Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 164

Chapter 164: Try Testing a Few Moves
Chapter 164: Try Testing a Few Moves
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Seeing the medicinal pill seller so full of confidence, the cold-faced man's heart started to falter.

Could it be that he really fell for someone else's trap?

That person said that he also received great kindness from Pavilion Lord Ye, which was why he wanted to expose this scammer. Could it be that he was simply screwing with him?

While he was talking, the medicinal pill seller already walked in front of a martial artist he sold pills to earlier and sincerely invited him to test the medicinal pill. He even promised that as long as he was willing to test it, he would gift another five Tier 2 Qi Returning Pills!

That martial artist was initially somewhat reluctant, but after thinking that at most it would be insufficient medicinal effects and should not have too big an effect on him, he nodded his head and agreed.

The medicinal pill seller cupped his fists and said to everybody, "Everyone also saw that. This brother over here refused to buy my medicinal pills. That's also fine. But now, he came out to defame my character. This one cannot turn a deaf ear to this. In order to prove my innocence, I invited this brother here to help test the medicinal pills. There shouldn't be a problem, right?"

After the medicinal pill seller finished talking, there was someone who called out to the martial artist preparing to test. "Lin Feng, you aren't bought over by that guy, right?"

"Bought over your granny! I, Lin Feng, have worked among demonic beast hunters for so many years. Who isn't aware of my character? If you don't feel assured, then come and test yourself!" Lin Feng directly told him off.

"Hahaha . . . We can trust you. Quickly test it and tell us how you feel after trying it!"

"Don't worry, with so many people watching, could I scam everyone?"

Finishing, Lin Feng no longer dilly-dallied. He directly retrieved a Tier 2 Qi Returning Pill just bought from the medicinal pill seller and swallowed it.

Having consumed the medicinal pill, Lin Feng meditated on the spot and started to refine the medicinal strength.

Everybody was watching each and every one of Lin Feng's actions, especially the cold-faced man and his small team. Even though their expression remained cool and collected, their heart started drumming long ago.

The cold-faced man was currently somewhat regretting his impulsiveness earlier. But for the sake of Benefactor Ye Hang, even losing face once was also worth it!

Back then, the cold-faced man was heavily injured and dying and also penniless. The Drunken Star Manor straightaway barred him outside the door, but Ye Hang treated him for free.

This grace, even if he were smashed to pieces, it would be difficult to repay.

Hence, he only hesitated slightly when he heard that mysterious transmission just now before standing up right away.

Making a mistake would at most be losing face once. At the most, he won't take part in this treasure seizing operation. But if it were really true, then it would be a heavy blow to Drunken Star Manor's reputation, and also an opportunity for the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion to come back from the dead!

He was willing to gamble!

"Ye Yuan, why does that cold-faced man also know that the medicinal pills are fake? Could his standards actually be around your level?" Nanfeng Zhirou could not help feeling astonished when she saw this situation as she transmitted her voice to ask.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "I told him."

"I knew that it was your doing! But why would he listen to you, a stranger?"

"I was just testing him, didn't think that he really stood up. Hum . . . I can let father take him in to be a retainer or something after going back. It's also time for our Ye Family to nurture our own forces. And today, just take it as the first step to eradicating the Drunken Star Manor," Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

"You . . . You . . ." Nanfeng Zhirou heard Ye Yuan say all that, but her expression turned even uglier.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Don't you worry. My father and I have no interest in secular authority. Why we are doing this is just so that the Ye Family would have a relatively safe environment. If your Imperial Father can't set his mind at ease, in future, I can make Father relocate from the State of Qin."

"No no no, no need! I . . . I'll do my best to prevent this sort of thing from happening."

Ye Yuan just smiled and did not say anything else.

He knew that Nanfeng Yi was very fearful of the Su Family and Wan Family, which was why they secretly propped up his father, Ye Hang.

But the Wan Family had to be extinguished. As for the Su Family . . . at least Su Yubai and Su Yulin, these two people, he did not plan on letting off.

That was to say, the Ye Family would be a monopoly in the future. Would Nanfeng Yi still be at ease?

Nanfeng Zhirou was ultimately still a little girl. Unless she broke through to the Crystal Formation Realm, her words would forever lack any weight.

While talking, Lin Feng already finished refining. He opened his eyes, and everyone stared at him.

Lin Feng stood up and slowly opened his mouth to say, "There's no issue with the medicinal pill. My essence energy which originally only had 50% or so left has already recovered to 80% now."

Once Lin Feng finished speaking, the medicinal pill seller looked at the cold-faced man with a pleased face. "Brother, just what intentions do you have for slandering me so? Unless you are Ye Family's minion and saw that things cannot continue for you all, that's why you used this sort of underhanded tricks to besmirch the Drunken Star Manor?"

The medicinal pill seller no longer hid his support and directly opened fire.

The cold-faced man was infuriated after hearing his words. This medicinal pill seller had sinister motives and wanted to make a false countercharge to thoroughly ruin Fragrant Medicine Pavilion's reputation. How could he tolerate?

Just as the cold-faced man was about to make a move, he heard that mysterious voice again.

"No rush. You let that Lin Feng try using essence energy."

Hearing this voice again, the cold-faced man's heart settled down a bit. Maybe this fellow was not screwing him?

"Lin Feng, try testing a few moves and see if there's any change in essence energy!" the cold-faced man suddenly shouted.

When the medicinal pill seller heard this, the originally pleased look instantly faded, and he could not help flying into a great rage. "This fellow! Truly rude! You and I have no grudge. I just said a few sentences about the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion. Just why do you keep repeatedly setting yourself against me? Could I have really hit the mark? You're Fragrant Medicine Pavilion's lackey?"

The cold-faced man ignored him and just said to Lin Feng, "Lin Feng, try testing a few moves. If there's really no issue, our team's gains this time will all belong to you!"

The cold-faced man really risked it all and directly took out all the gains from the operation this time as the bargaining chip.

The medicinal pill seller's expression changed when he heard this and was just about to stop it when he heard Lin Feng chuckle and say, "Shi Kaiyong, you said it! Alright, I'll test out a few moves!"

Finishing and without waiting for the medicinal pill seller to stop him, he directly unleashed several palm knives.

Who knew that after a few palm knives were struck out, Lin Feng's face greatly changed!

"This . . . This medicinal pill really does have problems! My essence energy expenditure is actually three to four times faster than normal!" Lin Feng cried out.

These words were just like throwing down a bomb. All the martial artists' gaze locked onto the medicinal pill seller.

"Mali . . . Malicious slanders! My . . . My medicinal pills don't have any issues! It . . . It must be that you guys colluded together!" The medicinal pill seller remained stubborn and refused to admit it.

"Screw your uncle! I, Lin Feng, have worked in this occupation for so long, no one has ever said that about me, your father! You sold fake medicine to me, your father, and even said that your father is slandering you?! Brothers, go and waste him!" Lin Feng unwittingly flew into a great rage and was about to call his team to waste that medicinal pill seller.

The medicinal pill seller was greatly alarmed and instinctively wanted to run. But the surroundings were encircled by demonic beast hunters, where to flee to?

"Wait!" Lin Feng's team was about to take action when Shi Kaiyong stopped it.