Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 168

Chapter 168 Earth Flame Lizard

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Where White Light passed by were all deserted and precipitous places. Ye Yuan followed the whole way but hardly bumped into anybody.

“Could this little thing really have the ability to search for treasure?” Ye Yuan became more and more certain about this view.

If that was really the case, then the white tiger back then should have been led by White Light to search for the Blood Bodhi but did not expect to encounter the Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python occupying that place.

After the two parties fought a great battle, the white tiger lost.

This way, everything could be explained.

“Do Flowing Light White Tigers have such abilities? This little fellow is really extraordinarily talented!” Ye Yuan sighed in admiration.

Ye Yuan had researched very thoroughly into demonic beasts and had never heard of the Flowing Light White Tigers having this treasure seeking skill. Looks like it was this little fellow’s own attribute.

He really picked up a treasure.

Thinking back then when he found White Light to be a hindrance, Ye Yuan could not help sweating heavily.

The further into the gorge they went, the hotter Ye Yuan felt. It looked like nine out of ten it was essence fire. It was just he did not know what rank it was.

Following White Light, Ye Yuan’s terrain grew increasingly higher, but that treasure was obviously at the bottom of the gorge.

“This little fellow isn’t blindly leading the way, right? Or is he just finding food to eat?” Ye Yuan could not help criticizing.

Although it felt like they were getting progressively closer to that treasure, this route did not seem too right.

Right at that instant, Ye Yuan suddenly heard intense fighting sounds from the bottom of the gorge.

“Wicked beast! Are you trying to fight to the bitter end with me?!”

His answer was several bird cries with extremely powerful penetrative force.

They were precisely the Black Crow Old Man and that Tier 4 Golden Sword Condor!

Ye Yuan withdrew his aura and poked his head out to see. Indeed, he saw a human and a bird in a fierce battle at the bottom of the gorge.

A Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse and a Tier 4 demonic beast’s battle, that aura indeed could not be mentioned in the same breath. Those hair-raising clashing sounds, even if one was thousands of meters away, they would also feel waves of palpitation.

If it was close up, just the aftershocks of the battle would probably be enough for him to suffer, right?

Ye Yuan looked at the place the pair were fighting, and his heart inevitably felt a chill. The place the Black Crow Old Man and the Golden Sword Condor was fighting was precisely the entrance of a cave.

Very clearly, that cave was precisely the passage leading to the whereabouts of the essence flame.

With these two major powers guarding the cave entrance, who could enter? And them fighting so intensely was clearly also to snatch the initiative of entering the cave.

Truly dangerous!

Could it be that this time, he would really have to enter the treasure mountain but return empty-handed?

“No way! If it was some other treasure, then forget it. But to the current me, essence fire is very important! I must get this essence fire!”

Right then, White Light suddenly bit the corner of Ye Yuan’s sleeve wanting to pull him away.

“You’re saying to make me follow you still? But the entrance is over that side! You heading this way, isn’t that reversed?” Ye Yuan also criticized another bout in his heart.

The direction White Light pulled him towards was the back of the mountain. It was simply far apart from that cave!

White Light ignored Ye Yuan, left him behind and ran down the mountain.

Ye Yuan suddenly had a flash of inspiration. “En? Could it be that there’s another entrance?”

Once this thought popped up, Ye Yuan quickly displayed his movement technique and tagged along.

Before long, a small cave that could allow a person to pass through really appeared in front of Ye Yuan! White Light wagged his tail in front of the cave with a cute face as if he was claiming credit.

Ye Yuan was elated when he saw that. Rubbing White Light’s tiger head, he said in a lowered voice, “Well done, Little Fellow! There will be rewards for you after we return!”

White Light seemed to understand Ye Yuan’s words as he jumped twice on the spot, appearing to be ecstatic.

Ye Yuan arrived at the cave entrance. An extremely gargantuan heatwave came from face-on and nearly pushed him directly down the mountain.

Ye Yuan was not alarmed when he saw this, but became thrilled instead! This signified that this tiny cave entrance should really connect to the bottom of the gorge!

“White Light, you also go inside the spatial artifact. The temperature here is exceedingly high, so you probably can’t withstand it,” Ye Yuan said and then directly put away White Light inside the spatial artifact.

Then, a strand of faint essence energy poured out and completely enveloped Ye Yuan’s body. He entered this small cave without any hesitation.

This cave was extremely narrow. But Ye Yuan could sense that it really linked to the direction of the gorge floor.

And the further in he went, the more scorching the air in the cave became. Ye Yuan had no choice but to strengthen the essence energy shroud to withstand this heat.

Without knowing how much time passed, the front suddenly brightened up. But the scenery in front of his eyes exceeded Ye Yuan’s expectations.

As far as the eye could see, the surroundings were actually all lava! This cave actually linked directly to the gorge floor!

Just what kind of essence fire actually came into being here?

“Forget about it. I’ll g inside to retrieve the essence fire first before anything else. Any later, after those two fellows determine a victor and loser, it would probably not be so easy to want to subdue the essence fire anymore!”

Thinking up to here, Ye Yuan no longer hesitated. He swept directly towards the depths of the cave.

Just having walked several dozen steps, Ye Yuan suddenly felt his scalp tingle and instinctively sensed that things were not good.


A green colored shadow abruptly appeared in front of Ye Yuan and directly confront him head-on!

Ye Yuan wielded the Canghua Sword without any hesitation. A sword beam flashed past. That green figure seemed to know its power and actually jumped aside in midair!

“Sss . . . Earth Flame Lizard!” Ye Yuan instantly recognized this green silhouette.

The Earth Flame Lizard is just a Tier 2 demonic beast, but it was just like the Long-arm Stone Apes; both were social demonic beasts. One Earth Flame Lizard appeared in this place, so there was definitely a large group following behind.

Indeed, at the back of the underground rocks, dense green figures suddenly appeared, making Ye Yuan’s scalp tingle when he saw it.

This number simply stretched to infinity!

Immediately after, the Earth Flame Lizard automatically opened up a path. An enormous Earth Flame Lizard appeared in Ye Yuan’s sights!

Tier 3 demonic beast, Earth Flame Lizard King!

The Earth Flame Lizard King’s colossal eyes stared at Ye Yuan and its mouth emitted the sound “Chi chi.” It was unmistakably giving a warning to Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan tried using the universal beast language to communicate with the Earth Flame Lizard King, but to his dismay, it had not awakened its inherited memories from the start.

Ye Yuan’s furrowed his brows. He did not have time to waste here, so he directly made his move.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In a blink, countless Long-arm Stone Apes appeared and formed a face-off with the Earth Flame Lizards.

“Yuan Fei, I’m out of time. I’ll leave this place to you. Just an Earth Flame Lizard King that did not awaken its inherited memories. It shouldn’t be an issue for you, right?”

“Rest assured, Young Master. Leave this place to me.”

“Alright. I’ll pass the spatial artifact to you. Clean this place up and then hide inside the spatial artifact and don’t come out! There are two powerful fellows up there. You aren’t their match.”

“Alright, Yuan Fei understands. Yuan Fei assists Young Master to open up the path!”

Finishing, Yuan Fei brought along a large number of Long-arm Stone Apes and directly headed for the Earth Flame Lizard King to crush it.

While they were both Tier 3 demonic beasts, having awakened inherited memories and not awakening inherited memories were two completely different concepts.

And Yuan Fei brought along the Long-arm Stone Apes to attack the Earth Flame Lizard King at once. He simply could not hold his own and instantly made space for a path.

Ye Yuan hesitated no more and directly rushed over!