Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Flame Explosion!
Chapter 178: Flame Explosion!
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"Ah! You let go! You quickly let go!"

Ye Yuan's entire body was being swathed with black flames. The expression on his face seemed to be somewhat distorted, as if in extreme agony.

"Hahaha . . . Painful, right? Let this Old Man appreciate your tormented expression properly! Enjoy this Old Man's Black Crow Yin Fire to your heart's content!"

Seeing Ye Yuan's tormented expression, there was unspeakable alacrity in Black Crow Old Man's heart!

During this trip to the Lotus Moon Gorge, he had been taken advantage of fully by this Spirit Condensation Realm brat. He was as depressed as he could get.

Now, this brat was finally subjugated by him. Black Crow Old Man could not help having a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment.

But Black Crow Old Man did not discover that Ye Yuan's other hand was hidden in his sleeves as if he was secretly doing something the whole time.

"Hur hur, bluffing you!"

Just as Black Crow Old Man was enjoying the aftertaste of victory, Ye Yuan's distorted expression was kept away at this time, and what replaced it was a relaxed expression.

Black Crow Old Man's face changed greatly, and he instinctively felt that things were not good!

But, it was already too late.

An extremely horrifying energy surged between Black Crow and Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan's body suddenly sent out a faint yellow flame which intertwined with the Black Crow Yin Fire!

"Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame! It's Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame! You . . . You don't want to live anymore? Two types of essence fires coming together will cause a flame explosion! We will all die! Stop! Quickly stop!" Black Crow Old Man shouted at the top of his voice.

Essence fires were born from heaven and earth. Even a Tier 1 essence fire was an object with a spirit.

All heaven and earth spiritual objects had their own pride. Therefore, two types of essence fires could not come into contact with each other no matter what, especially under the circumstance were the two kinds of essence fires were at around the same rank.

Once the two types of essence fires contact together, the two different attributed essence fires would produce an intense friction, and from this, it would rise to a devastatingly horrifying explosion!

This sort of explosion was hailed as Flame Explosion!

The higher the ranks of the two different essence fires, the more potent the explosion produced.

The Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame was a Tier 4 essence fire while the Black Crow Yin Fire, through Black Crow Old Man's careful nurturing, had already approached Tier 4.

The might of the flame explosion produced by these two types of essence fires coming together could be imagined!

"Hur hur, you're overthinking it. The only one who will die is you."

Facing the horrifying energy coming off from the two types of essence fires colliding, Ye Yuan was quite indifferent to the situation.

To Ye Yuan, he could be killed by experts, but would not be burned to death by fire. Even if these two types of flames, one of them being Tier 4, and the other Quasi-Tier 4.

The two types of flames interwove together, setting off a terrifying energy vortex, pulling firmly onto the two people.

Black Crow Old Man fought desperately to try and break free of this binding force, but it was futile. Sensing the increasingly harrowing energy, Black Crow Old Man had a never before feeling of hopelessness.

What was scary was not death, but the process of waiting for death!

"Brat, you can still make it if you pull back now! The two of us will withdraw our essence fire at the same time! Then, the flame explosion won't occur! Otherwise, jade and stone will be burned alike!" Black Crow Old Man was so anxious that he was covered with sweat.

Ye Yuan said nonchalantly, "Enjoy the might of the flame explosion properly. I won't accompany you!"

The flame explosion was already formed. Ye Yuan had no need to continue staying. Otherwise, he would really have to perish together with Black Crow Old Man.

Ye Yuan's figure moved, like fish shaking off the fetters of the flame explosion vortex, swimming towards outside the cave.

Black Crow Old Man's eyes nearly popped out when he saw this scene!

Such a powerful binding force that even he, this Sea Transformation Realm could not break free of, just how did this brat accomplish it?

However, he did not have the time to contemplate this now as the explosion was about to occur, and he was at the heart of the flame explosion. Once it blew up, he would die for sure!

Black Crow Old Man tried various methods but was ultimately unable to shake off this powerful suction force. He also tried various means of trying to eliminate the flame explosion, but it was a wasted effort.

Ye Yuan was currently swimming in the air like a fish and finally arrived at the cave entrance.

The flame explosion's shackling force was only up to here. Ye Yuan collapsed onto the ground weakly and was unable to move anymore.

At the same time, Nanfeng Zhirou appeared out of thin air.

"Ye Yuan! Are you alright?" Seeing Ye Yuan's miserable state, Nanfeng Zhirou hurriedly rushed forward.

Ye Yuan smiled tragically and said, "You look at my appearance, does this look fine? Enough nonsense, quickly leave this place. This place is about to blow up. I can't move right now. Quickly bring me out of this place!"

Finishing, Ye Yuan's eyes turned upwards, and he thoroughly fainted.

In reality, since the beginning, Ye Yuan already detected the essence fire on Black Crow Old Man's body. It was also then that Ye Yuan already had a strategy.

Ye Yuan was very clear that with his realm, let alone killing Black Crow Old Man, he could not even achieve letting his attack touch him; even if he consumed the Tier 2 Five Elements Spirit Link Pill.

And on Ye Yuan's body, his greatest killing weapon was the newly refined Tier 4 essence fire, Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame. Only it could cause harm to Black Crow Old Man!

Therefore, unless it reached the last moment, Ye Yuan absolutely could not show this trump card.

However, Ye Yuan was very sensitive towards essence fires. He could faintly sense that there was an essence fire whose might was not weak inside Black Crow Old Man's body.

This, however, provided Ye Yuan with a new idea, and that was a flame explosion!

Once the flame explosion could form, then it would not be a matter of hurting Black Crow Old Man anymore!

Therefore, Ye Yuan consolidated at every step as he advanced, and slowly lured out Black Crow Old Man's greatest trick: the Black Crow Yin Fire!

Black Crow Old Man seemed to be incomparably powerful, but he fell into the trap Ye Yuan designed for him step by step.

All the way to the end where Ye Yuan used avatar bodies to lure Black Crow Old Man, and he himself takes the opportunity to ambush. It was to create a false impression of having exhausted all his tricks for Black Crow Old Man.

Very unfortunately, Black Crow Old Man fell for it . . .

By the time he reacted to it, the flame explosion was already formed. Even if Black Crow Old Man wanted to run, he also could not escape!

Nevertheless, Ye Yuan's research regarding essence fires was simply unimaginable to the people of the Boundless World.

In his previous life, he once owned nine types of essence fires. When he had nothing to do, he would place these essence fires together to play, so as to better understand the characteristics of essence fires.

Ye Yuan had already long been bored with the flame explosion which Black Crow Old Man did not even dare to think about. How could it trap him?

However, in order to execute the flame explosion, Ye Yuan also paid an extremely huge price.

Even though he refined the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame, his fleshy body, meridians, dantian, were only at the Spirit Condensation Realm standard. They simply could not withstand the Tier 4 essence fire.

That was to say, although Ye Yuan refined a Tier 4 essence fire, he could only suppress the power of the essence fire released when refining pills and doing battle to Tier 2 standard.

And just now, Ye Yuan brought out the entire might of the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame. One could imagine just how great the damage caused to his body was.

If not for Ye Yuan's control towards essence fires being already at the peak of perfection, he would have been burned by the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame until not even residue would be left currently.

Even so, his present state was an indescribable mess. He could only call out Nanfeng Zhirou to bring him to escape.


An incomparably oppressive explosion sounded out. The entire underground cave started quaking.