Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 163

Chapter 163: Not Buying!
Chapter 163: Not Buying!
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"Not saw it, but smelled it," Ye Yuan pointed to his nose and said.

"But the Mist Yuan Water is odorless. How did you smell it?" Nanfeng Zhirou asked in amazement.

"The Mist Yuan Water is odorless, but when mixed into medicinal pills, it would give off a faint sort of special fragrance," Ye Yuan said.

"But you're so far away from there! Do you have a dog's nose?" Nanfeng Zhirou was flabbergasted.

Ye Yuan rolled his eyes and was similarly speechless. Couldn't you make a better comparison?

"This is an ability that has been repeatedly tempered out. Heh heh," Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Ye Yuan's sensitivity towards medicinal pills was etched deeply into the divine soul after repeated tempering.

Virtually every type of medicinal herb; he was able to sensitively detect it.

Rather than say it was the smell, it should be that it was his divine soul's instinctive reaction.

After the incident last time, Nanfeng Zhirou no longer doubted Ye Yuan.

This fellow, as long as it was something which involved medicinal pills or herbal ingredients, his predictions and judgment were virtually 100% accurate. He had never made any errors!
He said that these medicinal pills had problems, so these medicinal pills must have issues!

Nonetheless, Nanfeng Zhirou followed Ye Yuan and was not worried that the medicinal pills had problems. Who knew how many medicinal pills this fellow refined for this trip; it was like they were never-ending.

Nanfeng Zhirou knew that Ye Yuan clearly only prepared for a day. Where did so many medicinal pills come from?

Nanfeng Zhirou felt that she was becoming more and more interested in Ye Yuan.

The more she could not understand Ye Yuan, the more she wanted to understand him. What sort of feeling was this . . .?

Ye Yuan and Nanfeng Zhirou were chatting over here, but that medicinal pill merchant's business was abnormally good. He had his hands full.

"This Brother, aren't you going to buy some pills? In a crisis, these medicinal pills can save lives! My medicinal pills are all Drunken Star Manor products. The medicinal effects are definitely exceptional!"

After that medicinal pill merchant busied himself for some time, he started to promote his medicinal pills to a cold-faced demonic beast hunter.

Ye Yuan had long noticed that demonic beast hunter. When others were swarming to buy medicinal pills, he never moved. Not only did he not move, none of the four people in his small group moved.

"Not buying!" the cold-faced man just lightly said these two words.

"Brother, these medicinal pills of mine are top-quality medicinal pills! You're also aware of the Drunken Star Manor's pills. They are matchless in the State of Qin . . ." the medicinal pill seller kept on praising the good points of the Drunken Star Manor's medicinal pills repeatedly.

Hearing that medicinal pill seller praising the Drunken Star Manor so fervently, Ye Yuan also felt somewhat displeased.

However, he also understood that he was doing business. Bragging a little was a necessity. But now was not the time to get angry, so he held it back.

After that demonic beast hunter calmly listened to that medicinal pill seller's touting, he said two more words lightly, "Not buying!"

"I say, Brother, why?" The medicinal pill seller was somewhat dispirited.

That demonic beast hunter gave him a look and said, "I only buy Fragrant Medicine Pavilion's medicinal pills and nothing else!"

When Ye Yuan heard that, he promptly felt more soothed. There were still clear-minded people in this world!

Once he said this, the medicinal pill seller became unhappy. "Brother, not that I'm reproaching you, but the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion is close to shutting down. What are you clinging onto that tree for? From the way I see it, before one month, the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion will definitely shut down. Could it be that you, Brother, aren't going to eat medicinal pills in the future?"

The icy-faced man gave the medicinal pill seller a cold glance and said, "The Fragrant Medicine Pavilion definitely won't shut down! Pavilion Lord Ye is currently in closed-seclusion. After he exits seclusion, he'll definitely have means to turn the tide! Humph!"

"Dream on! Who doesn't know that the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion already doesn't have the strength to save the situation? How many days has it been? The Fragrant Medicine Pavilion remained silent this whole time, while the Drunken Star Manor already relied on the Essence Gathering Pill to completely dominate the State of Qin's medicinal pill market. In future, it will be the Drunken Star Manor having a monopoly! Furthermore, Manor Lord Wan has always been suppressing Ye Hang in terms of cultivation realm. What is the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion relying on to turn around?"

The cold-faced man gave a cold laugh. "So what? The Drunken Star Manor appears to be dignified and honorable, but everyone is clear in their hearts how many filthy things they did secretly! Pavilion Lord Ye has a benevolent heart and mind. He treats us demonic beast hunters like brothers! I believe that Heaven has eyes. The Fragrant Medicine Pavilion will surely tide over this crisis!"

After the man said all this, regretful expressions involuntarily showed up on the faces of those who originally bought the medicinal pills.

Many of them had received the grave of the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion, but their support towards the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion at this time was inferior to this small team.

"Humph! Truly thickheaded! Alright, don't buy now. In the future, even if you beg to buy from me, I also won't sell to you!" Finishing, the medicinal pill seller flicked his sleeves and left.

The cold-faced man could not be bothered with him and sat back down.

The medicinal pill seller was not too affected by it and continued to tout his medicinal pills. It was just that after that man caused such a commotion, his business immediately fell drastically.

The cold-faced man stared at the back view of the medicinal pill seller and let out a cold snort.

Right then, a voice from god knows where secretly transmitted directly into his ears.

The cold-faced man heard that, and his expression instantly changed. After musing for some time, he suddenly stood up.

"Everybody, don't buy his medicinal pills! These medicinal pills are all fake! This fellow is a cheat!" the cold-faced man shouted loudly.

Hearing the cold-faced man's shout, all those who bought the medicinal pills tensed up. What followed was using unkind eyes to stare at the medicinal pill seller.

The medicinal pill seller was also greatly alarmed. He was somewhat guilty, but in front of so many people, he had to remain strong.

"Don't slander me! It's fine if you didn't purchase, but you're even ruining my business here. Do you really take me to be easy to bully? These medicinal pills have the unique marking of the Drunken Star Manor. They are absolutely genuine goods. You dare to besmirch the name of Drunken Star Manor?" the medicinal pill seller said furiously.

The cold-faced man smiled coldly and said, "Snort! It's true that these medicinal pills are from the Drunken Star Manor, but are the medicinal pills refined by the Drunken Star Manor truly without problems?"

"What problem is there, say it! If you don't give a proper justification, then this grudge of ours is set! After returning to the capital, I'll pass these words to the Drunken Star Manor!" the medicinal pill seller threatened.

These past one month, the Drunken Star Manor had become incomparably domineering.

The Fragrant Medicine Pavilion gradually fell, and they virtually became a monopoly. The people who came out from the Drunken Star Manor basically all had their noses pointed to the skies.

Since this medicinal pill seller was selling the Drunken Star Manor's pills, he definitely had significant ties with the Drunken Star Manor.

The cold-faced man remained unperturbed and said with a smile, "I'm afraid that the medicinal effects of these pills aren't even half of the finished products! What intentions are you harboring to use these medicinal pills to hoodwink everyone?"

When he said this, everyone's faces changed again.

While medicinal effects being insufficient is not a big issue, at the crucial time, it could kill.

For example, a Tier 2 Qi Returning Pill; if the medicinal effects were lacking and could only recover a very small part of essence energy, wouldn't that be waiting for death?

Hearing the cold-faced man said this, the medicinal pill seller did not get nervous. Instead, he smiled gleefully and said, "You say that my medicinal pill's effects are lacking, won't we know after letting everyone try it?"