Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 183

Chapter 183: Even If Im the One Who Killed, so What?
Chapter 183: Even If Im the One Who Killed, so What?
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A 60% chance to break through!

Huyan Yong looked at Ye Yuan as his mind completely blanked out.

Happiness came too suddenly!

Huyan Yong had never doubted whether or not he could break through to the Crystal Formation Realm. But that was something at least twenty years later!

But now, Ye Yuan actually brought him such an enormous surprise. Huyan Yong really did not dare to quite believe it.

Just how heaven-defying was a medicinal pill which could raise the chances of breaking through to Crystal Formation Realm by 60%?!

"Initially, I thought that I would need some time before I can gather these Crystal Formation Pill ingredients. I didn't think that I actually unintentionally acquired the main ingredients needed to refine it during this trip into the Endless Forest, so I just went ahead and refined it. Teacher Huyan is my savior. How could I dare to joke to Teacher Huyan like this?" Ye Yuan said with a smile.

"But . . . this medicinal pill is a Tier 2 medicinal pill; even high-rank Alchemy Masters can't refine it so easily, right? Could it be that you already have the strength that surpasses high-rank Alchemy Master?" Huyan Yong suddenly thought of something and exclaimed in surprise.

This was actually Huyan Yong overthinking it. It was essentially something impossible for high-rank Alchemy Masters to want to refine the Crystal Formation Pill!

Forget about high-rank Alchemy Masters, it would be impossible to refine the Crystal Formation Pill even for high-rank Alchemy Grandmasters!

The complexity of the Crystal Formation Pill's refinement was simply beyond the comprehension of the State of Qin's Alchemy Grandmasters. Even if Ye Yuan paired the ingredients for them to refine, they also could not refine it.

"Around there. Tier 2 medicinal pills already pose no difficulty to me," Ye Yuan said. He was not bragging but merely stating a fact.

Ye Yuan's soul strength had already reached the degree of a middle-rank Alchemy Master. Coupled with the level of refining method like the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique, refining Tier 2 medicinal pills really was not an issue to him.

Huyan Yong's mouth twitched uncontrollably.

This brat is really a wondrous freak!

Just at the Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm, and he actually said that Tier 2 medicinal pills had no difficulty. I wonder what the Dean will feel when he hears this.

Huyan Yong gently caressed the medicinal bottle Ye Yuan gave him and fell silent.

But from his lightly trembling body, it could be seen just how agitated he was inside!

Ye Yuan also did not urge him. He just waited for Huyan Yong to calm down quietly. He also knew just how great the impact the Crystal Formation Pill had towards Huyan Yong.

After a long time, Huyan Yong took a deep breath, then gave the medicinal bottle back to Ye Yuan, saying, "Ye Yuan, you'd better take this medicinal pill back!"

Ye Yuan was slightly stupefied and was somewhat confused. "Could it be that Teacher Huyan Yong doesn't trust Ye Yuan?"

Huyan Yong shook his hand and said, "How can Teacher not trust you? It's just that this medicinal pill is invaluable. I can't accept it. I think that judging from your improvement speed, breaking through to peak Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm is only a matter of within a year? You'd better save this medicinal pill for your own use! You need it more than me!"

Ye Yuan did not expect Huyan Yong to actually say something like this. He felt deeply touched in his heart.

To the Divine Realm's martial artists, Crystal Formation Realm might not be considered much. But Ye Yuan had stayed in the State of Qin for such a long time. He could fully understand just what the Crystal Formation Realm meant to the Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists!

But Huyan Yong was actually willing to give up the chance to become a Crystal Formation Realm martial artist for him!

Just how much resolution was needed to be able to shake off the temptation of advancing to Crystal Formation Realm?!

Ye Yuan pushed the bottle to Huyan Yong again, saying with a smile, "Teacher Huyan is worrying too much. This Crystal Formation Pill isn't as precious as you imagine. I have as many as I want."

"Have as many as you want? Ye Yuan, you aren't deliberately saying it just to make me accept this medicinal pill, right?" Huyan Yong said disbelievingly.

Ye Yuan was helpless and took out another two medicinal bottles. The medicinal pills inside the bottles were shockingly all Crystal Formation Pills, stunning Huyan Yong until he was left with his mouth agape again.

Such a heaven-defying medicinal pill could be mass produced?

This brat's methods was truly inconceivable!

"Alright then, since that's the case, I'll accept it. However, this Crystal Formation Pill is overly monstrous. You have to secure this secret well and take care not to let others know!"

Huyan Yong was not a pretentious person. Ye Yuan already said it till this way, he naturally would not refuse it anymore. Instead, he gave a reminder to Ye Yuan.

"Of course."

Huyan Yong kept away the Crystal Formation Pill gingerly before saying to Ye Yuan, "Since you've already returned, then Su Yishan?"

"Dead," Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

Huyan Yong was not too surprised. But he could guess that Ye Yuan's trip to the Endless Forest was not that peaceful.

"As long as you're fine, don't mind anything else. Lord Dean already came back. You follow me to meet him. He regards you very highly," Huyan Yong said.

"En, I should."

Ye Yuan did not refuse. After all, Huyan Yong protecting him was still the command issued by the Dean. It was proper and reasonable that he should pay a visit.

The two had just stepped out when they saw Su Yubai coming towards them with a tumultuous aura.

"Ye Yuan! What did you do to Yishan?! I'm warning you. If anything happens to Yishan, you and the Ye Family will join him!" Su Yubai bellowed angrily.

Ye Yuan looked at Su Yubai like staring at an idiot, saying coolly, "I say, First Elder Su, is there something wrong with your brain? You lost your nephew, but you don't go to the Endless Forest to look for him. What did you come running to me to make a fuss about?"

Su Yubai pointed at Ye Yuan's nose and roared in anger, "Ye Yuan! Don't fake an innocent face for this old man! The Endless Trials this time, you, Feng Zhirou, and Yishan took so long to return. You dare say that Yishan's disappearance had nothing to do with you?!"

Ye Yuan shot a glance at Huyan Yong and asked with a bewildered face, "Did Elder Su suffer some sort of stimulus recently? Why does it look like your brain isn't working too well?"

"His brain had never been working very well." Huyan Yong supplemented another knife quite irresponsibly, singing in chorus with Ye Yuan.

"In that case, can't blame him. Elder Su, do you have a misunderstanding? It seems like there isn't only the three of us who delayed our return in the Endless Trials, right? According to what I know, there's twenty over students who didn't come back this Endless Trials, yet, you just had to group the three of us together. How sinister! I know that Elder Su does not have a good impression of me, but you can't fabricate a charge against me like this!" Ye Yuan said innocently.

Seeing Ye Yuan and Huyan Yong chiming together, Su Yubai was even more infuriated!

Although Su Yishan was Su Yulin's son, he was raised up all alone by Su Yubai.

Not father and son, but as dear as father and son!

Otherwise, he would not have immediately came forward right after hearing that Ye Yuan came back.

But now, Ye Yuan and Nanfeng Zhirou both returned, and yet, Su Yishan still did not come back. Most likely, he was a goner!

After all, Su Yishan went to kill Ye Yuan. Su Yishan did not believe that they did not meet in the Endless Forest!

"Stop pretending to be innocent! In this batch of students, only you have a grudge with Yishan! If any accident befalls Yishan, you can't escape responsibilities!"

"Oh? Is that so? The Endless Forest is riddled with danger, so why can't Su Yishan have been killed by demonic beasts? Elder Su, this hole in your brain is really quite wide! But then again, even if I'm the one who killed, so what? Elder Su has no proof. You wouldn't just determine my crime with nothing but words, right? Uh . . . I almost forget. I'm the Tranquil Cloud Sect's Core Disciple now, so Elder Su can't convict me!" Ye Yuan said indifferently.