Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Awe of Sea Transformation Realm!
Chapter 175: Awe of Sea Transformation Realm!
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Sea Transformation Realm powerhouses could communicate with heaven and earth essence energy around, maneuvering them for one's own use!

Although Sea Transformation Realm only touched upon some superficial knowledge of communicating with heaven and earth essence energy, this modicum was sufficient to let them declare hegemony in front of martial artists beneath the Sea Transformation Realm.

Black Crow Old Man waved his staff. All the essence energy in the underground cave was churned up by him.

An extremely powerful aura emitted off of his body. The undulations were way stronger than earlier!

"Yuan Fei, entertain Senior Black Crow cordially! Remember what I said to you before?" Ye Yuan did not panic when he saw the situation as he said this to Yuan Fei.

Yuan Fei's gaze flashed when he heard that. "Yes, Young Master. Yuan Fei naturally remembers."

Just like facing the Golden Sword Condor, Black Crow Old Man's staff gathered vast quantities of essence energy. A very terrifying aura spread out.

But right then, Yuan Fei's iron palm landed!

Yuan Fei obviously would not smack Black Crow Old Man's staff stupidly. He attacked his lower half!

Yuan Fei's attack could virtually draw with Black Crow Old Man. How would he dare to slight it? Hence, he hurriedly pulled back to defend!

The essence energy collected halfway by the staff vanished with a trace.

Currently, Black Crow Old Man was stuck deep within the Seven Star Ephemeris Grand Array. This feeling was just like facing a same rank opponent!

And this Seven Star Ephemeris Grand Array was aberrantly profound. Every time he wanted to break the array by eradicating those Tier 2 Long-arm Stone Apes, the final opponent was always Yuan Fei.

You got to be joking. Ye Yuan was a grandmaster of the Array Dao. How could the array he planted be broken so easily?

How could Ye Yuan not have considered these flaws in Black Crow Old Man's eyes?

Unless one's strength were immense to a certain degree to break the array using force, and if one did not understand the principle of Array Dao, Black Crow Old Man's opponent would forever only be Yuan Fei!

Black Crow Old Man was not powerful to that sort of extent yet.

Although Yuan Fei was not as powerful as Black Crow Old Man, he was still a peak early-stage Tier 3 demonic beast. His strength was roughly equivalent to a human Third Level Crystal Formation Realm.

Through the compounding by the array formation, he already possessed the strength to fight with Black Crow Old Man.

Of course, the prerequisite was to not let Black Crow Old Man mobilize heaven and earth essence energy.

Black Crow Old Man was presently so depressed that he wanted to puke blood. Because each time he mustered up heaven and earth essence energy, it would be disrupted by Yuan Fei very shamelessly.

Yuan Fei's timing was grasped very well. Each time he attacked was when Black Crow Old Man mustered a small portion of heaven and earth essence energy. And the place he attacked was also a vital area.

This small amount of heaven and earth essence energy simply could not cause much harm to Yuan Fei. Furthermore, Yuan Fei attacked a vital point. This left Black Crow Old Man no choice but to give up accumulating heaven and earth essence energy.

This was also the attacking method Ye Yuan incited Yuan Fei to do!

Sea Transformation Realm experts were indeed powerful. But if they were unable to muster heaven and earth essence energy, their might was limited.

If the opponent were just an ordinary Crystal Formation Realm martial artist, a Sea Transformation Realm could completely crush him. But if the opponent's strength and theirs were roughly the same, Sea Transformation Realm experts would rarely have the chance to summon heaven and earth essence energy.

Previously, outside the cave, Black Crow Old Man also fought intensely with the Golden Sword Condor for a long time before finding the opportunity to unleash a big move.

And now, Yuan Fei relied on the Seven Star Ephemeris Grand Array. His strength was already roughly the same as Black Crow Old Man.

In the battle circle, the more Black Crow Old Man fought, the more secretly alarmed he became. If this continued, wouldn't he, a Sea Transformation Realm expert, be exhausted to death?

He could not refrain from regretting now that he was overly cocky at the start so as to fall into the other party's grand array. If he were not inside the array formation, no matter how strong Yuan Fei was, he would also be unable to prevent him from gathering heaven and earth essence energy.

The powerful aspect of array formations lied in this. Once trapped within, it was like sinking into a quagmire. Thinking of coming out then would not be so easy.

It was also because Yuan Fei and his clan members had only come into contact with this array formation not long and could only unleash 10% to 20% of this array formation. Otherwise, the current Black Crow Old Man would already be a corpse.

Black Crow Old Man gritted his teeth tightly. He knew that this could not continue any longer.

The matter on hand was to break this array formation first. Or else, he might really have to fall here today.

Black Crow Old Man dodged a blow from Yuan Fei. The staff in his hand started to gather heaven and earth essence energy once more!

Yuan Fei was already accustomed to this because of previous experiences on how to defeat this blow from Black Crow Old Man. He attacked a vital area once again.

But this time, Black Crow Old Man did not dissipate the essence energy to pull back and protect his vital area. Instead, he forcefully took a palm from Yuan Fei!

"Not good! Careful, Yuan Fei! Quickly retreat!" By the side, Ye Yuan was greatly alarmed when he saw the situation. He also did not think that this Black Crow Old Man would actually be so decisive.

But it was already too late!


Black Crow Old Man sprayed out a mouthful of blood in mid-air, but a trace of sneer still hung at the corner of his mouth.

"Essence Qi Wave, explode for me!"

It was making use of this time gap that Black Crow Old Man already completed the mustering of heaven and earth essence energy and successfully coagulated the Essence Qi Wave!

Although timewise it was rather rushed, so this Essence Qi Wave was not as strong as back when dealing with the Golden Sword Condor. However, it was sufficient to deal with Yuan Fei.

Furthermore, Black Crow Old Man was currently within the array formation. The Essence Qi Wave was too close to Yuan Fei and the others!

Yuan Fei clearly also did not expect that Black Crow Old Man would play such a hand. By the time he heard Ye Yuan's warning, it was already too late!

In a hurry, he spurred the Seven Star Ephemeris Grand Array and forcefully carried out a defense.

Yuan Fei could rival Black Crow Old Man, but that was only under the circumstances where he did not gather heaven and earth essence energy.

Essence Qi Wave was not something he could defend against using just the Seven Star Ephemeris Grand Array.


Yuan Fei along with his clansmen was blown apart by the Essence Qi Wave like a flower blooming as they flew out!

Yuan Fei took this blow face-on. He withstood the bulk of the attack and was also the most heavily injured.

The white colored Yuan Fei was currently drenched in blood, appearing very miserable.

Luckily, he mobilized the grand array at the eleventh hour and neutralized most of the damage. 1 Otherwise, he would probably be dead right now!

The might of the Sea Transformation Realm was devastatingly powerful!


Black Crow Old Man's body smashed heavily on the rocks, crushing the rock behind him into powder.

He forcefully took a blow from the grand array. His present situation was also not too good.

In reality, back when Black Crow Old Man and the Golden Sword Condor clashed, he was already injured. It was just for the sake of rushing to the underground cave that he forcefully suppressed his injuries the whole time.

Currently, having suffered a heavy blow, his strength was already far from before.

Ye Yuan saw that the situation was not good and immediately activated the spatial artifact, storing away all the Long-arm Stone Apes.

"Are you alright, Yuan Fei?" Ye Yuan's figure moved, and he appeared beside Yuan Fei.

"I won't die, Young Master! It's just that I did not manage to aid Young Master with your problem. Yuan Fei is useless!"

"How so? You were a huge help! You enter the spatial artifact to quietly recuperate first. Leave the rest of it to me!"

"Don't! I can still keep up! This person is too powerful! I'm afraid that Young Master is not his match!"

Yuan Fei did not have the intention to belittle Ye Yuan. In truth, it was after he exchanged blows with Black Crow that he could sense the other party's might clearly!

Ye Yuan's realm was too low after all. There was simply no possibility of winning!

"You recuperate in peace. When have Young Master ever let you down before? Relax, I'll take revenge for you!" Ye Yuan said as he looked at Black Crow Old Man frostily.