Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 166

Chapter 166: Sea Transformation Realm Expert!
Chapter 166: Sea Transformation Realm Expert!
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"So . . . So powerful!" Nanfeng Zhirou clenched her jaw and was clearly straining to withstand this pressure.

Just then, a faint soul strength extended in front of her. The pressure instantly reduced.

Nanfeng Zhirou looked at Ye Yuan in astonishment but saw Ye Yuan flash her a light smile.

This fellow, towards the utilization of soul strength, he has actually already reached such a degree? Nanfeng Zhirou was very amazed in her heart.

To her, Ye Yuan was just like a map which could never be fully unfurled.

Every time she felt that she understood Ye Yuan more, she would discover that her understanding was only a part of him.

"This . . . This person is so strong. What's his background?" Nanfeng Zhirou asked.

"How would I know? I only know that there's that few Crystal Formation Realm martial artists in the State of Qin. I don't know anything else. Furthermore, I don't feel like the State of Qin has Sea Transformation Realm martial artists." Ye Yuan was dumbfounded.

His predecessor was a top-tier noob, so no need to talk about that.

Ji Qingyun was also utterly unfamiliar with the Boundless World. Such a long time and he had not even heard of any powerhouses' name.

"Sea . . . Sea Transformation Realm?"

Nanfeng Zhirou's eyes popped out. This was her first time seeing a Sea Transformation Realm expert.

"If not? It's also impossible for Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realms to release such powerful pressure, right?" Ye Yuan curled his mouth and said.

Just then, a shadow cut across the skies. A large bird-like creature stopped in mid-air just like that. On it, an elder stood upright with a majestic aura.

"All get lost for old me! Within a mile radius from the gorge entrance, any trespassers will be killed without mercy!"

The elder's words were just like rolling heavenly thunder, spreading out in all directions and entering everyone's ears. He left these words extremely arrogantly and drove the large bird to fly towards the entrance of the gorge.

"Who's that person? So rampant! He asks your father to leave, and your father leaves? Your father just refuses to leave!"

The people by the sides looked at him like they were looking at a fool. "Then you stay. We're going!"

"Aiya, don't! Together, go together! Just who on earth is that person? Why is he so powerful? Glancing once at him gave the feeling like I was crumbling!"

"If I didn't see wrongly, that old man is the Black Crow Old Man who went missing for many years! When he went missing, he was only at the Crystal Formation Realm. I didn't think that not only did he not die, but he also even advanced a step and stepped into Sea Transformation Realm!"

"My god! Sea Transformation Realm! It's hopeless in my entire life . . ."

"We all know . . ."

The crowd retreated like tidal water. Even the Crystal Formation Realm martial artists who arrived previously also fell back sensibly.

In front of Sea Transformation Realm martial artists, Crystal Formation Realm martial artists were simply not worth looking at!

Sea Transformation Realm did not lie within the major realms carved out by martial artists, but it laid between the Crystal Formation Realm and Soul Sea Realm. It was a special type of state!

The Sea Transformation; its full name should be Shattering the Core, Transforming into Sea!

After martial artists enter the Crystal Formation Realm, the compression of essence energy already reached the limits!

It was no longer possible to want to continue storing essence energy inside the body.

When Crystal Formation Realm martial artists reach the Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realm, the dantian became the greatest obstacle of shackling martial artists' breakthrough instead!

Thereupon, ancient sages used powerful soul strength to shatter the dantian's fetters, creating this step of Shattering the Core, Transforming into Sea, which also laid a solid foundation for martial artists to continue breaking through their limits!

Crystal Formation Realm martial artists pulverize the dantian along with the crystallized state essence energy and transform into a miraculous state. This process was Sea Transformation!

This sea was called the Dantian Sea.

After the dantian transforms into a sea, martial artists could take their first steps to communicate with the outer world's heaven and earth essence energy, transferring the outside world's heaven and earth essence energy for their own use. Their strength would experience a substantial increase.

Invoking the outside world's heaven and earth essence energy when compared to using the heaven and earth essence energy within the body, the former was naturally more superior.

Hence, the strength of Sea Transformation Realm martial artists and Crystal Formation Realm martial artists were not even on the same level!

No matter how powerful Crystal Formation Realm martial artists were, it was impossible to make everybody feel such pressure. But Sea Transformation Realm martial artists who borrowed Heaven & Earth essence energy could easily do this.

However, Shattering the Core, Transforming into Sea was only a special state. It should be said that it was the embryonic form of the Soul Sea Realm. Therefore, it could not be categorized as a major realm.

Even so, the might of Sea Transformation Realm martial artists already exceeded the understanding of ordinary people.

It could be said that Crystal Formation Realm martial artists still belonged to mortal martial artists, while Sea Transformation Realm martial artists already took the first step to transcending beyond mortal and the secular!

Ye Yuan looked at the back figure of that old man who floated away and could not resist sneering. "Just the First Level Sea Transformation Realm, what's there to be arrogant about?"

Nanfeng Zhirou hurriedly covered his mouth. "You don't want to live anymore?! That's a Sea Transformation Realm expert!"

Feeling the faint aroma coming from Nanfeng Zhirou's palm, Ye Yuan felt very comfortable and invigorated.

"Isn't it just Sea Transformation Realm? Give me ten years. I guarantee that you will break through to the Soul Sea Realm! Uh . . . However, ten years seem to be a little too long," Ye Yuan transmitted his voice.

The ten years being too long was Ye Yuan saying that he might not stay in the Boundless World for ten years.

Even if he could stay in the Boundless World for ten years, he would also leave the State of Qin in the future, and leave the Tranquil Cloud Sect. It was not possible to keep staying by Nanfeng Zhirou's side to be a nanny.

But Nanfeng Zhirou did not think so. "Ten . . . Ten years? Soul Sea Realm?"

Even though it was a voice transmission, Nanfeng Zhirou felt tongue-tied.

Ten years to breakthrough to the Soul Sea Realm, forget about the State of Qin, even in the Tranquil Cloud Sect, nobody dared to boast like this.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan did not say it was him breaking through, but to help her break through!

Also, Ye Yuan did not say break through to the Sea Transformation Realm, but break through to the Soul Sea Realm!

Is there a mistake?

This feeling did not feel like they were talking about breaking through cultivation realm, but more like playing a game, casually talking about it to breakthrough cultivation realms.

Ye Yuan also misunderstood. He glanced at Nanfeng Zhirou and said, "Ten years too long? Uh . . . Eight years is also possible! But it can't be any lesser! With your talent, just eight years is somewhat overly forceful already. Your foundation will be unstable."

"Puchi!" Nanfeng Zhirou nearly vomited a mouthful of old blood.

Although she knew that Ye Yuan was very amazing, why did these words feel so unreliable?

Ye Yuan also could not be blamed. Not too much time had actually passed since his rebirth. Even though he already gradually adjusted to the State of Qin's lifestyle, many concepts were still stagnated in his previous life.

The way he saw it, with the assistance of medicinal pills, as long as talent was not too poor, breaking through to the Soul Sea Realm was something that was easy to accomplish.

Nanfeng Zhirou's talent was not considered bad. But compared to genuine geniuses, there was still quite a disparity.

Hence, Ye Yuan saying ten years was actually already a broader time frame.

But these words totally did not sound like that from how Nanfeng Zhirou heard it. It was simply like bragging to the skies.

"Will you die if you don't brag? Ten years to breakthrough to the Soul Sea Realm, then you can be the Tranquil Cloud Sect's Sect Leader already!" Nanfeng Zhirou said with a face full of disdain.

Only now did Ye Yuan react as he seemed to realize that what he just said was a little over the top. With Nanfeng Zhirou's horizons, she simply could not understand it.

"Haha, this was also found out by you. We'd better hurry up. Otherwise, it wouldn't be worth it if we will get killed by that old freak."

"I know that you were bragging! But can't you just think first before saying all that?" Nanfeng Zhirou rolled her eyes at Ye Yuan.