Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 177

Chapter 177: Black Crow Yin Fire
Chapter 177: Black Crow Yin Fire
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"Correct answer. But . . . there's no prize."

Black Crow Old Man's face flickered erratically. Ye Yuan's might had far exceeded his expectations. All sorts of technique emerged in an endless stream. It was simply impossible to guard against.

Just now, if not for his instinct, this sword from Ye Yuan would probably have shaved away half his life.

His current injuries were already very severe. If more wounds piled on, he might really just fall here today.

"You actually succeeded in making an avatar body. Could this be related to the precious treasure born this time? Just what is it?" Black Crow Old Man's heart jolted, and he opened his mouth to ask.

"Want to know? That will have to depend on whether you have the capabilities to pry open my mouth!" Ye Yuan snorted coldly.

Black Crow Old Man was also a man with broad knowledge. Just from a look, he could perceive Ye Yuan's methods and linked it to the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus.

However, Ye Yuan obviously would not be nave enough to help him resolve his doubts.

The Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus was currently his greatest trump card. Only a fool would do something like exposing his hidden cards himself.

After Ye Yuan refined the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus, he spontaneously came into possession of an avatar body.

Although this avatar body was not as strong as the main body, there was a benefit to it. As long as the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus's main body did not die, the avatar could be produced continually.

And the avatar body was virtually the same as the main body. Without any special methods, it was very hard to distinguish between them. Using it to confuse the opponent's senses was an excellent choice.

Just now, Ye Yuan formed an avatar body, but his main body quietly tunneled into the ground, all so that he could take him by surprise.

It was just that he did not expect Black Crow Old Man to be very cautious and actually barely evaded this strike.

"Brat, I admit that you're very strong! However, this is it! To be able to force me to use this move, you can be sufficiently proud!" Black Crow Old Man's expression changed as he said.

Black Crow Old Man flipped over his palm. A bundle of black colored flames danced around on his palm, which would cause people to have apprehension.

That bundle of black colored flames was just like Black Crow; one look, and it was undoubtedly extremely powerful.

"Black Crow Yin Fire!" Ye Yuan's face also changed when he saw the situation.

"To think that although you're young, your knowledge isn't shallow. That's right. This is precisely the flame that this old man became renowned for: a Tier 3 essence fire, Black Crow Yin Fire!" Black Crow Old Man said somberly.

Martial artists familiar with essence fires had a common understanding, which was that black colored flames were generally not to be trifled with, no matter what rank the flame was!

Because black colored flames tend to be virtual fires; without a corporeal body. And its might would be extremely powerful. Not only were virtual fires hard to defend against, but it could also be used directly on martial artists' divine soul.

Once tainted by virtual fire, even if they were fortunate enough to not die, it would generally be like maggots infested bones as it corroded the martial artist's divine soul, all the way till death!

Black Crow Old Man became famed throughout the world because when he was at the Crystal Formation Realm, he refined a Tier 3 essence fire, Black Crow Yin Fire. He became an extremely powerful existence among the Crystal Formation Realms.

Today, even though Black Crow Old Man already stepped into the Sea Transformation Realm, the Black Crow Yin Fire was not outdated.

On the contrary, because his body's strength experienced a huge increment, it nurtured the Black Crow Yin Fire instead, making the Black Crow Yin Fire even more powerful.

The Black Crow Yin Fire today was only a step away from being able to advance to Tier 4 essence fire!

Toward the current Black Crow Yin Fire, even Sea Transformation Realm experts would absolutely be unwilling to provoke him. Dealing with a Spirit Condensation Realm like Ye Yuan was somewhat putting fine timber to petty use.

However, this should be Black Crow Old Man's hidden, final ultimate move. It served to show just how much emphasis he placed on Ye Yuan to plan to use this to deal with Ye Yuan.

"Truly despicable! To actually use Black Crow Yin Fire to deal with me!" Ye Yuan looked like he was gnashing his teeth in hatred as he appeared nervous.

"Brat, this Old Man also can't be blamed for this. If you were not so troublesome, this old man also wouldn't use my lifeblood essence fire. Now, you can go and die!"


The next instant, Ye Yuan suddenly gave a miserable cry. His entire person was being scorched by the Black Crow Yin Fire, his appearance looking very terrifying.

However, Black Crow Old Man did not show any complacent look on his face. Instead, he snorted coldly and said, "Humph! Avatar body again! Let's see how long you can keep hiding! Once the effects of your pill passed, I want to see just what you have to dodge my Black Crow Yin Fire with!"

When Black Crow Old Man finished talking, the opposite Ye Yuan in the midst of his wretched cries turned into nothing.

Another avatar body!

Black Crow Old Man waved his hand, and the Black Crow Yin Fire instantly passed through a rock. Another tragic cry sounded out.

But just like before, Ye Yuan turned into nothing a second time.

"Hide! Continue hiding! I'll see just how long you can hide till!" Black Crow Old Man said with a completely somber face.

He kept mobilizing the Black Crow Yin Fire non-stop, extinguishing one Ye Yuan after another. But what he wiped out were always fake Ye Yuans.

Black Crow Old Man's face was livid with rage. This Ye Yuan was too nasty to deal with! A puny little Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm could actually form so many avatar bodies. If it were somebody else, their essence energy would probably have long dried up, right?

But Ye Yuan switched his location repeatedly. Black Crow Old Man also could not detect where Ye Yuan's true body was.

No matter how powerful his Black Crow Yin Fire was, it was pointless if he could not burn Ye Yuan!

However, Black Crow was not anxious about this. Because he knew that the medicinal pill which could raise cultivation realm that Ye Yuan consumed surely had a time limit and aftereffects.

Hence, before the medicinal pill's effect wore off, Ye Yuan would definitely seek out the chance to deal with him.

He did not even need to make a move to kill Ye Yuan. As long as he withstood Ye Yuan's final attack, Ye Yuan would be free for him to butcher!

There were quite a few secrets on his brat's body. When the time came, and he underwent soul search, he should be able to dig out quite a few secrets.

"Still not coming out yet? Is it interesting to play hide-and-seek? However, it's almost time up for your medicinal pill to lose its effect, right?"

After burning another Ye Yuan to death, Black Crow Old Man faced the empty cave and shouted loudly.

Right then, Ye Yuan's silhouette scurried out from behind a rock. The Nine Swords Stance was activated suddenly!

This was the first time Ye Yuan took the initiative to attack after Black Crow Old Man brought out the Black Crow Yin Fire. It was fast and ruthless!

However, Black Crow Old Man seemed to have expected this. He gave a cold laugh as the Black Crow Yin Fire danced within his palm and instantly attacked Ye Yuan!

Before Ye Yuan had the time to cry out, the ground behind Black Crow Old Man erupted. Another silhouette tunneled out rapidly!

This was Ye Yuan's real body!

He used the avatar body to attract the Black Crow Yin Fire, while his real body would unleash a lethal strike from behind Black Crow Old Man!

The timing of this blow was grasped exceptionally well, not giving Black Crow Old Man the opportunity to catch his breath!

The Canghua sword stabbed straight at Black Crow Old Man's throat. It was also close at hand.

Black Crow Old Man turned around, but not the slightest trace of panic could not be seen on his face.

He suddenly chuckled frostily. "I've been waiting for you!"

Just this sentence, but Ye Yuan's expression changed suddenly.

Black Crow Old Man reached out his finger to lightly pinch, gripping hold of Ye Yuan's Canghua Sword.

The next moment, the black colored flames extended up Canghua Sword, burning rapidly up to Ye Yuan's sword-wielding hand, and then swiftly burned his entire body!

"Using the same old trick. Do you think that I would fall for it again? Childish! Now, you can die!" Black Crow said with a cold smile.

This time, the Black Crow Yin Fire seared Ye Yuan's real body!