Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 165

Chapter 165: Expert
Chapter 165: Expert
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"What? Shi Kaiyong, you aren't trying to protect him this time, right?" Lin Feng asked in a harsh tone.

Emotions were running high at the moment. Lin Feng himself was also the person who was swindled. His tone naturally would not be good.

However, Shi Kaiyong did not mind. He just said icily, "Lin Feng, leave it to me! I have ways of making him yield everything. At that time, it wouldn't be too late to deal with him."

As he spoke, Shi Kaiyong looked over to the medicinal pill seller. That ice-cold gaze made the medicinal pill seller unwittingly shudder.

When Shi Kaiyong said so, Lin Feng was no longer so insistent. He dusted his hands and said, "Fine, up to you."

Shi Kaiyong looked at the medicinal pill seller and asked coldly, "Are you going to submit, or do you want me to take action?"

The medicinal pill seller gritted his teeth and advanced instead of retreating as he attacked Shi Kaiyong.

But before he even touched Shi Kaiyong, a person shot out from the sides to attack his flank.

The medicinal pill seller was greatly shocked and hurriedly evaded. But another person cut off his path of retreat.


The medicinal pill seller took a blow to his back and staggered as he charged over towards Shi Kaiyong.

What greeted him was a solid punch, right in the abdomen. The medicinal pill seller was in so much pain that his mouth went wide open.

Right then, a tiny thing which shot out from who knew where flashed past and accurately landed inside his mouth.

"Gulp!" The medicinal pill seller involuntarily swallowed on his own and immediately felt that things were not good.

"Urgh . . . Hurrk . . ."

The medicinal pill seller desperately tried to vomit out the thing he swallowed, but that thing melted once it entered his mouth. Just a short while and it vanished with trace.

Immediately after, he felt his divine soul tremble, and then, he became unaware of anything.

When Shi Kaiyong saw this scene, he also felt slightly afraid. Just now, he wanted to find who threw that object but did not manage to do so. That mysterious person was clearly an expert.

"You can ask now. Ask him anything, and he will answer."

At this time, that voice appeared inside Shi Kaiyong's mind once again.

Shi Kaiyong was stunned. Only now did he know why that mysterious person wanted him to pry that medicinal pill seller's mouth open.

Could that be a medicinal pill which was thrown in just now? What kind of medicinal pill could actually have such an effect?

Shi Kaiyong collected his emotions and opened his mouth, and asked the medicinal pill seller, "Just who in the world are you? Why did you come here to peddle medicinal pills?"

The medicinal pill seller answered woodenly, "I'm called Huang Song, a retainer . . . of the Wan Family. The owner sent me to the Endless Forest to sell medicinal pills to you all. At the same time . . . plan to defame the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion to make them unable to rise again."

Shi Kaiyong instantly felt his blood boil when he heard that. This Drunken Star Manor will really stop at nothing!

They already occupied such a huge advantage, yet they had to drive the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion to their wits ends!

"Did Wan Donghai make you sell these fake medicinal pills?" Shi Kaiyong gnashed his teeth as he held his patience and asked.

"No, it's the Second Boss, Wang Dongyang. He . . . He said that those demonic beast hunters are all . . . all miserable wretches, unworthy of using such fine medicinal pills. Hence, he refined these medicinal pills anew, lessened the medicinal strength, and even added some stuff to make you all temporarily unable to feel the decline in medicinal effect. But as long as essence energy is utilized, it will be exposed."

Pouring beans out of a bamboo tube, it directly turned the whole matter upside down.

"I'm going to f*ck him, that Wang Dongyang! He's the miserable wretch! His whole family is all miserable wretches!"

"F*ck your mom! Your father won't ever go to the Drunken Star Manor to buy medicinal pills anymore!"

"Mother . . .! Indeed, none of those brothers are good things! Who supported the Drunken Star Manor? Isn't it us, these demonic beast hunters? To actually scold us miserable wretches?! And even sell fake medicine?!"

. . . . . .

Briefly, public sentiments were raging!

With this, the Drunken Star Manor's reputation among demonic beast hunters is already utterly rotten.

Next, Shi Kaiyong asked a few more inner-circle questions, but Huang Song did not know much.
Even so, some behind the scenes were still dug out by Shi Kaiyong; such as killing demonic beast hunters to rob them and etc. All these touched the bottom-line of the demonic beast hunters even more.

The demonic beast hunters present most likely took up a significant percentage of the State of Qin's demonic beast hunters. One could imagine how the Drunken Star Manor's business would be like in the future.

After some time, Huang Song suddenly woke up. Seeing the countless vicious gazes, his heart instantly trembled.

"I . . . What happened to me earlier? Wh-What are you thinking of doing? I . . . I'm someone from the Drunken Star Manor! You dare to touch me?!" Huang Song stammered.

Lin Feng looked at Huang Song and kept smiling. Except that the smile, no matter how one looked at it, did not appear too friendly.

"Brothers, we bought so many medicinal pills just now. Since these medicinal pills are all fake, then shouldn't we return them to him?" Lin Feng suddenly said to everyone.

These demonic beast hunters were all experienced. When Lin Feng said that, they guessed Lin Feng's intentions and could not help praising.

The outcome that followed was apparent. This Huang Song was stuffed by those medicinal pills until he exploded. It was an extremely tragic end.

. . . . . .

"Big brother, just who was the person secretly directing you just now?" a member of Shi Kaiyong's team could not resist asking out of curiosity.

Shi Kaiyong shook his head and said, "Don't know, but this person is undeniably an expert! I've never even heard of this type of secret transmission skill! And that medicinal pill which made Huang Song tell the truth is completely unheard of! In my opinion, this person definitely has deep relations with Pavilion Lord Ye and is extremely powerful!"

"Big Brother is right. This person is abnormally mysterious. Just now, you made me pay attention to the surrounding people, but I didn't even get a clear view of how that expert moved to fire out that medicinal pill! This person actually saw through those fake medicinal pills easily and also possess such incredible medicinal pills. Definitely also an Alchemy Dao expert!"

Shi Kaiyong nodded and said, "That's right! From my conjecture, this person has the strength of Alchemy Grandmaster at the minimum! But since there's such a powerful aid behind Pavilion Lord Ye, why hasn't there been any movements? I have a feeling that as long as this person is willing to lend a hand, the Drunken Star Manor is surely no match!"

The teammates said in shock, "Al-alchemy Grandmaster? Doesn't that mean that there's a Crystal Formation Realm expert among us?"

The teammates lifted their heads to scan around and felt rather worried.

A Crystal Formation Realm expert hiding among a bunch of Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists. This is absolutely not a good feeling.

Shi Kaiyong frowned and said, "Dumbass! What are you looking for? That senior is hiding among us, so he definitely doesn't wish to expose his identity. Otherwise, he also wouldn't be so cautious. With his capabilities, just a slap and he can smack Huang Song to death. Why would he cause such a mess for? This matter is concluded. I'll also talk to the two of them in a while. Just take it as if this incident never happened!"

Those team members broke into a cold sweat again after hearing Shi Kaiyong say that and hurriedly nodded like chicken pecking rice.

Shi Kaiyong also lowered his voice and said, "The treasure seizing event this time, we'll just do our best. Take utmost care to not irritate some dreadful existences. Otherwise, you won't even know how you die! I reckon that there's already no small number of Crystal Formation Realm martial artists among the humans. And I have a feeling that there will be even more amazing experts appearing!"

Before Shi Kaiyong finished talking, a surge of mighty aura abruptly appeared. The crowd which had already calmed down was once again stirred up.

This aura was powerful to the point it was suffocating!

These people were all Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists, but they could not even muster up the courage to resist!