Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 190

Chapter 190: Teaching Father Alchemy
Chapter 190: Teaching Father Alchemy
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At the Ye Family courtyard, Ye Hang and Ye Yuan sat facing each other.

"Yuan-er, it's only been one month of not seeing you. To think that you broke through to the Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm!"

Ye Hang looked at Ye Yuan full of pride. Seeing his son improve at godspeed made him even happier than his own breakthrough.

"Haha, father's Second Level Crystal Formation Realm also stabilized, and you also successfully broke through to middle-rank Alchemy Grandmaster. This time, the Pill Grading Assembly that Wan Donghai cooked up is probably lifting a stone to smash his own feet," Ye Yuan said with a laugh.

"Haha, this is all thanks to you! If you didn't impart me those two cultivation methods, our Fragrant Medicine Pavilion could only avoid the edge."

"Humph! Avoid the edge? I will definitely pull out the Wan Family and the Su Family by the roots this time! If not for my life being tenacious, I would have long been murdered by those two family's people multiple times!" Speaking of the Wan Family and the Su Family, Ye Yuan was full of grievance.

Counting that time from his predecessor, it had already been more than three or four times that the Wan and Su Family plotted to harm him!

Especially that time by Su Yubai. If not for Huyan Yong stepping out bravely at the crucial time, he would have long been a ghost under the palm.

But Ye Hang shook his head and sighed. "Even if my strength had some breakthrough, to want to pull these two families up by the roots, I'm afraid that it's still beyond my means."

"Relax, Father. You just focus on working together with the Imperial Family to deal with the enemy. At the crucial moment, I will give them a huge surprise!"

"Oh? How will that work?" Ye Hang asked in slight shock.

In the State of Qin, the Su Family was extremely powerful. Even the Imperial Family was very wary of them.

More importantly, the Su Family had a backer in the Tranquil Cloud Sect. The Nanfeng Family did not dare to make a move recklessly the whole time.

The power of a sect was not something that a secular Imperial Family could withstand. Just the Ouyang Family alone could sweep across the Imperial Family by casually sending over a Seven or Eighth Level Crystal Formation Realm!

Not to mention that Crystal Formation Realm was only among the weakest within the sect's powerhouses.

"Follow me, Father." Ye Yuan got up and headed over to Ye Hang's private refinement room.

Ye Hang looked at Ye Yuan's secretive appearance and could not help following in puzzlement.

Arriving at the refinement room, Ye Yuan set down restrictions in the refinement room before saying to Ye Hang, "Look, Father."

As he spoke, Ye Yuan casually gestured. A white colored ape appeared out of thin air! It was precisely Yuan Fei!

However, Yuan Fei's condition did not appear to be too good. He was severely wounded by Black Crow Old Man and still had not recovered until now.

Although his injuries were not life-threatening, he required at least a month if he wants to fully recover.

And Ye Yuan was still unable to refine Tier 3 medicinal pills right now, so he had no way of helping Yuan Fei recover from his injuries.

However, Yuan Fei's appearance gave Ye Hang a huge shock. If not for his son telling him to pay attention just now, he might have already rushed to attack Yuan Fei right now.

"Sss . . . Tier 3 demonic beast! Just now, could that be . . . a spatial artifact?" Ye Hang's eyes were filled with intense shock. The gaze he looked at Ye Yuan with was full of incredulity!

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "That's right, it's precisely a Tier 3 demonic beast Long-arm Stone Ape and spatial artifact! He's called Yuan Fei; a servant I took in during this trip to the Endless Forest. This spatial artifact is also owned by Yuan Fei. Except, in order to protect me, he was wounded by a powerhouse and has not recovered until now."

This time, Ye Hang was shocked until he remained dazed for a long time before saying, "What kind of expert could actually hurt a Tier 3 demonic beast?! You actually got into trouble with such a terrifying expert when you went to participate in this Endless Trials?"

If Ye Yuan were not his son, he would definitely think that the other party was talking bullshit!

Also, Ye Yuan had only broken through to the Spirit Condensation Realm not long ago. How did he subdue a Tier 3 demonic beast?

This . . . This was simply incomprehensible!

Towards his father, Ye Yuan did not have the intention of concealing. He recounted the events of this trip of the Endless Forest modestly, leaving Ye Hang speechless for a long time.

Nevertheless, Ye Yuan did not say that who he encountered was a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse. He only said that he met a middle-stage Crystal Formation Realm expert. Both sides fought a great battle, which was why Yuan Fei suffered heavy injuries.

Even though he fabricated a master to use as a pretense, it was still too ludicrous for a Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm to kill a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse.

Ye Hang had always been very gratified by his son's rise, but he had never noticed that Ye Yuan had already grown to such an extent unwittingly.

After the shock, Ye Hang felt a sense of relief.

His son no longer needed to grow up under his wings! Ye Yuan had already become a towering tree!

"I really did not expect that you actually had such experiences in the Endless Forest. Just relying on this Long-arm Stone Ape clan, you can sweep across the State of Qin!" Ye Hang sighed emotionally.

Thousands and thousands upon of Long-arm Stone Apes! This force, when placed in the secular world, was too overwhelming!

"Father, Yuan Fei's injuries are very severe. But my current strength is too weak, so I can't refine Tier 3 healing medicinal pills. I brought you here to ask you to help him refine medicinal pills!" Ye Yuan said.

Ye Yuan had long refined medicinal pills for those injured Tier 2 Long-arm Stone Apes to treat them. Only Yuan Fei's wounds left him helpless, so it kept delaying until now.

Ye Hang was stunned when he heard that. He had never learned the refining method for demonic beast medicinal pills.

"But, I don't know how to refine medicinal pills for demonic beasts' use."

"Don't worry. Master once imparted me the pill formula and refinement method. I'll pass them all to you, then assist you in the refinement from the side. It should be able to work," Ye Yuan said.

This healing medicinal pill was not something too complicated. Ye Hang had already broken through to middle-rank Alchemy Grandmaster realm and also had Ye Yuan, this Alchemy Emperor guiding from the side. Refining it did not pose a problem.

"Your master is really an expert! He actually even know the refining methods for demonic beast medicinal pills! Alright. Father will learn a little about this demonic beast medicinal pill's refinement method!"

Ye Hang was also an alchemy fanatic. Once he heard that he could learn the refining method for new medicinal pills, he immediately behaved like he was on stimulants.

"Okay, this medicinal pill is called Bone Growing Pill. I've already prepared the ingredients. Now, I will pass the refining method to Father."

Finishing, Ye Yuan threw a jade slip to Ye Hang. Ye Hang sunk his divine sense inside and started to study the refining method for the Bone Growing Pill.

Ye Yuan had long prepared to let Ye Hang help to refine medicinal pills. Therefore, back in the imperial palace, he already let Nanfeng Ruoqing prepare the relevant ingredients.

While Tier 3 herbs were very precious, it could not stump the Imperial Family. The herbs required for the Bone Growing Pill was very common, so Nanfeng Ruoqing prepared them very swiftly.

While Ye Hang was studying the refining method for the Bone Growing Pill, Ye Yuan already finished pairing up all the ingredients and refined the medicinal embryo. 1 Ye Hang was only responsible for the final refinement. This way, it could ensure the maximum success rate.

After four hours, Ye Hang roused from his rumination. When he saw that Ye Yuan already finished refining the medicinal embryo, he could not help being secretly amazed.

"Done, let's start refining!" Ye Hang said.

"Okay. I prepared a total of five sets of herbs. It should be enough for Father to refine out the Bone Growing Pill. Start refining then, Father. I'll remind father on what to do at the critical moment," Ye Yuan said.

Ye Hang nodded. Gesturing with one hand, a portion of the medicinal embryo landed in his hands.