Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 189

Chapter 189: Becoming Beautiful!
Chapter 189: Becoming Beautiful!
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"Leave it to you?" Jiang Yunhe went blank when he heard that.

"That's right! Isn't the use of these outside dojos to dig for talents for the sect? As long as I can become an elite disciple, the merits for the dean will be about there already, right?" Ye Yuan said.

"That might be true, but to become an elite disciple is too difficult, too difficult! I know that your talent is matchless, but the elite disciples in the sect, each and every one of their talent is not beneath yours!" Jiang Yunhe shook his head and said.

Ye Yuan smiled but did not explain. Rather, it was Huyan Yong who voiced out at this time. He said, "Lord Dean, I, on the other hand, believe that Ye Yuan can become an elite disciple! Even though that Yao Qian kept harping on how Ye Yuan's strength is too low, I feel that Ye Yuan can steady his footing among the core disciples very soon."

Jiang Yunhe revealed a strange expression. He had never seen Huyan Yong view a student so highly before.

. . . . . .

Leaving Jiang Yunhe's place, Ye Yuan directly went to find Nanfeng Ruoqing.

"Aunt, how is it, how is it? Did I become prettier yet?" Nanfeng Zhirou asked Nanfeng Ruoqing frantically.

Ye Yuan had already helped her and Nanfeng Ruoqing refine the Beauty Retaining Pill. Right after consuming it, there was an indescribable feeling coursing through her veins. Her own body seemed to have undergone some sort of unspeakable transformation.

Nanfeng Ruoqing carefully measured up Nanfeng Zhirou, then pinched her small cheeks and said in surprise, "This skin of yours is about to drip water! Touching it feels just like a newborn baby! Is this Beauty Retaining Pill really so miraculous?"

Not that the State of Qin did not have beautifying medicinal pills, but the effects of those sort of pills were at most to delay aging. With the passage of time, it would still leave behind the vestige of time on people's faces.

Moreover, those type of medicinal pills tends to have side-effects here and there. As time passed, it would slowly surface.

Even so, these type of medicinal pills still made some noble family women flock to them like ducks. More often than not, it could not be bought with money.

For the Beauty Retaining Pill Ye Yuan refined to have such an effect, once it entered the market, it would surely soar to a sky-high price.

"Ah! You look! The calluses on my hands also disappeared!" As she was talking, Nanfeng Zhirou waved her hands.

Nanfeng Ruoqing gave a look, and it was real!

Don't think that Nanfeng Zhirou was a princess embodied in all manners of pampering. For the sake of pursuing the martial path, she suffered no little hardship. Due to her being a martial artist who used a sword, it was hard for her hands to avoid calluses after so many years.

If one had to say the area which Nanfeng Zhirou was most displeased with herself, it would be this pair of hands. And now, her hands were fair and tender, impossibly fine. It was just like a young lady who grew up in a boudoir and completely unlike a martial artist's.

"I didn't think that Ye Yuan could actually refine such a miraculous medicinal pill! And he even said that not only did this Beauty Retaining Pill have zero side-effects, it even has the effects of improving the constitution. Can a Tier 2 medicinal pill attain such results?" Nanfeng Ruoqing was filled with disbelief.

She had always taken pride in her own Alchemy Dao attainments. But ever since meeting Ye Yuan, she knew that she was but a frog at the bottom of a well.

"Ah, Aunty!" Nanfeng Zhirou exclaimed in surprise again.

"What are you freaking out over, you bloody lass?" Nanfeng Ruoqing spat.

Nanfeng Zhirou moved closer to Nanfeng Ruoqing's face and exclaimed, "Aunt, in the past, you don't look like my aunt. Now, you look even less like my aunt!"

"Damn lass, if I'm not your aunt, then who is?"

"After you consumed the Beauty Retaining Pill, you're practically like my twin sister! Even though your age isn't that old, you look much younger now!" Nanfeng Zhirou cried out in surprise.

Ye Yuan refined a batch of Beauty Retaining Pills and gave Nanfeng Ruoqing and niece one each. Other than that, he also saved one for his mother and Lu-er.

"Ah? Is that true?" Nanfeng Ruoqing touched her face and said in astonishment.

"It's true! More real than real gold! There's a mirror here; quickly take a look!" Nanfeng Zhirou said and took a mirror, passing it over to Nanfeng Ruoqing.

Nanfeng Ruoqing faced the mirror to have a look and then exclaimed in surprise, "It's true! The current me looks like I returned back to two, three years ago; around the same age as you."

Even if Nanfeng Ruoqing's personality was very quiet, she was still overjoyed right now. As long as one was a woman, they would not have any resistance towards becoming beautiful.

"Hehe, when we go out next time, other people might think that you're my older sister!" Nanfeng Zhirou suddenly thought about this scene and grinned from ear to ear.

"Damn lass, no matter what I become, I'm still your aunt! If Imperial Brother heard these words, he would definitely confine you again!" Nanfeng Ruoqing glared.

Nanfeng Zhirou stuck out her tongue mischievously.

"En? Aunty, quickly look! Lu-er seems to be moving!" Nanfeng Zhirou suddenly cried out in joy.

Hearing Nanfeng Zhirou's shout, the two of them hurried over to the bed, only to see Lu-er's eyelids moving slightly as if she was really about to wake up.

Lu-er's frost poison was very powerful. It was almost on the verge of erupting. Hence, she was still temporarily unable to awaken after swallowing the Essence Yang Pill.

Ye Yuan already predicted earlier that it would take roughly another two, three days. Now, just over two days had passed, and Lu-er indeed woke up.

Lu-er's breathing became stable as she gradually opened her eyes. Her gaze was somewhat hazy.

"I . . . Where am I? Could it be that I'm already dead?"

"You silly lass, take a good look at who we are! Are you cursing us to die here?" Nanfeng Zhirou said huffily.

Nanfeng Ruoqing pulled on her clothing and shot her a glare before saying to Lu-er, "Lu-er, I'm Feng Ruoqing. Don't you remember me?"

Lu-er carefully sized up Nanfeng Ruoqing and suddenly exclaimed, "Ah! Aren't you Teacher Feng? Why are you . . . Why do you seem to have become different? Like . . . Like you became younger! Sorry, I . . . I . . ."

Nanfeng Ruoqing's blushed and said, "This is thanks to your family's young master. He refined a type of medicinal pill for us. After we took it, we became like this. Oh, right, how are you feeling right now? In order to save you, your young master could be said to have gone through fire and water during this one month!"

Lu-er was greatly alarmed when she heard this. "Is . . . Is Young Master okay?"

"Haha, of course he's fine! Your young master's life is tenacious as hell, how can he die so easily?"

Right then, a bout of laughter came from outside. It was precisely Ye Yuan.

Lu-er was immediately overjoyed when she heard Ye Yuan's voice and was about to climb up from the bed. Ye Yuan hurried went up to support her and said grumpily, "Lie down properly for me! What are you messing around for? You're still quite frail now; take a good rest."

Lu-er saw Ye Yuan, and her tears flowed down uncontrollably. "Young Master, I . . . I thought that I couldn't see Young Master anymore. Sniff sniff . . ."

Ye Yuan gently stroked Lu-er's fine hair and said with a smile, "Silly girl, with Young Master around, how could you die? Even if you entered King Yama's hall, Young Master could still pull you back! Alright, stop letting your thoughts run wild. I prepared some vitality replenishing medicinal pills for you. You recuperate for a while, and then we head back home!"