Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 172

Chapter 172: Black Crow Arrives!
Chapter 172: Black Crow Arrives!
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"You . . . You are . . . How . . ."

Fang Yaojiang who was burnt like charcoal laid on the ground at his last gasp. He still could not believe what just happened.

Ye Yuan looked at Fang Yaojiang very innocently and said with a smile, "You're talking about this?"
While talking, Ye Yuan beckoned with one hand. The Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus released the origin fire essence once again.

But that origin fire essence did not have the intention of attacking Ye Yuan. Instead, it circled around Ye Yuan like it was fawning on him and begging for mercy from him.

Fang Yaojiang could not move, but when he saw this scene, his eyeballs nearly popped out.

This fellow! He faked it all along!

Only now did Fang Yaojiang understand that how was this Ye Yuan helping him retrieve the essence fire? It was essentially digging a hole for him to jump!

And he even jumped down happily . . .

But, how was this possible?

That was a Tier 4 essence fire! Even if Sea Transformation Realm powerhouses came to subdue it, they would be filled with trepidation and exercise extreme caution.

Even if this brat came from a hermit family clan and had a brilliant fire controlling technique, with this brat's strength, it was also impossible to make the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame do so, right?

This Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame actually seemed to fear this brat!

This . . . How was this possible? Just what was this brat's background?


Fang Yaojiang could not hold back anymore and vomited a mouthful of blood. The burnt black him partnered with the bright red blood made him look very miserable.

"I, Fang Yaojiang, have been scheming against people my entire life. I didn't think that in the end, I would be schemed against by a little fellow. Truly retribution!" Fang Yaojiang wailed sorrowfully in his heart.

This Fang Yaojiang had always been very low-key among demonic beast hunters and did not reveal his capabilities. But he relied on his brilliant concealment skill and connived against many in the same occupation.

And also, because he schemed against people, Fang Yaojiang accumulated a massive amount of wealth. He relied on these accumulations to breakthrough to the Crystal Formation Realm and even became an Alchemy Grandmaster.

But who would have thought that he would be reverse-stabbed by Ye Yuan when he originally came prepared to ambush Ye Yuan.

And this bout claimed his life.

Ye Yuan no longer bothered with Fang Yaojiang but prepared to subdue the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus.

With Ye Yuan's alchemic standards, he could naturally easily determine Fang Yaojiang's injuries. He already no longer had the ability to threaten him.

Because of Fang Yaojiang, too much time had already been wasted. Ye Yuan must get a tight hold on time to refine the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus to prevent a long night from being fraught with dreams.

Ye Yuan's hands created phantoms as he formed seals. The origin fire essence was instantly trapped by Ye Yuan again.

Except that this time, Ye Yuan did not show any painful expression at all. Instead, he appeared to do it with ease.

Even though he was mentally prepared long ago, Fang Yaojiang was still angered to the point he vomited blood again.

That Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame was trapped by Ye Yuan. It gave off chirping sounds like it was begging for Ye Yuan to spare it.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Don't need to do this. Following me, your name will shake the nine heavens in the future! Even if you remain here, you also can't escape the conclusion of being subdued by others. Rather than becoming those fools' slave, you might as well follow me. Perhaps, there would come a day where not only can you obtain your freedom. You could become much more powerful!"

It seemed to have understood Ye Yuan's words. That Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame actually struggled no more and allowed Ye Yuan to trap it.

Ye Yuan only gave a faint smile when he saw the situation and started to refine the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus.

This Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus was a natural spiritual object. It could naturally sense Ye Yuan's distinction.

Although Ye Yuan was not strong, the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus could sense the power of the depths of Ye Yuan's soul.

And from Ye Yuan's divine soul, it could even faintly sense an existence which made it palpitate.

Hence, its instinct also told it that submitting to Ye Yuan was its best option.

. . . . . .

At the gorge, the Black Crow Old Man and the Golden Sword Condor's fight had reached its white-hot stage.

"Eh? What's happening? The treasure ripples from the depths of the cave became unstable! Could it be . . . someone sneaked inside?"

Black Crow Old Man gritted his teeth and said hatefully, "To dare snatch away my, Black Crow's, jackpot, truly tired of living!"

Finishing, Black Crow wielded his staff and beckoned with both hands. All the essence energy in the bottom of the gorge was thrown into disorder.

The staff in Black Crow's hands gave off a faint azure glow, and with the increased buildup of essence energy, the more terrifying Black Crow's staff became.

"You feathered beast! To dare ruin my beautiful thing, you really think I can't do anything to you? Take this move of mine, Essence Qi Wave! Go and die!" Black Crow gave an enraged cry.

Black Crow was currently angry to the extreme. There was actually someone who sneaked in from under his eyelids and snatched the priceless treasure belonging to him, Black Crow. How could this not infuriate him?

In Black Crow's heart, the valuable treasure born in this Lotus Moon Gorge was already long his. Others were absolutely not allowed to have a share.

And now, there was really someone who dared to pull his tiger whiskers! Truly tired of living!

An extremely powerful undulation came from the Essence Qi Wave. It felt like it was about to turn everything into nothingness.

The Golden Sword Condor was similarly Tier 4 and also this Lotus Moon Gorge's master. Its thoughts were actually roughly the same as Black Crow. It naturally also refused to back down at this time.

Only to see that its bird mouth opened wide and an extremely powerful essence energy beam shot out.

In a blink, the two powerful attacks collided together.


Sand and pebbles immediately blew everywhere in the entire gorge wildly. The area between Black Crow and the Golden Sword Condor was practically razed into flat ground.

A bird cry resounded throughout the valley. The Golden Sword Condor actually flew away!

"It's actually Black Crow Old Man who is superior! Looks like these few years, Black Crow Old Man obtained quite a bit of lucky chances! His strength is actually powerful to such a degree!"

"Yeah! Under ordinary circumstances, early-stage Tier 4 demonic beasts are stronger than First Level Sea Transformation Realm human martial artists. But Black Crow actually suppressed the Golden Sword Condor. So scary!"

"The battle between Tier 4 and Sea Transformation is indeed earth-shattering! Completely not on the same level as Crystal Formation Realm martial artists!"

Many curious people surrounded to watch this fight from far away. Seeing the Black Crow actually chased away the Golden Sword Condor, they could not help being greatly shocked, which further dispelled the thought of getting some small gains.

While he chased away the Golden Sword Condor, Black Crow was also not feeling too good. The clothing on him was already tattered rags, and he also suffered internal injuries which were not light.

But compared to the priceless treasure, what did this small injury even count for?

Black Crow did not wish to ultimately prepare the wedding gown for others after a great battle.

He recuperated for a short while before charging into the cave, sweeping past towards the underground at maximum speed.

And at the current moment, Ye Yuan's refinement had already reached the final juncture.

He circulated the Fire Source True Sutra with full strength. Although he was a major realm lower than Fang Yaojiang, his speed was several times faster!

Seeing this scene, the fury in Fang Yaojiang's eyes had already turned into sorrowful hatred.

Simply not on the same level! Why did you pretend to be a pig to eat the tiger?!

If I knew beforehand that this brat was so powerful and so sinister, couldn't I have just withdrawn straightaway?

Currently, Fang Yaojiang's intestines were already green with regret. It was truly wanting to cry but have no tears.

Right at this time, he suddenly sensed an extremely powerful aura approaching this place rapidly.

Fand Yaojiang sweated heavily. It looked like the outcome was decided outside. Wonder if it was Black Crow Old Man or the Golden Sword Condor?

However, the result seemed to be the same.

Fang Yaojiang's eyes could not resist turning towards Ye Yuan. A thick mockery intent was revealed in his eyes.

Brat, you plotted against your father, but isn't your outcome still death? I don't believe that you can escape alive from the hands of a Sea Transformation Realm!