Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 187

Chapter 187: Barely Passable
Chapter 187: Barely Passable
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Yao Qian was currently very amazed in his heart, because even he also did not see clearly just how Ye Yuan got the Illuminating Fire behind Yang Hao imperceptibly just now!

This monstrosity of Ye Yuan far exceeded his imagination!

It looked like this title of 'number one in a millennium' was not without reason.

A 15-year-old Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm. This sort of cultivation speed was also not slow even when placed in the sect. Even more terrifying was that this Ye Yuan's alchemy skills should be very strong.

To obtain such accomplishments in the martial path and alchemy path at the same time, but only 15 years of age, his future accomplishments were limitless!

Except, this Ye Yuan offended the Su Family. This time, he would likely be wiped out by the Su Family.

It was somewhat of a pity.

"Lord Yao Qian flatters me. What number one in a millennium, Ye Yuan is not worthy. But compared to some mediocre talents, I'm still that little bit stronger," Ye Yuan said indifferently.

This old fellow clearly did not have any good intentions as well. Ye Yuan obviously did not need to be courteous.

"What a sharp tongue. But young people should learn how to restrain themselves a little. Otherwise, you will suffer."

"If other people respect me a foot, I will return them 10 feet. If other people reach out for a yard after taking an inch, I'll leave no room to advance! This is my life principle!"

"Haha, oh Yunhe. This little baby is really quite interesting." Yao Qian ignored Ye Yuan and turned to say to Jiang Yunhe.

Jiang Yunhe felt quite awkward and chuckled drily, saying, "Ye Yuan's personality is like this. Don't lower yourself to his level, Lord Yao Qian."

"Why would I bother arguing with a little child?" Yao Qian said coolly.

Right then, a voice came from outside the door. "Lord Dean, Long Tang requests for an audience."

"Come on in," Jiang Yunhe instructed.

Long Tang's arrival also eased up some of the awkwardness. But when he saw Ye Yuan, his eyes instantly turned sharp.

This Ye Yuan actually broke through to the Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm already!
Initially, he thought that having broken through to the Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, he finally shook off Ye Yuan. If Ye Yuan did not break through to the Spirit Condensation Realm, then his arranged battle with Ye Yuan had no meaning.

Who would have thought that Ye Yuan's improvement speed was not the slightest bit slower than him!

Long Tang could consecutively breakthrough within a month was first, because of his accumulation, and secondly, because he reaped no little benefit on the Nine Heavens Road. Thirdly, it was because of the Essence Spirit Pill.

He only dared to consecutively breakthrough two realms in a short period of time because he combined so many elements.

But Ye Yuan went for a trip to the Endless Forest and was already Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm when he came back. This improvement speed was too terrifying!

One had to know that before Ye Yuan left for the Endless Forest, he had just broken through to Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm not long ago!

Ye Yuan also looked towards him at this time. The pair smiled when their eyes met, but did not say anything.

Jiang Yunhe gave an introduction. Yao Qian only opened his mouth to talk after Long Tang finished paying his respects.

"I'm here this time under the sect's command to come to the outer sect to fetch you two into the sect. The two of you passed through the Nine Heavens Road, so you naturally possess the identity of the sect's core disciple. But before entering, the two of you still need to understand the rules of our Tranquil Cloud Sect. After entering the sect, you must obey the rules stringently. Otherwise, bear the consequences!"

As he spoke, Yao Qian casually struck out two steaks of white light. Two jade slips landed separately in Ye Yuan and Long Tang's hands.

Ye Yuan submerged a wisp of divine sense into the jade slip to read the contents.

After reading the contents, Ye Yuan was also sighing incessantly. From the rules, one could see that the rivalry within the sect was way crueler than in the Dan Wu Academy.

That was a genuine survival of the fittest!

Within the Tranquil Cloud Sect, they were separated into Elite Disciples, Core Disciples, and Outer-sect Disciples.

The normal advancement channel was that the top students in the outer sects barely had the qualifications to become an outer-sect disciple after passing the Heaven Rank Advancement Test!

And there are three routes to become a core disciple. The first route was advancing from outer-sect disciple. The second way was passing the Nine Heavens Road. Other than these, it would be disciples specially approved by the sect's upper echelons.

Elite disciples had some similarities to the Martial Roll set up in the Dan Wu Academy. Only those disciples who were extremely strong in the alchemy path or martial path can qualify!

Moreover, elite disciples, core disciples, and outer-sect disciples were not unchanging. They would undergo ranking every two months. Those ranked near the back would be eliminated from entering the next level, while disciples who had outstanding performance but a lower rank will advance up a level.

Hence, the number of elite disciples and core disciples were basically fixed!

And outer-sect disciples who failed the assessment would end up doing miscellaneous affairs!

Miscellaneous affairs did not have the slightest status in the Tranquil Cloud Sect. Every day, they had to do large numbers of miscellaneous stuff. There was simply not much time to cultivate.

Amid the elite disciples, core disciples, and outer-sect disciples, the treatment they enjoy also had an extremely huge difference!

In the Dan Wu Academy, many of them were members of aristocrat families. To them, the use of academy resources made no difference.

Wealth allowed willfulness!

But that would not do in the Tranquil Cloud Sect!

The Tranquil Cloud Sect carried out a points system. To obtain corresponding cultivation resources in the academy, one had to use points to exchange.

Without points, it was difficult to take a single step in the Tranquil Cloud Sect!

Points could not be bought with money. Only by making a certain level of contribution for the sect can one obtain the corresponding points.

It could be seen from this system that trying to smoke your way through life in the Tranquil Cloud Sect was absolutely impractical! Only by constantly cultivating, cultivating, and cultivating, could one plant their footing firmly in the sect!

The sect did not raise a single trash!

Yao Qian glimpse at the two of them indifferently and said, "Both finished reading the sect's rules? I can tell you two that with your current strength, you're actually only capable of ranking in at roughly the middle of the outer-sect disciples. There's still some distance away from core disciple. Especially Ye Yuan. You're only at the Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm. You're probably at the bottom even among the outer-sect disciples. Hence, you two had better grasp your time tightly to cultivate more if you want to get the appropriate resources. Or else, you will be eliminated in the first sect competition. That would also leave Yunhe without any face, right?"

Hearing Yao Qian say so, Long Tang looked at Ye Yuan rather odd expression.

Ye Yuan's strength could only be at the bottom of the barrel among the outer-sect disciples? This Yao Qian definitely did not know the fearful aspect of Ye Yuan!

Even though he himself broke through to the Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm now, he also did not dare say that he can certainly win Ye Yuan! Even if he only had the strength of the middle reaches of the outer-sect disciples, Ye Yuan was definitely roughly the same as him.

Being at the bottom was impossible!

Additionally, with Ye Yuan's improvement speed, he would most likely steady his footing very soon among the core disciples after entering the sect, right?

Yao Qian saw Long Tang's expression and said carelessly, "You guys still don't have too clear an understanding about the might of the sect disciples. I just wish to tell you, don't be nave enough to think that you can leap ranks to battle. You two will only realize just how small and weak you are after entering the Tranquil Cloud Sect!"

Long Tang's heart jolted when he heard that, but Ye Yuan laughed and said, "Lord Yao Qian really likes to worry. If you have much spare time, why not educate that incompetent disciple of yours. I think that with his standards, we're still barely passable to make it as core disciples after going to the sect."