Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Envoy
Chapter 184: Envoy
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"Hahaha, you finally admitted it! Ye Yuan, you really think that I don't dare to kill you?" Su Yubai was so infuriated that he laughed.

"Heh heh, you also can't run if you kill me, yeah? When the Tranquil Cloud Sect finds you, it isn't something to joke about. Why don't you reconsider?" Ye Yuan said with a faint smile.

"Blame? You're overthinking it! Go to hell!"

Su Yubai was still talking when he suddenly exploded, thrusting a palm at Ye Yuan!

Heaven Flipping Palm!

The same move had a world of difference between Su Yishan and Su Yubai who executed it!

But this palm struck thin air.

Su Yubai only felt his vision blur, and nine Ye Yuans actually appeared at the same time! And he could not even distinguish which one was Ye Yuan's true body!

Following that, Su Yubai just passed through a phantom just like this. When he turned back, Ye Yuan remained standing where he was as if he never moved.

Su Yubai and Huyan Yong's face revealed astonishment at the same time. Since when had Ye Yuan learned such a powerful but peculiar movement technique?

Huyan Yong did not think that Su Yubai would really dare to make a move in the academy. In a moment of carelessness, it was already too late to defend.

But he could not have imagined that Ye Yuan could actually avoid Su Yubai's attack so easily!

"You actually broke through to the Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm!" Su Yubai said with disbelief.

It had not even been a month since Ye Yuan stepped into the Endless Forest, and he actually directly broke through to the Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm.

This speed . . .

"Haha, thanks to Elder Su's blessings, I broke through by a fluke."

Su Yubai's face darkened. This Ye Yuan's mouth really needed a beating! Whose blessing was not good that he had to have Su Yubai's blessings?

Wasn't this sickening people?

"Oh yeah. Does Elder Su still remember what I said before? I wasn't joking with you! Perhaps, I don't need a year!" Ye Yuan said while smiling.

Su Yubai's face changed when he heard that. With Ye Yuan's advancement speed, perhaps he really did not need a year!

Although that sentence from Ye Yuan made him into a joke in the Dan Wu Academy for a time, he had never taken it seriously.

But now, he suddenly discovered that Ye Yuan really did not seem to be kidding. He truly had this capability!

"Humph! Then you also have to survive a year first! Ye Hang's about to collapse right now. Do you feel you still have the chance?" Su Yubai said with a cold sneer.

"Is that so? I feel that Elder Su had better flaunt about it in front of me after my father falls from power. Otherwise, you will have your face smacked by me again. Although your face has already been smacked rotten by me, I don't mind hitting it again to tear it down some more," Ye Yuan said calmly.

"You!" Su Yubai nearly choked to death.

Ye Yuan could not be bothered with Su Yubai. He turned around and left with Huyan Yong. Watching Ye Yuan's back view, Su Yubai's eyes were about to spit fire.

But Ye Yuan had already grown to such an extent, and he even had a Huyan Yong by his side. He simply could not make Ye Yuan stay!

Even though the Su Family was very strong, it was not strong to such an extent that they could cover the skies with one hand in the Dan Wu Academy.

. . . . . .

"Ye Yuan, I didn't think that after your involvement in the Endless Trials this time, it's like you were reborn after coming back! That move just now, even if I were matched up against it, I would also be at a loss on what to do!" Huyan Yong marveled.

Huyan Yong felt that not only did Ye Yuan raise his cultivation realm, but his power also grew much greater.

Although he was only at Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm now, his strength was probably already not beneath Long Tang's!

Huyan Yong was somewhat faintly looking forward to the match between these two pinnacle geniuses of the State of Qin's Dan Wu Academy.

"Haha, I can be considered to have some small gains I guess." Ye Yuan also could not share too much and could only make it vague.

As a matter of fact, his biggest gain this trip to the Endless Forest was still the Medicine God's Soul Canon. It was just that he was still unable to comprehend those golden words in a short period of time. Hence, this Medicine God's Soul Canon was not useful to Ye Yuan at the moment.

The two traveled side by side and soon arrived at Jiang Yunhe's residence.

"Lord Dean, Ye Yuan has returned. I brought him over to pay respects to you," Huyan Yong said respectfully outside the door.


Huyan Yong and Ye Yuan pushed the door and entered once they heard that. Upon entering, the discovered that there were still other people inside the house.

An old man sat opposite Jiang Yunhe, giving people an immeasurable feeling. There was a young man standing beside the elderly man. Merely 18 or 19 years old, but already had Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm cultivation.

To possess such strength at this age, he was definitely like a crane standing among chickens when placed in the Dan Wu Academy! Even Long Tang could not compare.

"Haha, Ye Yuan! Such a coincidence. I was just about to send someone to call you and Long Tang over, but you arrived first. Quickly come over and pay respects to Lord Envoy Yao Qian!" Jiang Yunhe immediately laughed and said when he saw Ye Yuan.

It was very clear that Jiang Yunhe had long known about Ye Yuan returning to the academy.

"Junior Ye Yuan pays respect to Lord Yao Qian!" Ye Yuan did not say much and gave a salute to Yao Qian.

"Academy's instructor Huyan Yong pays respect to Lord Envoy!" Huyan Yong's face changed when he heard that and went forward to give a respectful bow.

Yao Qian lightly glanced at Ye Yuan and said, "En. You're the student who made it past the Nine Heavens Road with Essence Qi Realm strength?"

"It's precisely this junior," Ye Yuan said.

No idea why, but Ye Yuan felt that this envoy's expression when looking at him was somewhat odd as if he did not really like him.

This old fellow should be from the Tranquil Cloud Sect. He did not seem to know anyone, right?

Ye Yuan could not figure out just where he had offended this old man.

The expression of the youth beside the old man was also filled with contempt when looking at him.

How baffling!

"Haha, this person beside Lord Yao Qian must be his proud disciple, Yang Hao. Don't look at him being so young, not only did he reach the Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm on the martial path, he's even a high-rank Alchemy Master already. He is a genius figure even greater than your Teacher Feng! He will be your and Long Tang's Senior Apprentice Brother in the future. You guys should try to be closer," Jiang Yunhe praised.

Being praised by Jiang Yunhe, Yang Hao's face showed a trace of delight, but it was concealed very well.

However, Ye Yuan saw that and could not help scorning in his heart. Just based on this disposition, it was futile no matter how high his cultivation realm was.

It looked like these sect members all had a lofty and exalted sense when coming to the secular world.

Ye Yuan could not resist glancing at Huyan Yong. Seeing that he had no reaction and seemed to feel that it was only natural, he could not help secretly sighing.

However, Ye Yuan was very disdainful of such an attitude. Ye Yuan listened to Jiang Yunhe's introduction while appearing calm on the surface. But he was criticizing ceaselessly in his heart.

What kind of genius did he count as? Since when did geniuses become so utterly worthless?

But in front of Jiang Yunhe, Ye Yuan obviously would not show anything. He just clasped his hands and said, "I've seen Senior Apprentice Brother Yang. In the future, after I enter the sect, I hope that Senior Apprentice Brother Yang can look after me."

Ye Yuan's manners were already considered very humble and appropriate. Who would have thought that this Yang Hao just replied indifferently, "Haha, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye is hailed as the number one person in a millennium. Why would you need the care of an incompetent person like me?"