Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1825

Chapter 1825 Arousing Hostility

But Little Tongs gaze turned intent, looking at Ye Yuan in astonishment.

"You What you fed Treasure Pig just now were void spirit divine pills?"

Ye Yuans brows raised up and he said, "Eh? You, this snotty brat, still have some knowledge huh, to actually know that its void spirit divine pills with just a glance."

Treasure Pig ate very quickly just now, it was just a blink of an eye but was seen clearly by Little Tong.

Little Tongs face revealed a hint of solemness and he said, "These medicinal pills were all refined by you?"

Ye Yuan said speechlessly, "Not refined by me, could it be that you refined them?"

At this time, Little Tongs expression had a complicatedness that was not commensurate with his age.

Clearly, he was very shocked.

"Thats impossible! You broke through to Celestial Deity Realm at most for a few years. Such a short time, how can you possibly refine rank five void spirit divine pills?" Little Tong said in disbelief.

It was not that void spirit divine pills were impossible to be refined. It was just that wanting to refine void spirit divine pills undoubtedly required the accumulation of a long time.

Alchemy Dao geniuses, even if it was geniuses among geniuses, it was also impossible to comprehend the method to refine void spirit divine pills within a few years time.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Others cant, doesnt mean I cant."

Little Tongs eyes narrowed slightly and he said, "Impossible, I dont believe!"

Ye Yuan twisted Little Tongs ear and dragged him outside.

Little Tong was in pain and screamed, "Ouch, let me go! You punk, ate a bears heart or a leopards gall? To actually dare twist my ears!"

Ye Yuan pursed his lips and said, "You broke into my residence without permission. I havent settled the scores with you yet, so what if I pinch you a little?"

Little Tong was so angry. Yet, Ye Yuan was proficient in spatial law, he did not have the strength to fight back at all.

At this time, Treasure Pig suddenly circled around in front of Ye Yuan and used a pitiful expression to look at him, seemingly pleading.

Ye Yuan was taken aback, only then, letting go.

Little Tong shot Treasure Pig a hateful glance and said huffily, "Humph! At least you still have a bit of conscience!"

Treasure Pig seemed to be currying favor, rubbing against Little Tongs trousers.

Sure enough, Little Tongs expression became much better. But he still said angrily, "Treasure Pig, you tell me now, want me or him?"

The moment Treasure Pig he looked at Little Tong and looked at Ye Yuan, the blank face revealing a difficult look.

Clearly, Treasure Pig could not bear to part with any.

Ye Yuan suddenly spoke up, "Arent you making things difficult for Treasure Pig like this?"

Little Tong said in a childish voice, "Treasure Pig is my pet, I can do whatever I want, is it your business?"

Ye Yuans expression suddenly turned sharp, gaze staring at Little Tong heatedly as he said, "Youre saying that Treasure Pig is your pet?"

Little Tong was stared at by Ye Yuan until he was breaking out in goosebumps a little. Holding his little head high, he said unyieldingly, "I mean that its my grandpas pet! Then isnt it my pet?"

Ye Yuans two eyes narrowed and he asked, "Who is your grandpa?"

Little Tong pursed his lips and said, "Saying it out will scare you to death! So, I wont tell you!"

Ye Yuan did not speak, but according to his guesses, Little Tongs grandpa was very likely to be an Empyrean powerhouse.

With Little Tong not saying anything, Ye Yuan did not have the intention of forcing it. Either way, this level of powerhouse was also not what he could currently come into contact with.

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, "You go back then, as long as Treasure Pig is willing to leave, I wont stop it. But, if I discover that you sneak into my residence again, it wont be as simple as wringing your ears next time!"

Seeing Ye Yuans gaze that had ill-intentions, Little Tong unconsciously touched his butt.

Vivid in his mind!

Little Tong thought about it and said, "Im not leaving anymore! I want to stay together with Treasure Pig!"

Ye Yuans brows furrowed and he said, "No way!"

However, Treasure Pig looked at Ye Yuan again pitifully, the short pigtail wagging non-stop.

Even if Ye Yuan was decisive in going for the kill, he could not stop Treasure Pigs cute attack too.

He owed Treasure Pig a favor. If not for Treasure Pig, he would also be unable to refine pills to his hearts content like now.

Helpless, Ye Yuan let out a sigh and said, "Fine then, but if you want to stay, you must listen to me! Things that I dont let you do, you absolutely cant do, understood?"

Little Tong giggled and said, "Okay, deal! Are you going to refine pills now? I want to watch you refine pills!"

Ye Yuan said, "Before the Bamboo Groove Martial Conclave, Ill be refining pills. If you want to watch me refine pills, can, but if you disturb me, get lost at once!"

The moment Little Tong heard, his head nodded like a rattle-drum.

Heh, I want to see how high your pill refining standard is! You can refine rank five void spirit divine pills, this Empyrean doesnt believe even if beaten to death! Little Tong thought in his heart.

Upper Groove Court had an independent pill refining room. Inside, all kinds of facilities were prepared, Ye Yuan was very satisfied.

Little Tong carried the sleeping Treasure Pig and quietly watched Ye Yuan refine pills from the side. The expression on his face became more and more solemn, and the astonishment in his heart also grew greater and greater.

"This kids pill refining level is already a consummate work of art! No wonder he looks down on even Du Rufeng, saying that old punk really has no way of teaching him anything! Forget about Du Rufeng, even I, in terms of the refinement of rank five divine pills, also dont dare to say that Im stronger than him! This kid is just a thousand over years in bone age, how in the world did he cultivate?"

The more Little Tong looked, the more shocked he was inward.

Ye Yuans technique in refining rank five divine pills still seemed a little unfamiliarized. But it was merely relatively speaking.

Even if he did not perform well, it was still peak heaven-grade too.

Furthermore, along with the passing of time, Ye Yuans refining technique also became more and more skillful, the probability of heaven-grade also became smaller and smaller.

On the 12th day, Little Tong said, "This kid is simply a natural-born alchemist, his improvement is too fast! This kid has absolutely already glimpsed the source Great Dao, too strong! No wonder the moment Treasure Pig saw him, he couldnt move anymore."

On this day, the Bamboo Groove Martial Conclave officially began.

When the Shadowmoon Sect disciples walked over, they immediately attracted a series of sidelong glances.

Especially the disciples of the High Clarity Sect, Ruyi Sect, and several powerful sects. Each and every one of their expression was unfriendly.

"Heh heh, Yang Shen, even with your strength, youre unable to stay in Upper Groove Court. This bunch of rookies actually check into it!"

The person talking was called Luo Zhen, Ruyi Sects number one person, peak Second Firmament Celestial Deity powerhouse.

Yang Shen was the number one High Clarity Sect disciple. His cultivation was also at the peak Second Firmament Celestial Deity.

Yang Shens face fell and he said, "What can staying in Upper Groove Court mean? Merely because of a pig! Bamboo Groove Martial Conclave, strength decides everything! Staying in Upper Groove Court also doesnt mean that they can enter the divine temple!"

Luo Zhen smiled and said, "Ive already talked with the junior brothers and sister, this time, must shave the Shadowmoon Sect bald! As long as all of us run into Shadowmoon Sect disciples, must make them lose very horribly."

Yang Shens brows raised up and he said with a nod, "I also really want to see what extraordinary aspects this seasons Shadowmoon Sect disciples have!"

These two people exchanged a glance, clearly reaching some kind of tacit agreement.

Actually, not just them, quite a few powerful sects elders and disciples were all brooding on the Shadowmoon Sect staying in Upper Groove Court.