fell silent.

The little white tiger also seemed to have sensed something. It whined mournfully as it came to its mother's side, wanting to prop up its mother using its small head. But the white tiger did not react in the slightest.

Nanfeng Zhirou's tears poured out once again when she saw the situation. The awe of a tiger presently earlier was all gone.

Such an emotional woman!

Ye Yuan sighed and directly sat down on the spot, swallowing a medicinal pill to begin recovering.

The sword driving technique was also a divine soul secret art with extremely powerful might. It was just that it was still somewhat forceful for the current Ye Yuan. Just using it for a round trip just now already severely overdrew his essence energy and soul strength.

After adjusting his condition for some time and waking up, Ye Yuan discovered that the little white tiger was currently circling around him.

Seeing Ye Yuan look over, the little white tiger wagged its tail and tunneled into Ye Yuan's bosom.

"I'm perplexed. You don't even want him, so why does this little white tiger stick to you so?" Nanfeng Zhirou said very defiantly.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "This is charisma! I was born with the demeanor of a sovereign and can attract countless others to follow me. Yii . . . This little white tiger . . . is not normal!"

Just as Ye Yuan was blowing his own trumpet, his expression changed.