Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 174

Chapter 174: Seven Star Ephemeris Grand Array!
Chapter 174: Seven Star Ephemeris Grand Array!
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Under Black Crow Old Man's horrified eyes, Yuan Fei appeared out of thin air!

Yuan Fei's arrival gave him a huge shock, but what followed was wild elation!

"Spatial artifact! You actually have a spatial artifact! Hahaha . . . The heaven has truly opened its eyes! Not only did it let me, Black Crow, obtain a priceless natural treasure, it even let me acquire a spatial artifact!" Black Crow laughed madly without restraint.

Seeing Black Crow Old Man's appearance, Ye Yuan could not help secretly lamenting that he was an idiot.

He even dared to show the spatial artifact, could he not have any self-assurance at all?

Why is everybody so presumptuous and opinionated? Fang Yaojiang was so, Black Crow Old Man too.

It was like every time a treasure appeared, it was prepared for them.

If Fang Yaojiang could straighten out his mentality, it would not have been such an easy thing to invite him into the pit.

"Yuan Fei, how did the practice of the Seven Star Ephemeris Grand Array go?" Ye Yuan transmitted.

"Under Young Master's guidance, after these few days of drilling, my clan members and I already have a preliminary grasp on this set of grand arrays. As a matter of fact, this set of arrays is truly miraculous. It can actually allow me to borrow my clan members' strength and temporarily let my strength break through to Tier 4!"

Even if Yuan Fei had always been very composed, his words also faintly revealed his excitement.

These few days, Ye Yuan had been doing things alone. But he did not let Yuan Fei rest.

Yuan Fei was Ye Yuan's greatest aid for a period of time after today. Raising his strength was equivalent to raising his own strength.

But if he let Yuan Fei cultivate by himself, he would not know just when he could breakthrough to middle-stage Tier 3. Hence, Ye Yuan blazed a new trail and imparted him a set of array technique, which was this set: the Seven Star Ephemeris Grand Array!

Seven Star Ephemeris Grand Array was a Tier 4 array with tremendous might. If eight Sea Transformation Realm powerhouses were proficient in this array, they could even cross ranks to challenge a Soul Sea Realm powerhouse!

Once such an array leaked out, all the great sects would surely snatch viciously over it!

If there were ten Tier 3 demonic beasts like Yuan Fei using this array, killing a First Level Sea Transformation Realm like Black Crow Old Man would be like slaughtering a dog!

But sadly, among Yuan Fei's clan members, there was only Yuan Fei this one Tier 3 demonic beast. Therefore, Ye Yuan chose seven by seven, 49 late-stage Tier 2 Long-arm Stone Apes among Yuan Fei's clan members. Every seven Long-arm Stone Apes formed a miniature Seven Star Ephemeris Grand Array to coordinate with Yuan Fei to form such an array.

Even though the might was not as strong as a genuine Tier 3 demonic beast, it could still let Yuan Fei's strength soar a rank!

The essence of the Seven Star Ephemeris Grand Array was to allow seven people's attack power go through the amplification of the array by passing through the array's development and finally let the eighth person unleash an overwhelming blow!

The seven people's attacks would multiply layer by layer when transiting through the array. By the time the eighth person released it, the might would be so great to the extent where it caused people to be struck with awe!

Yuan Fei and his clansman formed this grand array. Although it was only an elementary understanding, it should not be an issue to trap Black Crow Old Man!

"Brat, you aren't thinking that with a Tier 3 demonic beast, you can deal with me, right? Hahaha!" Black Crow could not resist laughing out loud again when he saw Yuan Fei's strength.

Ye Yuan's move was simply childish to the extreme.

Ye Yuan simply smiled and said, "You're wrong. Not Yuan Fei alone, but it's a whole bunch!"

Once Ye Yuan's voice fell, seven by seven, 49 late-stage Tier 2 Long-arm Stone Apes instantly appeared.

These 49 Long-arm Stone Apes each formed a team of seven, assuming a seven-star position, protecting Yuan Fei in the center. It faintly gave off a pressure which did not lose out to Black Crow Old Man.

But Black Crow Old Man did not find it too impressive. He said lightly, "You actually have an entire clan of Long-arm Stone Ape spirit beasts and also possess a spatial artifact. Looks like your background is extraordinary! But precisely because that is so, you have to die today beyond doubt even more!"

What a joke. Just an early-stage Tier 3 demonic beast and a bunch of late-stage Tier 2 demonic beasts. Simply a bunch of trash. What kind of threat could they pose to him, a Sea Transformation Realm?

At the very most, it was just delaying the time it took for Ye Yuan to die.

However, Black Crow Old Man was indeed somewhat fearful of Ye Yuan's identity. A Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm rookie who not only could he subdue a Tier 3 demonic beast, but he even owned a spatial artifact, a priceless treasure. His background was probably not simple.

It looked like he had to make sure not a single drop of water leaks out right now to prevent any future troubles!

"Hur hur, is that so? You can come and test." Towards Black Crow's posturing, Ye Yuan had an indifferent face.

"Test then test. Just a bunch of ants. Could you flip the heaven?"

Black Crow Old Man behaved as if he looked down arrogantly upon the world. Waving his staff, he attacked Yuan Fei!

This blow looked light as a feather, but when it arrived in front of Yuan Fei, its momentum was akin to Mt Tai!

Black Crow Old Man smiled coldly as he prepared to crush Yuan Fei with a single blow.

Facing a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse, Yuan Fei naturally did not dare to slight him. Long before Black Crow Old Man made his move, the Seven Star Ephemeris Grand Array already activated.

Presently, Yuan Fei's iron palm struck out. He actually wanted to clash head-on with Black Crow Old Man!

The two blows collided and Black Crow Old Man was struck dumb with amazement.

Yuan Fei's blow was actually not the slightest bit weaker than his!

This . . . How is this possible?


The two blows caused an explosion in mid-air.

Equally matched!

Sea Transformation Realm experts had already transcended mortal and secular. Therefore, in their eyes, all those below Sea Transformation Realm were akin to ants.

Black Crow Old Man's eyes were filled with disbelief. He was a Sea Transformation Realm expert. How could he fight to a draw with a bunch of ants?

And at this time, Black Crow Old Man was already surrounded dead by a bunch of Long-arm Stone Apes in the center!

"This is an array? Yes, this is definitely an array! But what kind of array could actually have such power? To actually let an Early Stage Tier 3 demonic beast possess the combat power of a Sea Transformation Realm expert? This is too inconceivable!" Black Crow Old Man currently, apart from astonishment, was still in astonishment.

"Hur hur, Senior Black Crow, I wonder if the test results are satisfactory?" Ye Yuan said laughingly.

Black Crow Old Man's face fell. This brat was really unforgiving about the situation!

"Humph! I really did not expect that there was still such a miraculous array in this world! However . . . this is already your greatest reliance, right? You're also looking down on Sea Transformation Realm experts too much!" Black Crow Old Man said with a cold smile.

"How am I belittling Sea Transformation Realm experts? It's Senior Black Crow who is pressing me too hard, that's why junior had to resist. Why not we both take a step back and Senior let me leave. How's that?" Ye Yuan asked with a smile.

Black Crow Old Man's eyes flickered, and he said, "It's also not out of the question to let you leave. But leave behind that natural spiritual object, spatial artifact, and this set of array technique!"

Ye Yuan gave a sigh and said, "Senior has no sincerity at all. If I hand over these items, then what capital do I have to contend with Senior? The way I see it, Senior probably doesn't plan on letting me leave, right? Afraid that I'll return home to find the elders in my clan?"

Black Crow Old Man's eyes turned piercing at once. This brat was young, but not easy to hoodwink.

"Humph! So what? This Old Man refuses to believe that just a mere set of arrays can let a bunch of ants threaten a Sea Transformation Realm expert!"

Finishing, Black Crow Old Man's body released a powerful aura. The surrounding essence energy seemed to have been plundered by him alone.

This was the horrifying aspect of Sea Transformation Realm experts!