Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 161

Chapter 161: Blood Bodhi!
Chapter 161: Blood Bodhi!
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The two humans and one tiger walked towards the deep parts of the Blackwater Ravine. Roughly after 15 minutes, an enormous cliff in front cut off their path.

"Yii, no path? There isn't even anything good on the way here!" Nanfeng Zhirou said dispiritedly.

Ye Yuan also halted his footsteps. Surveying the surroundings, he also failed to discover anything useful.

This whole road here, he had been paying attention to the surroundings. If there were any natural treasures, it absolutely could not escape his eyes.

But up until now, he also did not have any discovery.

"Could it be that the Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python truly just took a liking to this place and wanted to have it to itself? That doesn't make sense! With that big black python's strength, it could totally go into the deeper areas to occupy even better territories. Why did it choose here?" Ye Yuan also remained puzzled after pondering over it.

"Hahaha . . . Didn't you boast that you're all-knowing? To think that you also have times where you stumble! What knowledge is power, now, knowledge has become a popped bubble, right?" Nanfeng Zhirou ridiculed relentlessly.

Towards Ye Yuan's repeated verbal attacks on her being brainless, Nanfeng Zhirou held a deep grudge against it.

Women bore grudges the most. Beautiful women harbored resentment even more!

It was just that every time, Ye Yuan's prediction was all very accurate. Nanfeng Zhirou kept being unable to get a hold of something, so she had no way of retorting.

This time, it was not easy for her to see Ye Yuan shrivel. Nanfeng Zhirou naturally chose to hit a person who is down!

The corner of Ye Yuan's mouth twitched. He had the sort of feeling like he dug a hole for himself to jump into.

However, he kept feeling that his judgment was not wrong. The problem was, where was the natural treasure?

"Ye Yuan, please, next time, don't you . . . yii, White Light, where are you going?"

Nanfeng Zhirou was currently reproving Ye Yuan, but White Light turned into a beam of white light and ran towards the cliff.

Ye Yuan's eye involuntarily lit up when he saw the situation. Could it be that this little fellow knew where the stuff was?

White Light came to the cliff and directly ran upwards, stepping onto a piece of rock, and then left jump, right leap as he scaled up like it was flat ground.

At an extremely high place, White Light's figure flashed, and suddenly vanished!

Ye Yuan and Nanfeng Zhirou looked closely and saw that there was actually a little cave there. White Light entered the cave!

"Could there really be something good?" Nanfeng Zhirou muttered to herself.

At this time, she clearly also guessed what White Light went over to do and could not resist quietly cursing, hoping that White Light just went to play. It would be best if it did not find anything.

Even though White Light did not come out yet, not knowing why, Nanfeng Zhirou felt that her face was somewhat burning hot.

"So, it's hidden in such an obscure place. No wonder I couldn't find it even after searching for so long. I didn't think that White Light actually had this sort of ability!" Ye Yuan was also very surprised by White Light's abilities.

Thinking about it, Ye Yuan was also relieved. Most likely, it was fruits or something similar, so White Light smelled it.

Before long, White Light's figure appeared at the entrance once again. Except that this time, his mouth held a tiny object.

White Light clamped down on that tiny object as it ran down the cliff, arriving at Ye Yuan's side.

White Light's mouth held a flower stem. A tiny fruit grew on it. It passed this thing over to Ye Yuan and even wagged its tail in a bid to garner likes, looking rather cute.

Ye Yuan smiled as he petted White Light's little head to show encouragement. He picked up that tiny fruit rather excitedly because he had already recognized this tiny fruit.

"It's actually Blood Bodhi! No wonder that Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python is attached to this place. Turns out that it's for this!"

Nanfeng Zhirou was rather embarrassed. But she was unable to resist her curiosity and secretly sized up that tiny thing.

That was a tiny blood-red fruit which did not appear to be very eye-catching. If it were her, most likely when she saw it, she would have treated it like she didn't see it and directly pass it over.

Ye Yuan could not help finding it funny when he saw Nanfeng Zhirou wanting to speak but stopping and her furtive appearance.

Aware that girls are thin-skinned, Ye Yuan also did not agitate her anymore, but explained. "This Blood Bodhi is good stuff! This is a Tier 3 medicinal herb, and it's also exceedingly rare! If that Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python swallowed this item, it would most likely directly breakthrough to late-stage Tier 2 demonic beast."

Nanfeng Zhirou saw that Ye Yuan did not have any intention to reverse checkmating her and could not help quietly letting out a sigh of relief. But her mouth still remained stubborn as she said, "I also didn't make you explain!"

"Fine, fine. It's me who likes to show off and just have to explain for you to listen, alright?"

Only then, was Nanfeng Zhirou pleased. But she immediately could not hold back her curiosity, so she asked, "Since this Blood Bodhi is so incredible, why did it not eat this for so long?"

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Also counts as that fellow being unlucky I guess. If what I predict is right, this Blood Bodhi was not yet ripe before. It maturing was also a matter of these two days. He had yet to eat it when he encountered the white tiger and us, which let us pick up a ready-made freebie. But it would be a reckless waste of God's gift to let it eat this thing like that. Using this to refine a Tier 3 medicinal pill, the Bodhi Pill, it can let Crystal Formation Realm martial artists rise a minor realm unconditionally! Furthermore, there's completely no side-effects!"

Nanfeng Zhirou could not help opening her mouth wide after listening to it all. Unconditionally letting Crystal Formation Realm martial artists rise by a minor realm, just what kind of concept was this?

For Crystal Formation Realm martial artists, forget about breakthrough a minor realm, even if there were a tiny bit of advancement, it would require the accumulation of time!

Among the State of Qin's Crystal Formation Realm martial artists, apart from the Lord Dean and the Alchemist Association's Lord Wu Daofeng who were at the Second Level Crystal Formation Realm, the rest were all at the First Level Crystal Formation Realm.

Nanfeng Zhirou's father, Nanfeng Yi, who was also the ruler of the State of Qin, had already broken through to the Crystal Formation Realm for over twenty years. However, he still remained at the First Level Crystal Formation Realm.

It was clear just how challenging a matter it was for Crystal Formation Realm martial artists to want to advance a step forward!

There were two high-rank Alchemy Grandmasters in the State of Qin, but they were unable to refine medicinal pills which could allow Crystal Formation Realm martial artists to directly breakthrough a minor realm. Yet, Ye Yuan could!

If Ye Yuan displayed this medicinal pill in front of these people, there would only be two outcomes.

The first was that they kill Ye Yuan, then fight to the bitter end for this single medicinal pill. There was another, which was to follow behind Ye Yuan and hope to obtain his favor so that he would bestow that medicinal pill to him.

Even the two high-rank Alchemy Grandmasters would be unable to remain unperturbed when they see the Bodhi Pill, right?

In reality, when Ye Yuan said he could help Yuan Fei breakthrough to Tier 4, Nanfeng Zhirou still did not have much of a concept, because that was too far away from her.

But to help Crystal Formation Realm martial artists rise a minor realm, the shock this brought her was tremendous.

Nanfeng Zhirou looked at Ye Yuan with eager eyes; an appearance like she was holding back the words at the tip of her tongue.

Ye Yuan laughed out loud and knew what she was thinking of right away. He said, "Relax, this Blood Bodhi can refine at least ten Bodhi Pills. When the time comes, I'll save one for your father!"

Ye Yuan finished speaking. Nanfeng Zhirou's face reddened, but she still said gratefully, "Thank you!"

Ye Yuan said deridingly, "You've never thanked me regarding your own matter, but you thank me for your Imperial Father's matter. It really makes me feel overwhelmingly flattered! However, you also know that I just broke through to the Spirit Condensation Realm. Wanting to refine the Bodhi Pill, most likely, I still need a few days."

Nanfeng Zhirou did not lose her temper this time around. Instead, she hurriedly shook her head, "No rush. There's no hurry."