Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 173

Chapter 173: Last Minute Breakthrough!
Chapter 173: Last Minute Breakthrough!
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The approaching person was clearly releasing a powerful aura on purpose. The goal was to make the other party surrender.

Black Crow Old Man was powerful and simply did not care who was inside. Either way, as long as he found out, the outcome was death.

This was the powerful confidence in his own strength!

"Where art thou from, Little Thief! To dare spoil this Old Man's business! Quickly leave, and I'll spare your life! Otherwise, this Old Man will extract your soul and refine your bones!"

Black Crow Old Man's angry roar had exceedingly powerful penetrative force as it instantly spread throughout the entire underground cave.

From Black Crow Old Man's voice, one could tell just how enraged he was right now.

The reason why Black Crow Old Man was so infuriated was that the treasure's undulations were becoming progressively smaller. It was evidently about to be taken away by someone else.

And even though he raised his speed to the maximum right now, he was still unable to arrive immediately, so he wanted to use words to awe the other party.

The entire underground cave was full of twists and turns. No matter how great Black Crow's speed was, it was also hard to rush to the deepest part right away.

However, his angry cry did not have any effect at all, because Ye Yuan would not even buy it.

Ye Yuan turned a deaf ear to Black Crow's warning as if he was unable to sense the aura belonging to a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse. He continued to refine the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus.

Heart Like Still Water realm was no joke. Forget about Sea Transformation Realm, even if it was the aura of Soul Sea Realm, it was also impossible to disrupt him.

"This brat has such powerful concentration. That warning, that should be Black Crow Old Man. Such an incredible aura, even I'm almost unable to withstand it. He's actually not affected in the slightest!" Fang Yaojiang was secretly alarmed.

He discovered that other than Ye Yuan's realm not being high, he had no chinks in virtually all other aspects.

Just what kind of hermit family clan could actually nurture such a breathtaking youth?

At least within the scope of the Tranquil Cloud Sect, Fang Yaojiang had never heard of such a powerful family clan. Even if it was the Tranquil Cloud Sect's core disciples, they were probably inferior when compared to this young man in front of him, right?

Right at this time, Ye Yuan who had his eyes shut this whole time suddenly snapped open both eyes. A brilliant light shone from his eyes.

Fang Yaojiang was secretly shocked. He finished refining the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus!

Ye Yuan's refining speed was actually multiple times faster than him!

This brat was truly leaking mystery from all over his body!

Black Crow Old Man who was currently rushing over paused his footsteps and clenched his jaw tightly in anger. The aura of that fire-attribute treasure totally could not be sensed anymore!

"Heaven has a path, but you refuse to walk! Hell has no gate yet you want to barge inside! Looks like this old man has not come out for a long time, many people in the outside world have already forgotten the terror of me, Black Crow! Regardless of who you are, I will let you know just how tragic the outcome of pitting against this old man will be!" Black Crow Old Man gnashed his teeth and said.

Black Crow moved and swept towards the bottom floor again. But he stopped his footsteps again after just a few steps.

"Huh? What's going on? This is . . . essence energy storm? Could it be that this Little Thief wants to break through here? Heh heh, really does not know how the word death is written! After snatching this Old Man's treasure, he did not think about fleeing but actually dared to stay at the spot to break through. I want to see if you have the strength to withstand old me after breaking through!" Black Crow Old Man said with a cold smile.

. . . . . .

At the bottom floor, Fang Yaojiang's eyes revealed astonishment again. After Ye Yuan refined the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus, he actually not did run away immediately, but chose to take advantage of the opportunity to breakthrough!

Could it be that this brat wanted to confront Black Crow Old Man face to face?

But Ye Yuan was only at the First Level Spirit Condensation Realm! Even if he broke through, it was only Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm. That was on a completely different level from Black Crow Old Man!

Just what on earth is this brat thinking?

Although Fang Yaojiang was heavily injured, he was thrown into disorder by Ye Yuan's actions.

He initially thought that after Ye Yuan refined the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus, he would flee frantically, or find a place to hide. That way, he could see the despair on Ye Yuan's face in his death throes.

But who would have thought that this brat's actions would exceed all expectations. He actually chose to break through on the spot and sit here waiting for Black Crow Old Man's arrival!

Ye Yuan' expression was currently calm as if he did not sense the approaching danger. He just absorbed essence energy frenziedly and greedily.

The Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus was a Tier 4 natural spiritual object. By itself, it contained vast quantities of essence energy. After Ye Yuan refined it, he already became one with the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus.

Borrowing that colossal essence energy from the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus, it was not surprising for Ye Yuan to take advantage of the situation to break through. It was just that the timing and venue he chose was unbelievable.

In truth, it was not that Ye Yuan did not wish to run, but because he knew that he already could not flee.

Entering the Heart Like Still Water state, Ye Yuan had an abnormally vivid grasp on the situation.

From Black Crow Old Man's undulations, he had already crossed that hidden cave entrance. Even if Ye Yuan wanted to flee, there was already no place to escape.

Since there was no place to run to, then there was only meeting the enemy face to face.

At this very moment, even another portion of strength was good too. What Ye Yuan was about to face was a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse!

Hence, he chose to break through without hesitation.

Perhaps to others, Sea Transformation Realm was an unmatchable existence. Any form of resistance was futile.

But Ye Yuan would not think that way. He had a clear understanding of a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse's strength and also had a clear understanding of the cards in his hands.

Ye Yuan felt that he had the strength to fight!

Another nine spirit liquid drops gradually formed within Ye Yuan's Dantian. He was about to break through to the Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm!

Right then, an aged but ice-cold voice sounded out, "I was wondering which expert dared to steal my, Black Crow's, item! Turns out that it's merely a First Level Spirit Condensation Realm Little Punk! The younger generation should really be feared! To actually even dare to do a last-minute break through. Such bravado is worth complimenting! However, it ends here!"

Black Crow casually fire out a ball of light which flew towards the currently breaking through Ye Yuan with tremendous speed.

Even though it was just a casual blow, this strike made even Fang Yaojiang palpitate. Putting aside that he was currently heavily injured, even if he was perfectly fine, he also would not dare to receive it head-on!


It did not happen like Black Crow imagined, the ball of light smashing Ye Yuan to smithereens.

Just now, Ye Yuan suddenly turned into nine in an instant. And that light ball passed through the center Ye Yuan just like that, striking a rock behind.

Then, the nine silhouettes combined into one and Ye Yuan's figure appeared.

The current Ye Yuan actually already successfully broke through!

Black Crow Old Man's expression stirred and said, "Oh, really have some capabilities. No wonder you would do this sort of suicidal thing! Brat, hand over the treasure. This Old Man will not just spare your life, I can even take you in as my disciple. How's that?"

Ye Yuan looked at Black Crow Old Man indifferently and said, "You don't have the qualifications yet to be my master. What you can teach, I know them all. But what I know, you might not."

"Hahaha . . . What an unbridled brat! Since that's the case, I'll take the treasure myself after I kill you! I want to see just what do you know that even I, this Sea Transformation Realm, can't teach you!"

Ye Yuan's words were simply ignorantly rampant in Black Crow's ears. Only Fang Yaojiang lying over the ground knew that what Ye Yuan said might not be false!

Ye Yuan's expression was calm as he said nonchalantly, "Yuan Fei, come on out!"

When Ye Yuan said that, Black Crow's face changed. With his Sea Transformation Realm divine sense, he actually did not discover that there were still people around here!

Could it be . . .