Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Gifting Pill
Chapter 182: Gifting Pill
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"You aren't thinking that the Wan Family and the Su Family will let your Ye Family off, right? This Pill Grading Assembly is pointing straight at the Imperial Family in the dark, but on the surface, it's pointing towards the Ye Family!"

After staying silent for a long time, Nanfeng Yi finally said this.

Ye Yuan laughed when he heard that and said, "Don't be mistaken, Your Majesty! Now that it's arrived at this, everyone in the State of Qin can choose to surrender. Only the Imperial Family cannot! For Your Majesty to threaten me with such words, are you too powerless?"

Ye Yuan finished talking, and Nanfeng Yi's face changed once again.

He initially thought that Ye Yuan was young and slightly easier to deal with. Who would have thought that Ye Yuan saw things more clearly than anyone else!

Although Nanfeng Yi had paid close attention to Ye Yuan for a long time, this was still the first time he came into contact with him in the true sense.

All the prior senses were obtained through Nanfeng Ruoqing and niece.

Now, Nanfeng Yi felt that this Ye Yuan was even harder to deal with that his father, Ye Hang!

Nanfeng Yi took in a deep breath before saying, "Ye Yuan, I wonder when is your father coming out of seclusion. If he still doesn't exit seclusion, even if the Ye Family wants to surrender, it's also futile, correct?"

But Ye Yuan just smiled when he heard that and said, "Your Majesty, since my father is in seclusion, I naturally have the final say in all of Ye Family's matters! Since Your Majesty came to seek me out, you're probably also eyeing this point, right?"

Nanfeng Yi revealed an embarrassed look, but Ye Yuan had poked his vital point.

He was really quite anxious. Ye Hang did not exit seclusion for a long time. The Imperial Family no longer had any buffer space. He only came to find Ye Yuan having no other alternatives, hoping to get Ye Hang to exit seclusion through Ye Yuan to resolve the immediate predicament.

But who would have thought that Ye Yuan was much harder to deal with than he imagined!

Nanfeng Yi sucked in a deep breath. This time, he finally truly placed Ye Yuan on equal footing as him to converse.

"Speak then! What request does the Ye Family have?" Nanfeng Yi said in solemnly.

"Haha, Your Majesty finally brought out some sincerity. However, my Ye Family does not have any request. Instead, we can gift the Nanfeng Family centuries of prosperity! My only demand is that within these few centuries, the Nanfeng Family is not to have the slightest bit of jealousy towards the Ye Family, and to let the Ye Family stand independently from the State of Qin's regime!" Ye Yuan said coolly.

"What did you say?!" Nanfeng Yi did not even think that Ye Yuan would actually raise such a request.

But Ye Yuan just smiled and said, "Your Majesty, I, Ye Yuan, will be serving as this chess piece! The Pill Grading Assembly is nothing but seeking popularity through hogwash to me! Not only can I cooperate with the Imperial Family to wreck the Pill Grading Assembly, but I can also coordinate with the Imperial Family to eradicate the Wan Family and the Su Family! It's just that I don't know if Your Majesty has such resolve!"

Nanfeng Yi sucked in a cold breath. Eradicating the Wan Family and the Su Family; not that he had never thought about it, but he had never dared to have such a notion.

The Tranquil Cloud Sect's Ouyang Family was not a family clan that the Nanfeng Family could afford to offend. Nanfeng Yi did not dare take this risk.

But now, Ye Yuan directly said to destroy the Su Family!

"This . . . Why not wait for your father to exit seclusion before discussing again?"

Ye Yuan curled his lips. He was very disdainful towards Nanfeng Yi's resolve. As the Emperor, how could he be so soft and irresolute?

It was true that the Su Family had a strong supporter, but if the Nanfeng Family kept giving in, it would ultimately only make the Su Family insatiable.

Nanfeng Yi was still not clear on this point until now!

Ye Yuan let out a sigh and said indifferently, "Looks like Your Majesty still has an inadequate understanding of me, Ye Yuan. I advise Your Majesty to chat more with Teacher Nanfeng as well as Senior Apprentice Sister before making this decision. I can only give Your Majesty these words: indecisiveness invariably leads to trouble!"

Finishing, Ye Yuan spoke no more. This conversation naturally also ended like that.

. . . . . .

The next day, Ye Yuan returned to the Dan Wu Academy. It caused a tremendous sensation in the academy!

"Hey, did you hear? Ye Yuan and Senior Apprentice Sister Feng disappeared for nearly a month in the Endless Trials. Now, they actually returned!"

"Yeah. I even thought that they died in the Endless Forest. Who knew that they actually came out!"

"Hey hey, Ye Yuan this person is bequeathed with destiny. I'm afraid that he won't die so easily! It's just . . . Ye Yuan came back, but Su Yishan still hasn't returned!"

"Uh . . . Is there some connection in between?"

"Are you retarded? Isn't it obvious? In the Endless Trials this time, the heavyweight class characters who went missing, other than Ye Yuan and Nanfeng Zhirou, is only Su Yishan! And now, only Ye Yuan and Senior Apprentice Sister Feng returned. Most likely . . ."

"You're saying . . ."

"Shh . . ."

Originally, coming back from the Endless Trials was no big deal. But the time which Ye Yuan and Nanfeng Zhirou went missing for way too long, way past the time set by the academy.

And the Martial Roll expert Su Yishan disappeared at the same time. There was massive abnormality revealed in between.

Now, Ye Yuan and Nanfeng Zhirou came back at the same time. Only Su Yishan had yet to return. There were already many people who guessed what happened during this one month.

After all, there had been quite a few cases like this in the past. Students who had conflicts went to participate in the Endless Trials, but only one party returned in the end.

The other party remained in the Endless Forest forever.

Ye Yuan naturally could not be bothered with these rumors. Right now, he was paying a visit to Huyan Yong.

"Haha, Ye Yuan! I knew that you won't die so easily!" Huyan Yong could not help laughing loudly when he saw Ye Yuan.

"Many thanks for Teacher Huyan's concern! Actually, this trip was really almost certain death. But luckily, there were more scares than dangers in the end. There were even some small gains," Ye Yuan said smilingly.

"En, not bad, not bad! Having gone to the Endless Forest once and actually directly breaking through to Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm! Really did not disappoint me!" Huyan Yong praised verbally, but waves were surging in his heart.

Even though Huyan Yong viewed Ye Yuan very highly, his improvement speed was too rapid!

This had only been a few days and Ye Yuan actually directly broke through to the Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm!

Since when had Spirit Condensation Realm become so easy to breakthrough?

"Haha, I wonder how long Teacher Huyan has been stagnated at the Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm?" Ye Yuan suddenly asked.

"What are you asking that for? Uh, let me see, roughly five or six years already. I keep being unable to find the opportunity to break through!"

Speaking of this, Huyan Yong also had a dispirited look.

This threshold from the Spirit Condensation Realm to the Crystal Formation Realm was not so easy to break through. Many Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists were unable to cross this threshold in their entire lives.

Huyan Yong's talent was not bad; he was a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist who condensed four spirit liquid drops. But to breakthrough to the Crystal Formation Realm, it was simply an impossible matter without ten plus, twenty years of accumulation!

"Like that huh. I wonder how many percent confidence Teacher Huyan has in breaking through to the Crystal Formation Realm right now?" Ye Yuan asked.

Huyan Yong was even more surprised. But he still answered. "Are you joking, Ye Yuan? I haven't even reached half-step Crystal Formation Realm right now. To breakthrough to Crystal Formation Realm, I don't even have 10% confidence!"

Ye Yuan smiled and took out a medicinal pill from his storage ring for Huyan Yong, saying, "Teacher Huyan, this is the Crystal Formation Pill I refined. It can raise the chances of forming crystal by 60%. I wonder if Teacher Huyan has the confidence to break through to Crystal Formation Realm?"

"What? 60%?! You . . . Are you joking?" Huyan Yong nearly jumped up.