Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 188

Chapter 188: Leave It to Me!
Chapter 188: Leave It to Me!
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Yao Qian's eyes revealed a trace of cold light.

Evidently, he was truly infuriated by Ye Yuan repeatedly making light of him.

Yao Qian's status in the sect was not low. Disciples would be most respectful when they saw him. Since when did anyone dare to rebuke him so?

Ye Yuan hadn't even entered the sect yet currently. If he were to enter, what would happen?

Of course, he definitely would not reflect on himself. It was him who provoked Ye Yuan in the first place.

"Haha, good! Very good! Ye Yuan, with your current realm, you only have the right to be at the bottom when you enter the Martial Hall. But your Alchemy Path talent is not bad. If you enter the Pill Hall, perhaps you can retain the opportunity to be a core disciple. However, I'm afraid that I have not told you this yet. My identity in the sect is . . . a Pill Hall Elder!"

Yao Qian's words were a blatant threat.

The meaning of his words was crystal clear. After you enter the sect, make sure you don't fall into my hands!

Naturally, with Ye Yuan's Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm cultivation, he could only be sent to become an outer-sect disciple if he entered the Martial Hall. At that time, would it not be a matter of a word from Yao Qian to knead him however he wished?

Ye Yuan curled his mouth and said, "Oh yeah? Looks like to avoid Elder Yao, I can only enter the Martial Hall. Uh, that's also pretty good. With your standard of teaching disciples, wouldn't I be delayed to death if I enter the Pill Hall?"

"Alright, Ye Yuan, say a few sentences less! Elder Yao Qian, Ye Yuan, he . . ."

Jiang Yunhe saw Ye Yuan rebuking Yao Qian again and could not resist reprimanding him.

Except, at this time, Yao Qian suddenly stood up, flicked his sleeves and said, "Dean Jiang, you really taught a fine student! I think that with your merits, you can forget about getting the lower half of the Purple Center Soul Incantation in this lifetime! Humph!"

Finishing, Yao Qian ignored Jiang Yunhe's persuasion to stay and directly left.

Jiang Yunhe glared fiercely at Ye Yuan, but finally said powerlessly, "You this punk, why are you so adept at causing trouble?! Ignoring that you turned the whole academy upside down, you haven't even entered the sect, and you already offended a sect elder! Wait until you enter the sect and you'll get it! In this place, there's at least your father's backing. But after entering the sect, you'll find no kin to turn to. At that time, who can protect you?"

Huyan Yong also furrowed his brows and said, "That's right, Ye Yuan. A man knows when to yield and when not to. After your power becomes great and you advance to elite disciple, you wouldn't need to see Yao Qian's mood anymore. Why offend him now?"

"Haha, that Yao Qian and Yang Hao were obviously targeting me. Even if I make concessions for the general interest, will they let me off? Not necessary, right? This kind of people, if they are offended, then let them be offended. No big deal. Rather, Lord Dean, what the meaning of the Purple Center Soul Incantation Yao Qian spoke of just now? Listening to its name, it should be a soul cultivation method, right?" Ye Yuan said without a care.

Jiang Yunhe let out a sigh and knew deep down that what Ye Yuan said was reasonable.

He was much clearer on Yao Qian's past history than Ye Yuan and Huyan Yong. In reality, he was still holding onto the mentality of hoping that there was a chance both parties would be amicable.

Who knew that Yao Qian simply did not give him any face, putting Ye Yuan down the moment he arrived.

But the pitiable thing was that the blow did not work. Instead, it broke his teeth.

"What you said is right. The Purple Center Soul Incantation is a soul cultivation method, and it is also the strongest soul cultivation incantation in the Tranquil Cloud Sect! Those elders in the Pill Hall basically all train in this soul incantation. I'm the same. The Purple Center Soul Incantation is split into two parts. The first half can allow alchemists to train to the Alchemy Grandmaster realm, while the second half can train to the Alchemy Sovereign! But the sad thing is that ever since Patriarch Ouyang Tuotian, the Tranquil Cloud Sect never had anyone who could cultivate to the Alchemy Sovereign realm."

Jiang Yunhe's eyes were full of regrets. He clearly revered Ouyang Tuotian very much.

Consolidating the words Yao Qian left behind before he left, Ye Yuan immediately understood in his heart. "Lord Dean came to the State of Qin's Dan Wu Academy to hold a post for earning points to exchange for the lower half of this Purple Center Soul Incantation?"

Jiang Yunhe nodded bitterly and said, "That's right. I was born in the Pill Hall. Before coming to the State of Qin, I was a deacon in the Pill Hall. The point requirement for the Purple Center Soul Incantation is too much. With my status and identity in the sect, it was simply impossible to earn so many points. Hence, I planned for this outside job. Initially, I thought that I could raise a few talents for the sect. But who would have thought that after coming to the State of Qin for so many years, the Dan Wu Academy had never improved. In these few years, only Mo Yuntian, this one genius appeared. But this time, you and Long Tang appeared at once. Two geniuses who crossed the Nine Heavens Road. I was elated in my heart. But I didn't think that this was the outcome . . ."

After a short pause, Jiang Yunhe continued, "After the two of you enter the sect, Ouyang Ming and Yao Qian will definitely find ways to suppress you. Therefore, you must tuck your tails and behave! Especially Ye Yuan. I know that you're peerlessly talented, but your present cultivation realm is too low. There's something Yao Qian said that was right. The might of the sect's disciples is something you guys can't imagine! So, you two need to raise your cultivation realms as soon as possible to solidify your position as core disciples, understood?"

"Ouyang Ming?" Ye Yuan went blank when he heard that.

"That's right. Ouyang Ming holds enormous power in the sect's Pill Hall. And Ouyang Mind is also a Pill Hall elder on friendly terms with Yao Qian." Jiang Yunhe said.

"Turns out that there's such a level of relation huh. No wonder this old punk aimed for me right after he came." Hearing Jiang Yunhe said something like that, Ye Yuan immediately understood the situation.

"Looks like you already know the background of the Su Family, so there's no need for me to remind you. However, the capital's undercurrent is turbulent recently. Your father is also at the edge of the storm. You father and son still need to take precaution when doing things! In my opinion, your father should still take the initiative to withdraw from this whirlpool. Why be a pawn for the Imperial Family?"

It was very plain that Jiang Yunhe knew the movements in the State of Qin like the back of his hand. It was just that his status was aloof and it was inconvenient to be involved.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, "The grudge between our Ye Family, the Wan Family, and the Su Family is irreconcilable. Even if they didn't stir up so much shit, these two families are destined to be destroyed!"

Jiang Yunhe could not help sucking in a cold breath after hearing it. These words were domineering.

Even he, Jiang Yunhe, dare not say to exterminate these two great families. But it was so natural coming from Ye Yuan's mouth.

One had to know that in these two great families, just the Crystal Formation Realm powerhouses were as many as three!

And on Ye Yuan's side, counting Nanfeng Yi and that Imperial Uncle from the Imperial Family that had not shown his face for a long time, was only three as well.

Both parties were on par. Wanting to exterminate the other party was too difficult! What was Ye Yuan basing this on?

"Ye Yuan, your future prospects are limitless. Don't be reckless in doing things! Your strength is still not enough to make a splash in this storm. Don't ruin your own magnificent future for these sort of secular world affairs!" Jiang Yunhe urged bitterly.

Jiang Yunhe also clearly had his talent appreciating heart moved and did not wish for any accidents to befall Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan gave a bow to Jiang Yunhe and said, "Relax, Dean. I know what to do. Thanks for your care towards me this period of time! I'm going back to the capital tomorrow. After the capital's affairs settle, I'll come and bid farewell to dean again. As for the matter of Purple Center Soul Incantation, leave it to me!"