Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 167

Chapter 167: Essence Fire Born!
Chapter 167: Essence Fire Born!
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Right then, a colossal cry sounded out.

A large bird howled through the air and stopped in front of the bunch of demonic beasts, facing off with Black Crow Old Man across a distance.

After that large bird demonic beast appeared, the demonic beasts' side also retreated far away.

"Hey hey, what demonic beast is that? Seems to be very amazing!"

"What rubbish! To think that you're a demonic beast hunter, to actually not even recognize the Golden Sword Condor! That's a Tier 4 demonic beast! I heard that this Golden Sword Condor is the lord of the Lotus Moon Gorge! Before this, it was lurking god knows where. Now that it saw the Black Crow Old Man appear, it also could not resist coming out."

"Look at what you're saying. While I may be a demonic beast hunter, do you feel that I have the ability to hunt a Tier 4 demonic beast? It would be pretty good if he doesn't come to kill me."

"Uh . . ."

The appearance of the Golden Sword Condor also caused a commotion over at the human martial artists' side.

Initially, they all felt that the treasure this time was most likely the Black Crow Old Man's already. But now, a Tier 4 demonic beast actually appeared. There was a good show to watch now.

While the Sea Transformation Realm was not a major realm, the power of Sea Transformation Realm martial artists could already match the power of early-stage Tier 4 demonic beasts.

Like human martial artists, Tier 4 demonic beasts, at this level, the span of power is exceptionally huge.

The vast majority of demonic beasts would all stop at Tier 4 in the end. Because the advancement from Tier 4 to Tier 5 is too tough.

From Tier 4 to Tier 5, they would experience the most important phase for demonic beasts that is Taking Form!

Demonic beasts who successfully took form would be like a fish leaping over the Dragon Gate; becoming an extremely powerful existence.

Demonic beasts who failed to take form would become ashes under the Heavenly Tribulation!

Hence, the entire stage for Tier 4 demonic beasts was virtually all for the sake of preparing for this Heavenly Tribulation!

This also resulted in the differences in strength being extremely huge for Tier 4 demonic beasts.

Normally speaking, Early Stage and Middle Stage Tier 4 was equivalent to human Sea Transformation Realm. But Late Stage Tier 4 demonic beasts was equivalent to human Soul Sea Realm!

This Golden Sword Condor should have just broken through to Tier 4 not long ago. In terms of power, it was probably the same as the Black Crow Old Man.

Therefore, the current situation became quite subtle.

Seeing a Tier 4 demonic beast appearing, the human martial artists were close to losing all hope.

A Black Crow Old Man already made them lose all chances of snatching the treasure. With the addition of a Tier 4 demonic beast, wouldn't that be deadly?

Ye Yuan was not surprised to see this Tier 4 demonic beast.

This place was the Endless Forest; it was the territory of demonic beasts right from the start. It would be even weirder if no high-level demonic beasts came over!

Moreover, Ye Yuan was currently secretly delighted. These two fellows would surely battle it out to seize the treasure. At that time, he could just sit down and reap the spoils without lifting a finger.

The Black Crow Old Man shot a glance at the Golden Sword Condor not far away, gave a cold snort, and simply sat down to meditate.

Tier 4 demonic beasts had extremely high intellect. It clearly did not wish to strike at this moment, so it similarly landed on the ground to conserve strength and build up energy.

"Senior Apprentice Sister, I reckon that the treasure will be born today. To be able to attract a Sea Transformation Realm and Tier 4 demonic beast over, this treasure most likely isn't simple. In a while, you'd better enter the spatial artifact. This way, I can search for the treasure with full force. I have a feeling that this treasure is very important to me so Senior Apprentice Sister will have to put up with this a little," Ye Yuan advised very earnestly.

Nanfeng Zhirou clenched her jaw tightly, and her face changed a few times.

Was she still going to be of no help at all in the end? A fierce unwillingness was born in her heart!

But she also knew that with Sea Transformation Realm experts here, she really could not help Ye Yuan with anything. Not dragging him down was already pretty good.

Even though Ye Yuan's strength was not great, he had endless streams of means and methods. Searching for the treasure alone might be somewhat safer instead.

"Fi-Fine then." Nanfeng Zhirou finally relented.

Ye Yuan was overjoyed. He brought Nanfeng Zhirou to a place with nobody around and put her away inside the spatial artifact.

Right at this time, an extremely powerful heatwave spread out from the depths of the gorge, making all the martial artists feel like they were being cooked.

But everyone perked up because they all knew that the treasure came into being!

Ye Yuan saw the situation and his expression was also one of joy.

"Is it possible that an essence fire came into being? Such a powerful essence fire, I'm afraid that it's at least Tier 4! This trip was indeed the right call!"

Ye Yuan's experience was far beyond what these people could compare to. He could guess from this wave the general situation of the treasure born this time.

The so-called essence fire referred to the fire-seed born from the heaven and earth. Its might was extremely powerful!

The moment a martial artist owned an essence fire, their combat power would shoot straight up. Of course, the prerequisite was that they could subdue the essence fire.

Many martial artists wanted to obtain essence fires but were finally burnt until not even cinders were left.

However, there was another application of essence fire, and that was to aid alchemists in refining pills!

Tier 1 and 2 medicinal pills did not have a high requirement towards the flame. Ordinary earth fire could satisfy the requirement.

But using earth fire for Tier 3 and above medicinal pills would be very forced. As for Tier 4 medicinal pills, earth fire would be completely insufficient.

Hence, what an alchemist dreamed for the most was to be able to own essence fire!

Even for Alchemy Apprentices and Alchemy Masters, if they could own a Tier 1 or 2 essence fire, the success rate and quality of their pill refinement would increase tremendously.

It was just that compared to the number of alchemists, there were too few, too few essence fires. So scarce to the degree it made people despair. Hence, the vast majority of alchemists did not have essence fires.

Ye Yuan's previous life was an Alchemy Emperor. Tier 9 essence fire was the standard. It was just that after the death of his flesh body, the essence fire was unable to be brought over for rebirth.

If it turned out as expected, that essence fire was obviously taken away by Ji Canglan.

The essence fire in Ye Yuan's previous life was named Cangli True Fire. It was prepared for Ye Yuan personally by Ji Zhengyang.

In reality, Ji Qingyun could be considered to have grown up in a honey jar. Since the beginning when he came into contact with alchemy, from Tier 1 to Tier 9, Ji Zhengyang would help him prepare the essence fire nicely.

What he had to do was to refine those essence fires!

Ji Qingyun did that very well.

. . . . . .

After the heatwave passed, the Black Crow Old Man and the Golden Sword Condor exchanged glances and swept towards the depths of the Lotus Moon Gorge at virtually the same time.

Other people and demonic beasts only dared to flood inside by following the footsteps of others after those two major powers left.

Of course, there were some people who saw this sort of situation and sensibly retreated.

However, they normally did not even dare to come to Lotus Moon Gorge this sort of place. With such a fine chance this time, why would they let that pass by?

Apart from that treasure which was born, there were a lot of good stuff in the Lotus Moon Gorge!

However, Ye Yuan saw that it might be an essence fire which came into being. How would he have the thought to bother with those things? His figure moved, and he swept over to the depths of the gorge.

"Hey, you guys saw that? Just now, a First Level Spirit Condensation Realm brat rushed inside."

"Forget it, don't bother about him. He's in a rush to reincarnate, what has it got to do with us? We'd better hurry and source for some precious herbs. There are quite a few Tier 3 herbs here!"

"Ah ah ah! You're despicable! I saw that Dragon Serpentine Grass first!"

The deeper Ye Yuan went inside, the more he sensed that there were several powerful auras ahead. They were definitely the few human Crystal Formation Realm martial artists and those Tier 3 demonic beasts.

Ye Yuan was just pondering what should he do when White Light who had been following by his side all along suddenly moved away, following a small path, and darted in.

Ye Yuan was about to stop him when he suddenly thought of something. A smile crept into the corner of his mouth, and he also hurried after it.