Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 181

Chapter 181: The Teetering Imperial Family
Chapter 181: The Teetering Imperial Family
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Nanfeng Yi was stunned when he heard that. He did not think that this youth actually did not save the lightest bit of face for him.

Not mentioning about his identity as the emperor, just the fact that he was a Crystal Formation Realm expert, most likely not many Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists dared to be this impudent.

However, he also knew the pride of peerless geniuses like Ye Yuan.

The peerless geniuses who could make it past the Nine Heavens Road would undoubtedly be existences that would break out from the State of Qin! Therefore, Ye Yuan had the capital to be proud.

Nanfeng Yi naturally did not know that Ye Yuan was emboldened to talk to him on an equal basis because he possessed a Tier 3 demonic beast as a servant!

Nanfeng Zhirou did not tell Nanfeng Yi about the matter of Yuan Fei, because she promised Ye Yuan that she would tell no one.

After returning, Nanfeng Zhirou even hid it from Nanfeng Yi.

"Cough, cough."

Nanfeng Yi coughed to hide his embarrassment before saying, "I wonder, what's Little Brother Ye's view of the Drunken Star Manor's Pill Grading Assembly?"

Ye Yuan curled his mouth and said disdainfully, "Just a bunch of performing clowns. What Pill Grading Assembly? With Wan Donghai's paltry abilities, what does he know about grading pills! If my guess isn't wrong, this matter was cooked up by the Su Family. Wan Donghai is merely the puppet pushed onto the front stage by them."

Nanfeng Yi was astounded as he said, "To think that Little Brother Ye can actually see it so thoroughly! To our understanding, the Drunken Star Manor's Essence Gathering Pill originated from the high sect's Pill Hall! And this time, they even acquired the new types of medicinal pills from the Pill Hall to beguile the minds of people. Such intentions are condemnable!"

This time, it was Ye Yuan's turn to be stunned. "Oh? Came from Tranquil Cloud Sect's Pill Hall? Looks like this Pill Hall has some capabilities, to have actually developed so many new medicinal pills."

Ye Yuan's research into medicinal pills was incomparable to anyone else's. He was very much aware of just how difficult it was to develop new medicinal pills.

With the Boundless World's medicinal pills cognition, for the Pill Hall to have actually developed so many new medicinal pills was adequate to see the power of the Pill Hall's might.

Although these new medicinal pills were worthless in Ye Yuan's eyes, in other people's eyes, they were immense breakthroughs.

"That's a given. Ever since the Tranquil Cloud Sect's founder, You Wuya ascended, they had been through a period of degradation. All the way until the 11th generation Sect Master, Ouyang Tuotian came into the world and led the Tranquil Cloud Sect's revival with his own strength! But Ouyang Tuotian was not known for his martial prowess. He was an Alchemy Sovereign of his generation! During the period he took over as Sect Master, he used medicinal pills to create countless experts! It was also then that Tranquil Cloud Sect finally formed the scenario where the Martial Hall and the Pill Hall pitted against each other," Nanfeng Yi explained.

Ye Yuan gave a look of realization. Only now did he know the origin of the Tranquil Cloud Sect's Martial Hall and Pill Hall.

"Like this huh! Looks like Your Majesty came to look for me because you feel the pressure. If you had known beforehand, you should have acted differently then. If you had eradicated the Su Family earlier, there wouldn't be so many problems." Ye Yuan also roughly guessed Nanfeng Yi's purpose in coming.

Now, the only one who could contend with the Drunken Star Manor was the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion.

Nanfeng Yi came to look for Ye Yuan naturally because he wanted to let the Ye Family coordinate with the Nanfeng Family to wreck the Pill Grading Assembly this time.

Nanfeng Yi smiled bitterly and said, "You think I didn't want to? Do you know why the Su Family can get so many medicinal pills from the Pill Hall?"

"En? Could it be that there are people on top of the Su Family?"

Nanfeng Yi nodded and said, "Su Yulin's younger sister married a Pill Hall's elder, Ouyang Ming, twenty years ago. Even though the high sect has rules that members of the sect are not to interfere with secular affairs, it's still an easy matter for the Ouyang Family to help out the Su Family occasionally. Otherwise, how do you think Su Yubai became the Dan Wu Academy's Disciplinary Hall's First Elder? If not for the fact that his strength is insufficient, the position of Dean would probably have been taken by the Su Family long ago!"

Ye Yuan finally realized that there was actually so many things interlaced in between. No wonder Su Yubai could cover the skies with one hand inside the academy and nobody dared to make a sound!

The Su Family had people in the Tranquil Cloud Sect, that was why Nanfeng Yi held back in fear these few years and did not dare to attack the Su Family, resulting in rearing a tiger to one's own detriment!

Also, no wonder the Nanfeng Family's people were so low-key, and it also explained why the Imperial Family would support Ye Hang to contend with Wan Donghai. There was actually so much karma mixed inside.

From this, it seemed that Father's and Wan Donghai's antagonism was actually essentially the Imperial Family and Su Family challenging in the dark!

Looking at this, everything could be explained.

However, from the former situation, regardless of whether it was the Imperial Family or the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion, they both held the clear disadvantage!

This time, the Su Family got so many new medicinal pills from the Pill Hall and also stirred up the entire city by organizing a Pill Grading Assembly. Most likely, it was already time for the map to be unrolled to reveal the dagger.

And because of this, Nanfeng Yi finally could not sit still.

"Then . . . Your Majesty is looking for me for?" Ye Yuan could not help asking curiously.

"The Su Family's and the Wan Family's activities are already so rampant. I've secretly arranged for people to pay a few visits to the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion, but your honorable father has always been in closed-seclusion. I'm afraid . . ."

So, Nanfeng Yi was worried the Ye Hang was avoiding the fight. In that case, the Nanfeng Family would have no path of retreat at all.

Even if it was a passing thought, Ye Yuan was still rather displeased. No matter who it was, nobody wished for their own father to be used as a chess piece.

Now, in this sort of situation, if Ye Hang really failed, he would likely be the first target the Su Family and the Wan Family want to eliminate. At that time, whether the Imperial Family would lend a helping hand or not was another matter altogether!"

"Your Majesty wishes to let my father lead the vanguard. I wonder what kind of methods the Imperial Family have prepared? If the Su Family is really overthrowing, what does Your Majesty plan to do?" Ye Yuan's tone gradually grew colder.

Even though Nanfeng Yi was Nanfeng Zhirou's father and Nanfeng Ruoqing's older brother, his relation to Ye Yuan was zilch.

If the Imperial Family were destroyed, Ye Yuan would not mind rescuing Nanfeng Ruoqing and niece, but to make him slog it out for the Imperial Family based on this was a no-no.

Not to mention that Nanfeng Yi was still scheming against Father at this time.

"This . . ."

"Your Majesty calls me 'Little Brother Ye' simply because you took a fancy to my future status. But have Your Majesty ever thought that if the Imperial Family no longer existed, what's the point of you making friends with me, this future Core Disciple?" Ye Yuan ridiculed mercilessly.

"Ye Yuan, you're insolent!" Nanfeng Yi finally could not hold back his rage.

Ye Yuan was actually cursing the Imperial Family to be destroyed. This was something intolerable to him!

"Hur hur, insolent? No matter how insolent I am, can I be more insolent than the Su Family? Actually, Your Majesty knows clearly in your heard that the Imperial Family has reached an extremely precarious situation now. Even if I'm not insolent, can Your Majesty alter the outcome? Now that it's already like this, why is Your Majesty acting like you have a concrete plan? Could it be that Your Majesty is relying on sending my father to go and die? Does Your Majesty think that by sending my father out, it can eliminate the Su Family's ambition?" Ye Yuan said with a sneer.

An extremely terrifying aura was released. It was the powerful aura belonging to a Crystal Formation Realm martial artist.

But Ye Yuan did not budge an inch when facing this aura.

"Hur hur, I advise the Imperial Family to cool down! At this time, offending your only ally is not a wise move!" Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

Nanfeng Yi's expression changed, and he immediately put away his aura.