Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 160

Chapter 160: Divine Beast Progeny!
Chapter 160: Divine Beast Progeny!
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"What is it? Is there something wrong with the little white tiger?" Nanfeng Zhirou's heart plummeted as she quickly asked.

Ye Yuan did not reply her and just turned the little white tiger all over to inspect several times and also used divine sense to investigate. His expression became increasingly solemn.

Nanfeng Zhirou was an anxious person. Seeing Ye Yuan mess around for so long and refusing to say anything, and his expression becoming uglier, she could not help asking anxiously, "Just what is going on? Talk! Seriously, you'll be the death of me! He won't die, right?"

Only now did Ye Yuan look at Nanfeng Zhirou as if he was staring at a retard. "What? Die? He couldn't be better!"

Nanfeng Zhirou finally let out a sigh of relief but immediately said huffily, "If he's fine, then what are you pulling that long face for? Deliberately scaring me? Why can't you finish saying everything in one go? Just what happened to him?"

"It can be counted as we picked up a treasure. This little thing has a huge background!" Ye Yuan kept away his serious expression and seemed rather excited as he said.

"Huge background? Isn't it just a little white tiger? What background can it have? If it has backing, then why would it be forced to such an extent by a big black python?" Nanfeng Zhirou asked in suspicion.

She looked left and right and could not see just which aspect of this little white tiger was extraordinary.

Ye Yuan sighed and said, "How many times have I told you. Knowledge is power! Why don't you have any progress at all up till now? Without knowledge, even if you entered a treasure mountain, you'll also return empty-handed!"

Nanfeng Zhirou glared. "Are you telling or not? Why do you have so much nonsense?"

"Forget it. I already told you to educate yourself! It's true. That white tiger is just an ordinary white tiger, but this little white tiger is very different! Have you ever heard of the Four Phases Divine Beasts?"

"Of course I heard of that before. The eastern Azure Dragon, the western White . . ." Nanfeng Zhirou was in the midst of talking when she suddenly thought of something and said in astonishment, "This . . . You . . . You aren't about to tell me that this little white tiger is the White Tiger Divine Beast?"

Nanfeng Zhirou was stunned by Ye Yuan that even her words became stammers.

What kind of concept were Divine Beasts? They were the absolute sovereigns of this world!

Possessing the name of a Divine Beast, it was an existence that would surely step into the Deity Realm in the future as long as it did not die!

Ye Yuan casually picked up a little white tiger, and it was the Sovereign of the West, the White Tiger Divine Beast?

Are you kidding?

But Ye Yuan gave a laugh and said, "Of course he isn't a divine beast. However . . . he truly has the bloodline of the White Tiger Divine Beast! It's just that his bloodline is too thin. Wanting to become a divine beast . . . too difficult, way too difficult."

Ye Yuan naturally did not find it nice to say some things. In the Divine Realm, there were numerous demonic beasts that possessed divine beast bloodline. It was just that true pureblooded divine beast bloodline could no longer be found today.

Because in this stretch of heaven and earth, there was no longer the existence of Deity Realm. Naturally, there was also no existence of divine beasts!

Possessing a faint divine beast bloodline, future accomplishments would definitely be extraordinary.

As long as the strength of the bloodline is sufficient, stepping into the Demon Emperor realm was virtually guaranteed!

Demon Emperor realm was equivalent to the human Divine King realm.

Also, the majority of divine beast progenies possessed innate divine abilities. Once they stepped into the Demon Emperor realm, their power would become incredible.

In terms of the Divine Realm's pinnacle battle strength, there was actually not much difference between humans and the demon race.

"But, if he truly possessed divine beast bloodline, even if he doesn't become a divine beast, he should also be very amazing in the future, right?" Nanfeng Zhirou asked.

"Exactly! This little thing also has a name which belongs to itself, the Flowing Light White Tiger! A branch of the White Tiger Divine Beast's progenies! I truly did not expect that an ordinary white tiger could actually give birth to a Flowing Light White Tiger. Looks like this little fellow's ancestral origin is not simple!" Ye Yuan sighed in admiration.

"A Flowing Light White Tiger? No wonder when he wanted to kill this black python earlier, his speed was so fast. Really akin to a bundle of flowing light."

"En, the Flowing Light White Tiger is renowned for its speed. A mature Flowing Light White Tiger at the bare minimum has the strength of Tier 5, Taking Form! At that point, his speed can compare with flying profound artifacts!" Ye Yuan explained.

"So incredible? Then didn't we acquire a treasure?" Nanfeng Zhirou exclaimed in surprise.

Above spirit artifacts were profound artifacts. The speed of flying profound artifacts was quick to the point it was inconceivable. The speed of Flowing Light White Tigers could compare to flying profound artifacts. One could see the extent of their speed!

Ye Yuan laughed and said, "You're thinking too much. A Flowing Light White Tiger, from newborn to maturity, need at least a thousand years. After he grows up, I'd have long reached the Divine King realm!"

Nanfeng Zhirou curled her mouth and said with disdain, "Keep bragging! Divine King realm even! I've never even heard of what Divine King realm. Utter bullshit!"

Not that Nanfeng Zhirou was ignorant, but because this place, the State of Qin, was too small.

Starting point determines one's horizons. How could the people of the Boundless World know how the realms in the Divine Realm were divided?

If they could rise to a certain realm, their horizons would naturally broaden.

Towards Nanfeng Zhirou's disdain, Ye Yuan just smiled but did not explain. He and Nanfeng Zhirou were simply not on the same level. There was naturally no way of communicating.

"But with me around, his realm might catch up to. Maybe even surpass Yuan Fei's within ten years!" Nanfeng Zhirou said with a smile.

"So fast? You aren't bragging again, are you?" Nanfeng Zhirou asked in disbelief.

"When have you ever seen me brag? This little fellow's foundation is much better than Yuan Fei's. As long as I use medicinal pills to supplement, his future accomplishments definitely won't be low. Furthermore, this small fellow has already awoken its bloodline just now. Its future cultivation speed would be very rapid!" Ye Yuan explained.

About this point, Nanfeng Zhirou did not doubt Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan's attainments in the Alchemy Dao had already completely exceeded her understanding. He would frequently pull out medicinal pills that she had never even heard of.

Also, he dared to promise Yuan Fei to let him breakthrough to Tier 4. It was likely not spoken carelessly.

Then would it not be a very effortless thing for him to help a little white tiger?

"Fine, I know that you're amazing! The little white tiger is so adorable. How about we give him a name? Look how white and fluffy he is; why not call him Whitey?" Nanfeng Zhirou directly decided it.


The little white tiger roared in a low cat-like tone to show its protest. Clearly, it disliked this name.

Nanfeng Zhirou fumed and said, "Humph! Even if you don't like it, you'll have to accept it! It's Whitey!"

"Hmm, when he runs, it looks like a beam of white light. I say . . . call him White Light, how's that?" Ye Yuan was asking the little white tiger.

The little white tiger arched in Ye Yuan's bosom. It was clear that it tacitly approved of this name.

"Haha, then in future, you're called White Light!" Ye Yuan said with a laugh.

"Humph! You ungrateful tiger! Just now, who was the one fighting hard before managing to keep you? This fellow was prepared to abandon you. He isn't a good person!" Nanfeng Zhirou said crossly.


What replied her was White Light's angry roar.

"Alright, don't delay any more time here. We still have to search around this Blackwater Ravine. Perhaps there's good stuff! This Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python definitely discovered something to hang on here and not leave," Ye Yuan said as he interrupted Nanfeng Zhirou's provocation.

The pair found a place to bury the white tiger and also retrieved the Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python's inner core, then brought White Light into the depths of the Blackwater Ravine.