Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 185

Chapter 185: Never Met Anyone so Retarded
Chapter 185: Never Met Anyone so Retarded
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A thick smell of gunpowder appeared the moment he opened his mouth.

Ye Yuan's face fell slightly. This fellow was simply here to stir up shit, right?

He was originally already not that happy with Yang Hao's high and mighty attitude. He was only so courteous on account of Jiang Yunhe's face.

It not, with Ye Yuan's personality, he would not even be bothered with Yang Hao.

The so-called geniuses did not even count as dull wits in Ye Yuan's eyes!

"So Senior Apprentice Brother Yang knows that he is mediocre huh. Looks like you still have some clear estimation of yourself. I was worried that Senior Apprentice Brother Yang was getting a little carried away after being praised too much by people." Since the other party did not give face, Ye Yuan obviously had no need to be polite.

"Humph! The so-called number one person in a millennium is just extolled by some ignorant people of the secular world! Those who charged past the Nine Heavens Road, just a random grab in the Tranquil Cloud Sect and you get a bunch. Only the outer sect will sensationalize this stunt."

Facing Ye Yuan's ridicule, Yang Hao did not get stung by it but met him blow for blow.

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, "I'm don't really care about what number one person in a millennium. Only some people with mediocre talent would take this sort of matter to heart."

With each 'mediocre talent' Ye Yuan said out loud, Yang Hao felt irritated by that constant harping on it in his heart. He was only being a little sarcastic to Ye Yuan just now. But he did not think that Ye Yuan would attack persistently from a chink in his armor.

"Junior Apprentice Brother Ye keeps saying mediocre. I wonder if you dare to compete with me, this mediocre talent? I want to consult just what kind of genius is the alleged number one person in a thousand years."

Yang Hao's condescending attitude was because he was dead sure that Ye Yuan would not dare to answer the challenge.

He was at Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm and high-rank Alchemy Master; a completely different level from Ye Yuan. If Ye Yuan dared to accept the challenge, then he would not be a genius, but a one hundred percent dumbass!

Ye Yuan was just about to say something when Jiang Yunhe by the side said, "Do not be rude, Ye Yuan! Lord Yao Qian is the high sect's Pill Hall elder. This trip for him and Yang Hao is to especially fetch you and Long Tang into the sect."

Finishing, he turned to Yao Qian again, saying, "Ye Yuan is young and aggressive. Pray that Lord Yao Qian will not take offense."

Facing Jiang Yunhe's reprimand, Ye Yuan did not voice anything. He knew that this was Jiang Yunhe reminding him that this journey to the Tranquil Cloud Sect had to be through the two of them and they could not be offended.

Yao Qian did not express anything. He just said indifferently, "The affairs of young people, just let them resolve it themselves. We old fellows should not interfere."

Yao Qian's status in the Tranquil Cloud Sect was much higher than him. Since he said so, Jiang Yunhe obviously could not say much. He just felt slightly displeased.

He naturally knew why this Yao Qian was targeting Ye Yuan. But he did not think that it would be so obvious, putting Ye Yuan down right after coming.

Yao Qian was an alchemist from the Ouyang Family line. He had very good relations with Ouyang Ming. Jiang Yunhe instantly felt that something was off when he saw him serve as the envoy.

Jiang Yunhe did not think that it was merely a coincidence for the sect to send Yao Qian over.

Indeed, the gunpowder smell started right after Ye Yuan entered!

Initially, he was still harboring a compromising attitude, hoping that Yao Qian would give him this face. Who knew that Yao Qian's light sentence would directly press down his stomach full of words?

This one elderly and one youth were truly going too far. An Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm actually verbally provoked a Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm. This was simply utterly shameless!

Even though this was Jiang Yunhe's first contact with Ye Yuan, he had long heard about everything he had done. He knew that this punk was definitely not some obedient baby. He might really just accept the provocation.

Jiang Yunhe knew that Ye Yuan was very monstrous, but the disparity between him and Yang Hao was not an ordinary kind of big.

Even though Ye Yuan advancing to Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm made him very surprised, it was still impossible to be Yang Hao's match.

Jiang Yunhe signaled with his eyes at Ye Yuan, but Ye Yuan simply ignored him.

"How about it, number one person in a millennium? Dare to compete?" Yang Hao looked at Ye Yuan pleased with himself as he squeezed with his words.

Even a clay bodhisattva have 30% anger, let alone Ye Yuan. While he did not know what the reason was, these two fellows were clearly targeting him.

If Ye Yuan could endure, then he would not be Ye Yuan anymore!

"If I don't even dare to answer the challenge of some second-rate talent, how can I dare be called the number one person in a millennium? Say it then; compete in what?"

Ye Yuan directly acknowledged this title of 'number one in a millennium' and stepped on Yang Hao again along the way.

Jiang Yunhe sighed in his heart. This punk indeed could not take the spurring!

The corner of Yang Hao's lips twitched when he heard that. This was a typical case of opening a dying factory after giving a bit of color, right?

However, when I trample you underfoot in a while, let's see if you dare to be so cocky!

He stole a glance at the two-star badge on Ye Yuan's chest and said in a scornful way, "Junior Apprentice Brother Ye's realm is too low. If we compete on the martial path, I might not win using my true abilities. Since Junior Apprentice Brother Ye is also an Alchemy Master, let's compete in alchemy skills. I wonder what Junior Apprentice Brother Ye's opinion is?"

Ye Yuan smiled. He smiled very happily.

Seen before retards, but never met anyone so retarded.

Ignoring the crushing advantage of cultivation realm and just had to choose something about alchemy skills. It looks like this fellow was very confident in his alchemy skills!

But . . . seeking out an Alchemy Emperor to compete in alchemy skills. How did Yang Hao have the nerve to come up with that?

Huyan Yong did not say anything ever since entering the house. He was also expressionless right now, but he was so delighted that flowers were blooming in his heart.

This idiot actually sought Ye Yuan to compete on alchemy skills. Wasn't this asking for it?

If it was before Ye Yuan came to look for him, he really would not have much confidence in Ye Yuan. But now, he very much wanted to see the fascinating expression on Yang Hao's face in a while.

Although Huyan Yong had completely no clue about alchemy, he knew that the Crystal Formation Pill was definitely not an ordinary Tier 2 medicinal pill. Even high-rank Alchemy Masters would probably find it very challenging to refine.

Yang Hao was actually competing in alchemy skills with Ye Yuan who could refine out Crystal Formation Pills. If this wasn't asking for a beating, then what was?

Not knowing why, when he saw Ye Yuan's smile, Yang Hao's felt a bout of frustration in his heart.

"What? Junior Apprentice Brother Ye don't dare to compete? If you don't dare to contend, then forget it. However, after you enter the sect, you just have to walk around me, that's all."

"En? This idea is pretty good. How about this, whichever one of us wins, the other party will have to walk around the other person if they see him. How's that?"

"Hur hur, ignorance is truly bliss! Fine, I promise you!" Yang Hao said brimming with self-confidence.

"Okay, you say it then. Compete in what?" Ye Yuan inquired.

"Controlling fire is the foundation for alchemists and also an important criterion to measure alchemy skills. Like this, let us each retrieve an ingredient on the spot and compete in controlling fire. I wonder what Junior Apprentice Brother Ye's opinion is?"

As he said, Yang Hao pointed to the Illuminating Fire on the inner wall of the house.

Illuminating Fire was a type of earth fire. Because its luminosity was better, it was generally used to illuminate.

Alchemy Apprentices did not have a high requirement towards controlling fire because of insufficient soul strength. But when one reached the Alchemy Master realm, their alchemy skills would finally be considered to have crossed the rudimentary threshold. The requirement towards controlling fire was also very high.

Yang Hao saw that Ye Yuan was only a low-rank Alchemy Master, so he determined that he had just come into contact with controlling fire not long and should be very weak in terms of controlling fire.

This was intentionally making things difficult for Ye Yuan.

What he did not know was that not only did Ye Yuan know how to play with fire, there was even the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame inside his body . . .