Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 179

Chapter 179: Ye Hang Exits Seclusion!
Chapter 179: Ye Hang Exits Seclusion!
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The State of Qin's capital.

These few days had been relatively lively.

No reason other than because the Drunken Star Manor had sent out invitations to organize a Pill Grading Assembly.

For close to a month, the Drunken Star Manor could be said to be infinitely glorious and faintly had the manner of controlling the State of Qin's alchemy industry,

Ever since the Essence Gathering Pill was launched, the Drunken Star Manor had been as crowded as a marketplace. Every day, there would be large batches of martial artists gathering, just to beg to purchase the Essence Gathering Pill.

And this time, Wan Donghai even unleashed a big move, organizing this Pill Grading Assembly, and inviting virtually all the upper echelons in the State of Qin.

It was said that the Drunken Star Manor wanted to launch three new medicinal pills all at once at this Pill Grading Assembly. It would be a radical revolution to the State of Qin's alchemy world!

Such explosive news would naturally cause massive commotions in the State of Qin.

Because of the Essence Gathering Pill as the precedent, the news released by Drunken Star Manor would naturally stir up all the martial artists' appetite.

An Essence Gathering Pill already changed the alchemy's power balance in the State of Qin. If they launched three new types of medicinal pills at once, what kind of change would it trigger?

Most likely, not as simple as bringing down Fragrant Medicine Pavilion.

No matter what, not only did the Drunken Star Manor's actions draw the attention of all the upper echelons in the State of Qin, it also aroused a huge focus from the commoner martial artists.

Even though the Drunken Star Manor's reputation among demonic beast hunters was already bad, there were still many people purchasing medicinal pills here.

This was something that could not be helped. After all, Essence Qi Realm martial artists made up the largest group, and the Essence Gathering Pill was a unique medicinal pill from the Drunken Star Manor.

These martial artists had no other choice!

And starting from that time, the Drunken Star Manor had taken a series of measures to suppress the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion. Now, they already virtually monopolized the State of Qin's medicinal pill market.

Other than those deadly loyal like Shi Kaiyong, the vast majority of the people were either forced to or took the initiative to go to the Drunken Star Manor to buy medicinal pills.

The situation for the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion was already at the extent of a hair's breadth from death.

And currently, Ye Hang was still in closed-seclusion.

. . . . . .

At the Wan Family, a middle-aged man in fine clothing sat opposite Wan Donghai.

Composure and overbearingness exuded from the middle-aged man. In terms of aura, he was actually not the slightest bit weaker than Wan Donghai!

"Brother Yulin, this time, our Wan Family and Su Family joining hands; we must rule the State of Qin's alchemy world!" Wan Donghai seemed to be extremely proud of his success at present.

The middle-aged man in finery was precisely the Su Family's Family Head, Su Yulin! An existence who could make the State of Qin quake just by stomping his feet!

Su Yulin was not as delighted as Wan Donghai. He just said lightly, "Ruling the alchemy world is but the beginning. After Manor Lord Wan sits on the highest commanding seat in the State of Qin's alchemy world, don't forget about our agreement!"

"What are you saying, Brother Yulin. Our two families have collaborated for so many years, don't Brother Yulin understand my, Wan Donghai's, character yet? The Nanfeng Family has grown weak and cannot carry the State of Qin anymore long ago. The Su Family replacing them is only the common will of the people. This Wan naturally will not go against heaven!"

"Haha, then that's good! This Su will wish Manor Lord Wan in advance for fulfilling a long-cherished wish and thoroughly defeating the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion!"

"Haha, isn't that all thanks to Brother Yulin? If not for the new medicinal pill Brother Yulin provided, this Wan also won't have today! Rest assure, Brother Yulin. In future, when Brother Yulin replaces Nanfeng Yi, this Wan will be the Imperial Family's Royal Alchemist!"

"En, Manor Lord Wan has the heart. It's just that I'm still somewhat worried at the moment. The news about the Pill Grading Assembly has already been released for such a long time, but there's no movement from Nanfeng Yi at all. Could it be that he's planning something?"

"Brother Yulin is thinking too much! The talents in the Imperial Family have withered. What other capable person is there apart from the old undying, Nanfeng Lou? Oh, right, I still haven't congratulated Brother Yulin for the breakthrough to the Second Level Crystal Formation Realm! Now, other than Wu Daofeng and Jiang Yunhe these two neutral parties, who is a match for Brother Yulin in the entire State of Qin? Isn't Brother Yuling being able to break through at this time proving who the mandate of heaven should belong to from another perspective?"

"Haha, perhaps I'm really overthinking things. But it's just these few days, the envoy from the high sect is already set to arrive at the Dan Wu Academy. With the support of the envoy, the transition of authority should also be smoother."

But Wan Donghai's face changed when he heard that and sensibly did not continue the conversation.

So, it turned out that the Su Family had such a deep background in the Tranquil Cloud Sect. No wonder they dared to do such a heaven-defying thing. Su Yulin revealing this matter to him was also giving him a disguised warning, to make him not have overly inordinate ambitions.

"Ha-Haha, looks like Brother Yulin is really fully prepared! Oh yes, I heard that Ye Hang's son participated in the Endless Trials and has not returned this whole time. He probably already died in the Endless Forest, right? Now, Ye Hang even lost his son. Most likely, he will be in a thundering rage after exiting seclusion." Wan Donghai changed the topic very sensibly.

Who would know that it was still okay if Wan Donghai did not mention it, but once it was mentioned, Su Yulin's face changed.

The one who was missing was not just Ye Hang's son. His son also went missing too! No matter how Su Yulin ruminated, he could not understand. He sent the Chang brothers to assist his son. Why wasn't there any news up till now?"

Could it be that after they killed Ye Yuan, they encountered some other matter and was delayed?

"Humph! The Pill Grading Assembly is coming soon, Manor Lord Wan shouldn't bother about these minor details and focus on the bigger things! This Su still has some matters to attend to, so I'll leave first!" Su Yulin said unhappily.

Wan Donghai felt rather bewildered and did not know where he had offended Su Yulin.

. . . . . .

A martial artist with a manservant appearance walked loftily into the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion. The manager Feng San dozed off listlessly and did not see anyone enter from the start.

"Is there still anyone alive? Someone come out!" the manservant called out very haughtily.

Feng San was startled awake. When he saw the manservant's outfit, he could not help being enraged. "This punk from God knows where dares to be so ill-mannered here! Do you know what this place is?!"

The manservant gave a side glance at Feng San and said smugly, "This Little Lord naturally knows what this place is. Just a broken store that's about to close down. Feng San, this Little Lord sees that you have some capabilities. How about coming to the Drunken Star Manor and make a living with this little lord!"

Feng San was enraged when he heard that and said, "An errand boy servant actually dares to make me, Feng San, mix around with you?! Why don't you take a piss and check out your reflection? Who do you think you are?!"

"Heh heh, don't be angry, Manager Feng. It's true that I'm an errand boy, but I'm afraid that Manager Feng's current situation is worse than running errands, right? Me letting you mix around with me is giving you a chance! If not, when the Pill Grading Assembly commences, I'm afraid that it wouldn't be so easy for Manager Feng to find a job then."

Feng San reached out and pointed his finger at the door and said furiously, "Get out for your father! If you don't get lost, your father will throw you out of here! Even if I, Feng San, were to starve to death, I wouldn't go to the Drunken Star Manor to lick boots!"

The manservant took out an invitation card unhurriedly and waved it around in front of Feng San, saying, "See this? My family's Manor Lord specially issued an invitation to your Fragrant Medicine Pavilion in consideration of former relations. If Manager Feng continues to chase me out, that would be breaking off from the State of Qin's alchemy world!"

Feng San was unable to hold back his wrath anymore. This punk was here to deliver the invitation to humiliate the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion!

The Fragrant Medicine Pavilion was already like this. Why would they attend some Pill Grading Assembly? To reach their faces out for people to smack?

"Bring your lousy invitation along and scram for your father! Otherwise, I'm really going to take action!" as he said this, Feng San pulled up his sleeves and was really about to beat people up.

Just then, a deep voice sounded out. "Stop, Feng San! This invitation card, our Fragrant Medicine Pavilion accepts! You, go back and tell Wan Donghai that the Pill Grading Assembly, I, Ye Hang, will definitely be there!"