Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 162

Chapter 162: Medicinal Pill Dealer
Chapter 162: Medicinal Pill Dealer
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The Lotus Moon Gorge.

An immensely vast gorge, which took up a huge area, was located over a thousand miles from the Endless Forest.

The thousand mile radius was the limits for Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists. The danger would increase significantly when heading further north.

The thousand mile radius of the Endless Forest was mostly the territories of Tier 2 demonic beasts. Only in extremely few places would there be Tier 3 demonic beasts, such as the Crimson Summit Ridge.

Rather, beyond the thousand mile radius, the number of Tier 3 demonic beasts would have a substantial increase.

Under normal circumstances, Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists were absolutely unwilling to cross this thousand mile marker.

Normally, the Lotus Moon Gorge was a land where few traversed.

But these few days, there were more and more human martial artists gathering at the Lotus Moon Gorge. Their strength also became increasingly more powerful.

From the weak First Level and Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists to the Eighth Level and Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists, they were numerous of them here. Among them, there were even some human martial artists who were the same as Su Yubai being at the half-step Crystal Formation Realm!

Then in the depths of the gorge, unusual undulations were faintly reverberating out. Everyone knew that there were extremely rare natural treasures about to be born.

On the other side of the gorge, large numbers of Tier 2 demonic beasts similarly gathered, facing the human camp across the distance.

Both sides maintained relative restraint and did not come to blows.

In reality, when the Lotus Moon Gorge demonic beast outbreak started, humans and demonic beasts both had frictions which were not small.

But following the increase in the number of human martial artists and demonic beasts and along with the increase in cultivation realm, both sides fell into a stalemate.

Because even more powerful experts appeared on both sides, so the restraint became even stronger.

Crystal Formation Realm martial artists appeared among the human martial artists, while Tier 3 demonic beasts also appeared among the demonic beasts.

Even though Tier 3 demonic beasts were unable to communicate with humans, their intelligence was no longer low. Naturally, they did not wish to suffer too great a loss of power before the treasure was born.

The human martial artists also felt the same.

Ye Yuan and Nanfeng Zhirou were currently hanging around those low level human martial artists.

Presently, Ye Yuan's and Nanfeng Zhirou's attire had already been changed into ordinary demonic beast hunter outfit. Even Nanfeng Zhirou's face was now different. Otherwise, with her appearance, it was very easy to stir up unnecessary trouble.

There were too many experts in this place. Drawing people's attention was clearly not a wise move.

As a matter of fact, Ye Yuan initially planned to let Nanfeng Zhirou head back first, and he would come here alone. But when he mentioned letting Nanfeng Zhirou go back first, Nanfeng Zhirou flew into a rage and wielded her sword to fight with Ye Yuan.

The result naturally concluded with Ye Yuan losing, so he had no choice but to bring her along.

But, Ye Yuan raised a demand which was that no matter what situation it was, she had to obey him.

This was Ye Yuan's bottom-line!

Lotus Moon Gorge could not be compared to previously. The pair's strength was too weak; they could only fish in muddied waters. If they did not lay low, they would only be eaten by others until not even bones were left.

At that time, even if there was Yuan Fei around, they might not obtain any advantage.

Currently, on the human side of the gorge, they basically existed in small groups of threes and fives.

Ye Yuan and Nanfeng Zhirou formed a small team. Among these groups, they should belong to the lowest level of existences, so they obviously would not draw people's attention.

"Ye Yuan, did you manage to inquire any information when you went out just now?" Nanfeng Zhirou asked through transmission.

"En, I heard some things. But the majority of them were rumors. However, what's basically confirmed now is that what's going to be born should be a fire-attribute treasure! According to the undulations coming from the depths of the gorge, it would be a matter of these two days," Ye Yuan replied.

"But there are so many people, and they are so powerful. Even Crystal Formation Realm martial artists also appeared. Do we have any chance?"

Nanfeng Zhirou originally did not think that there were actually so many people gathered here. She thought that it was only an ordinary treasure.

Who knew that after arriving, they would see so many Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists, which instantly put a damper on their mood.

So many experts; how could it come to their turn?

She admits that Ye Yuan was very amazing, but his cultivation realm was too low after all. Dealing with one or two people was not yet an issue, but with so many people, how should they make a move?

Furthermore, the current distribution of terrain was completely divided based on strength.

Those half-step Crystal Formation Realm, Ninth Level, Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists were basically in the innermost area. Once the treasure was born, they would definitely be the foremost to charge inside. How could they, these outer-ring martial artists, get their turn?

Ye Yuan just smiled and said, "Natural treasures are obtained by those who are fated for it. Doesn't mean that their strength is high and they would definitely obtain it. With me, Ye Yuan around, why do they even bother?"

"Tch, keep bragging! How do you know that you're the fated person?" Nanfeng Zhirou had a scornful face.

"I said before, a naturally born sovereign, who else but myself?" Ye Yuan boasted without shame.

"Enough crap; be serious! What on earth should we do?" Nanfeng Zhirou was thoroughly defeated.

"What else can we do? Conserve strength and build up energy, then wait and see! The moment the treasure is born, there would definitely be a violent clash between the human martial artists and demonic beasts. At that time, you just have to stay out of trouble, and that will do. Let me handle the rest," Ye Yuan said.

". . . . . ."

Nanfeng Zhirou felt that she became a burden in a flash.

Aunty clearly made her come and protect him. But up till now, why did Nanfeng Zhirou feel that it was always Ye Yuan protecting her?

Moreover, Ye Yuan's current strength was already not beneath her. He did not even require her protection anymore.

This world changed too quickly . . .

Just as Nanfeng Zhirou was cursing inwardly, a hubbub of voices was heard.

"Excellent medicinal pills! Top quality medicinal pills! Drunken Star Manor's products are definitely the cream of the crop! Tier 2 Qi Returning Pill, Tier 2 Heart Protecting Pill, Tier 2 healing medicine, Tier 2 Detoxification Pill. All sorts of medicinal pills are available!" a martial artists wearing gray shouted at the top of his voice.

This shout immediately drew the attention of many martial artists.

The majority of these martial artists were demonic beast hunters who had already been roaming within the Endless Forest for a very long time. All the necessary medicines on their bodies were pretty much all gone.

For a medicinal pill merchant to suddenly appear at this time, it naturally stirred up quite a commotion.

When Ye Yuan heard that someone was selling medicinal pills, he also could not help but look over. Many people were already surrounding him.

At this time, perhaps a medicinal pill could save lives.

However, Ye Yuan's nose lightly moved and already sniffed out that those medicinal pills were fake goods. While the outer appearance was virtually the same as some medicinal pills from the Drunken Star Manor, the medicinal effects were most likely not even 50% of them.

Ye Yuan just gave a faint smile and no longer bothered with the things happening over there. What he needed now was to remain low-key, not to be in the limelight.

Nanfeng Zhirou seemed to have seen that something was wrong and could not resist asking, "What are you smiling for? Does that person have a problem?"

"There's no issue with the person, the problem lies with the medicinal pills. But eating them won't kill people anyway, so let him be," Ye Yuan said indifferently.

"No way! How did you see it?" Nanfeng Zhirou was at the very least an alchemist, but she could not see any issue at all.

"The medicinal pill's ingredients don't have any problem. It's just that when refining, Mist Yuan Water was added in. The portion originally capable of refining one medicinal pill was refined into four/five pills by him. The medicinal effects would naturally be much worse," Ye Yuan explained.

"You saw that at a glance?" Nanfeng Zhirou asked in shock.