Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Fire Burning Buttocks
Chapter 186: Fire Burning Buttocks
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"Looks like Senior Apprentice Brother Yang is very confident in your control over fire! Okay, then compete in fire control. Please go ahead, Senior Apprentice Brother Yang," Ye Yuan said while smiling.

Smile then, smile then! In a while, I'll see if you can keep smiling! Yang Hao sneered coldly in his heart.

Comparing overall abilities in alchemy skill, perhaps he, Yang Hao, was not considered very impressive among the sect's core disciples.

But when competing in controlling fire, he could rank in the top twenty!

This country bumpkin definitely did not understand just what kind of concept was top twenty.

The geniuses of the Tranquil Cloud Sect were not something comparable to a mere outer sect. Like him, Yang Hao was merely just some dreg in the entire sect with his excellent talent!

Those fellows in the Pill Hall were more monstrous one after the other!

To be able to rank in the top twenty in the aspect of controlling fire, Yang Hao could already be amply proud!

"Humph! Watch closely. Today, I'll let you, a frog in a well, witness what is called controlling fire!"

As he spoke, Yang Hao went in front of the Illuminating Fire and beckoned with two fingers.

The flame directly broke away from the lantern and followed Yang Hao's finger as it danced in the air, looking extremely dazzling.

Yang Hao formed seals with both hands and the Illuminating Fire transformed into a thin and long fire dragon that coiled around him, looking very obedient.

This move was finished extremely beautifully, giving people a sort of feeling that it was very pleasing to the eyes.

Suddenly, Yang Hao beckoned with his fingertip. The fire dragon flew out from the boundary around his body and rushed straight at Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan simply watched Yang Hao's performance with a faint smile and did not have the slightest intention of making a move.

A trace of a cold smile flashed across the corner of Yang Hao's mouth. He was already facing an imminent crisis, and Ye Yuan was still there pretending to be calm.

Although the might of the Illuminating Fire was not strong and would not cause Ye Yuan any substantial injuries, it was more than enough to leave him dusty and dirty in appearance.

It was as if Yang Hao had already seen the look of Ye Yuan being burned to a charcoal head.

But just as the fire dragon was several inches away from Ye Yuan's face, it suddenly started bouncing around.

Yang Hao's face changed. This fire dragon seemed to be trying to break free from his shackling and became unsettled. Ever since his fire controlling technique had reached Large Success, he had yet to encounter this sort of situation.

The Illuminating Fire was just the most common earth fire. It did not pose any difficulty to Yang Hao at all. How could a situation where it was breaking free of control appear?

Could it be Ye Yuan causing mischief? But there weren't even the slightest bit of essence energy undulations from his body!

Seeing ghosts! 1

Yang Hao obviously would not leave the Illuminating Fire unchecked to break free from his control. He gritted his teeth and increased the essence energy to urge it. But it was like the Illuminating Fire was being stubborn with him as it refused to move even half a step forward no matter what.

Yang Hao increased his strength again. Who knew that the seemingly clever move turned out to be a foolish one. With a whoosh, the Illuminating Fire actually scurried straight back towards Yang Hao!

Yang Hao jumped in fright at this scene and hurriedly urged with his fire controlling seals again.

The Illuminating Fire was only a very low-end flame after all. It was restricted by Yang Hao in a short while.

Following that, he beckoned with his fingertip, and the Illuminating Fire went back inside the lantern.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Ye Yuan applauded and praised, "Senior Apprentice Brother Yang's fire controlling technique is truly transcendent! I, Junior Apprentice Brother, admire it greatly! It was a really close shave just now, nearly burning me. Luckily, Senior Apprentice Brother Yang showed mercy! However . . . caution is needed when playing with fire. Don't burn yourself, Senior Apprentice Brother Yang!"

Yang Hao's face was deathly sullen. All those present were experts. It was clear at a glance whether he showed mercy just now or not.

Ye Yuan saying these words were truly enormous sarcasm.

Except, he also could not figure out why the Illuminating Fire would suddenly lose control.

Ye Yuan clearly did not do anything at all!

Not just him who did not understand, Yao Qian by the side also did not understand. But the gaze he gave when looking at Ye Yuan became somewhat different.

Yang Hao wanted to use the Illuminating Fire to burn Ye Yuan. But Ye Yuan had the Tier 4 essence fire, Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame, inside his body. When the Illuminating Fire approached Ye Yuan, it instinctively sensed extreme danger. How could it possibly burn Ye Yuan?

Humans were unable to feel such a level of coercion from ranks, but the flame itself was very sensitive.

"Humph! Your turn! I want to see just what kind of tricks can you play!" Yang Hao said in a deep voice.

"Haha, Senior Apprentice Brother Yang is already very amazing. What sort of tricks can I even play? I'll just copy it blindly," Ye Yuan said smilingly.

In the while that Yang Hao was stunned, Ye Yuan already reached out to beckon in thin air. The Illuminating Fire flew into Ye Yuan's hand obediently.

Seeing this scene, the pupils of the other four people in the house constricted.

Just based on this move, Ye Yuan was way too brilliant compared to Yang Hao!

Previously, Yang Hao walked under the lantern to execute the fire controlling seals before calling out the Illuminating Fire. But Ye Yuan was still several dozen meters away from the lantern, only to see that he casually called with one hand and the Illuminating Fire flew over itself.

The level was clear at a glance!

Without any gaudy fire controlling seals, Ye Yuan just supported with his palm and the Illuminating Fire automatically transformed into a fire dragon, circling around Ye Yuan.

The appearance was exactly the same as Yang Hao just now!

Yang Hao was so enraged that he ground his teeth in rage. This was simply a provocation!

Ye Yuan looked at Yang Hao and suddenly gave a peculiar smile. He lifted his hand and pointed a finger at Yang Hao.

Yang Hao jumped in fright when he saw the situation and hurried formed seals to deal with it.

After forming finish the seals, he discovered that he was tricked by Ye Yuan again. That fire dragon was still circling leisurely around Ye Yuan!

"Hur hur, don't be so nervous, Senior Apprentice Brother Yang. Just playing a prank," Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Yang Hao's face no longer had that initial haughtiness and calmness. He could not wait to rush up and give Ye Yuan a bite!

But right then, Ye Yuan spoke again.

"This time, it's for real. Be careful, Senior Apprentice Brother Yang!"

Ye Yuan pointed again. But . . . still just a finger!

Yang Hao smiled coldly and said, "Repeating old tricks don't have much of a meaning, right?"

"Dumbass! Quickly look behind you!" Yao Qian who had been mum all along finally made a sound.

Yang Hao was dazed. Turning around to look, he saw that his buttocks caught fire and a burned smell spread out.

Yang Hao jumped in fright and hurriedly formed seals to extinguish the flames on his butt. However, his attire was already burned through by the Illuminating Fire as two lumps of white flesh were revealed.

Swooshing bum down to the ground, Yang Hao's face was red to the tips of his ears.

"Hur hur, Senior Apprentice Brother Yang is really mindful of your face but disregarded your buttocks. Why are you so careless? If some senior apprentice sisters saw it when you head out, I'm afraid that Senior Apprentice Brother Yang's name will probably spread back to the sect very soon, right?" Ye Yuan chortled as he said.

Huyan Yong was originally someone who was serious in speech and manner, but even he could not hold back his laughter right now.

"Don't be smug, Ye Yuan! Let's compete again if you have the capabilities!" Yang Hao's face was red and his ears scarlet. He was clearly hopping mad from embarrassment.

"Sigh, Senior Apprentice Brother Yang can't take a loss! What are we competing on this time? Competing in Martial Path? You, an Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, competing with me, a Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm. Even if you win, it will also be the big bullying the small if it spreads out, right?" Ye Yuan pretended to sigh emotionally.

"Enough! A loss means a loss! Do you feel that this isn't disgracing enough? Quickly go and change your clothes!" Yao Qian's face fell as he said to Yang Hao in mild irritation.

Being bellowed at by Yao Qian, Yang Hao was just like a defeated rooster and went to a quiet spot to change his clothing.

After Yang Hao left, Yao Qian looked at Ye Yuan with narrowed eyes and said, "Truly heroes come from youngsters! To think that such a talented figure actually appeared in my Tranquil Cloud Sect's outer sect!"