Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 191

Chapter 191: White Light Evolves!
Chapter 191: White Light Evolves!
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"Father, the medicinal pill isn't the most stable right now. Do your best to use soul strength to stabilize the structure of the medicinal pill!"

"Almost ready to condense the pill. Father, quickly reduce the flames. When condensing the Bone Growing Pill, one mustn't temper it with a large flame."

. . . . . .

This was already the third set of ingredients. Ye Hang's prior two refinements ended in failure.

Ye Yuan had been observing the process of the refinement by the side this whole time and guided from the side. But Ye Hang at the end still failed.

Although Ye Hang's refinement was full of flaws in Ye Yuan's eyes, he was currently lacking in strength even though he had the will, so he could only rely on Ye Hang.

Luckily, Ye Hang's alchemy standards were not bad. Having been through two failed attempts and with Ye Yuan's guidance by the side, Ye Hang's improvement was still very significant.

This third refinement was clearly much smoother. Some of the rocky areas previously were much mellower now.

Of course, this was due to Ye Yuan's detailed guidance from the side. Otherwise, even if one gave Ye Hang 10 sets or even 20 sets of ingredients, he would probably ruin them all.

After all, this was his first time refining demonic beast medicinal pills. And the essential points to take note of when refining demonic beast medicinal pills were entirely different from human ones.

With Ye Yuan's vision to guide Ye Hang, many aspects were targeted heavily, giving Ye Hang a feeling of being enlightened all at once.

Hence, he only refined twice and already knew the areas he made mistakes in like the back of his hands.

"Bone Growing Pill, condense!"

Following Ye Hang's low cry, the Bone Growing Pill was finally refined by him.

Ye Hang took out the Bone Growing Pill from the medicinal cauldron, but let out a sigh. "Pity, it's a low-grade."

"No matter. Father is already very impressive! We still have two sets of ingredients left. We should be able to refine middle-grade or even high-grade pills!"

Ye Hang nodded. "En, I'll try again."

With the fourth set of medicinal embryo, Ye Hang refined a middle-grade pill. All the way until the final portion of medicinal embryo, Ye Hang really refined out a high-grade Bone Growing Pill.

Ye Yuan saw the pill form, and his eyes involuntarily lit up.

Father's alchemic talent was truly extraordinarily high. Such comprehension ability was not something the average Alchemy Grandmasters could compare to.

Even though he was guiding by the side, it still greatly exceeded Ye Yuan's expectations for his father to refine out a high-grade Bone Growing Pill by just using five sets of medicinal embryo.

His original estimation was that his father could only refine middle-grade, maybe even low-grade. He did not imagine that Ye Hang surpassed that and completed the task.

Before this, Ye Yuan had never seen Ye Hang refine pills before and did not have a direct understanding of Ye Hang's alchemy skills. He only knew now that Ye Hang's skill was merely limited by soul strength. That was why he kept getting suppressed by Wan Donghai.

If he matched up against Wan Donghai again now, Wan Donghai would absolutely not be Ye Hang's match anymore.

Having refined a high-grade Bone Growing Pill, Ye Yuan's tightly wound nerves also loosened up.

Ultimately, Tier 3 herbs were not white cabbages. They could not be squandered limitlessly like Tier 1 and Tier 2 herbs.

Ye Yuan brought the Bone Growing Pill over for Yuan Fei to consume.

"Many thanks, Young Master!" Yuan Fei said weakly.

These few days, he had been suffering the torment of injuries. But he did not grumble to Ye Yuan at all, because he knew that Ye Yuan was even more severely wounded than him!

If not for the fact that Ye Yuan prepared healing medicinal pills beforehand, he would most likely already be dead now.

Ye Yuan beamed. "Why are you being courteous to me for? This time, if not for you, I would probably have never come out alive. It's just that my current strength is insufficient, which made you suffer hardships."

"This bit of injuries is nothing. Rather, it made me reminisce those memorable days of the past. These few years, I have always been living comfortably in the Crimson Summit Ridge. Most likely, this was also the reason why I kept being unable to break through, right? However, having witnessed Young Master's alchemy skills, I'm very glad to be able to follow Young Master now!" Yuan Fei said emotionally.

An Alchemy Master actually guided an Alchemy Grandmaster to refine medicinal pills. This was seriously overly subverting.

Although Yuan Fei did not know alchemy, he could see that Ye Yuan's alchemy standards were much higher than his father's; on completely different levels!

As long as Ye Yuan broke through to the Crystal Formation Realm and became an Alchemy Grandmaster, refining the Demon Crystal Pill would surely follow effortlessly!

While he did not know why Ye Yuan's alchemy standards were much higher than his father's, this was unimportant.

What was important was that Ye Yuan could bring him powerful might! Perhaps, he, Yuan Fei, was not without hope of impacting the bottleneck to become a Tier 4 demonic beast in his remaining years.

Ye Yuan knew what Yuan Fei was thinking of and said with a smile, "Haha, relax. Perhaps I don't even need a year, and I'll be able to refine the Demon Crystal Pill. Now, properly absorb the medicinal effects and recover your strength. I still have areas in need of your strength in a few days."

Yuan Fei nodded and did not say anything. He started to revolve essence energy to refine the medicinal effects.

Ye Yuan no longer bothered with Yuan Fei. He gestured with one hand again, and a little 'kitty' appeared out of nowhere. It was White Light.

It was just that White Light was currently sleeping. No matter how he called, he would not wake up. This situation had already persisted for two days. Ye Yuan also felt somewhat bewildered.

These two days, Ye Yuan refined many medicinal pills. He obviously would not forget to refine medicinal pills for White Light.

White Light was only a Tier 1 demonic beast. This was naturally not an issue to Ye Yuan.

Furthermore, Tier 1 herbs were plenty. Ye Yuan refined thousands of medicinal pills in one go, planning for White Light to slowly use.

Who knew that when Ye Yuan let White Light out, this little fellow's eyes instantly shone when he saw those medicinal pills, and swallowed up the thousands of medicinal pills in one breath, leaving Ye Yuan dumbfounded.

Even if it were him, he also would not dare to swallow medicinal pills like that! Was this little thing seeking death?

Ye Yuan was taken aback and was about to make White Light spit out all those medicinal pills. Who knew that this little fellow gave a burp, slanted his body, and fell asleep.

Initially, Ye Yuan thought that White Light was stuffed to death, so he quickly went forward to examine.

This check made Ye Yuan involuntarily click his tongue in amazement. This little fellow's breathing was calm. He was merely sleeping. Only then did he feel at ease.

However, this snooze lasted two days. White Light did not show the slightest sign of waking.

Although Ye Yuan had researched in depth into demonic beasts, he had truly never seen before this sort of situation. He could only check on White Light's state at all times.

Ye Yuan gave White Light another round of examination and discovered that White Light still did not show signs of waking. He was still dead asleep and would not wake up no matter how he called him.

However, Ye Yuan noticed that White Light's aura grew much stronger. He actually broke through already!

Originally, White Light was only at the early-stage Tier 1. After sleeping for two days, he actually already broke through to middle-stage Tier 1 quietly.

Could it be that this little fellow automatically refined the medicinal pills to break through in his sleep? This . . . was too effortless, right?

Ye Yuan became increasingly curious about White Light's history.

Now, it seemed like White Light was probably not an ordinary Flowing Light White Tiger.

Ye Yuan had never heard of Flowing Light White Tigers having a treasure-seeking innate divine ability nor them being able to evolve like this.

However, the characteristics on White Light's body was clearly Flowing Light White Tiger.

Ye Yuan could not figure it just why this was the case even after pondering over it.

It looked like he could only wait until he awakened his inherited memories to make sense of just what in the world happened to White Light's body.

Since he could not figure it out, Ye Yuan might as just not think about it. Keeping away White Light, Ye Yuan simply mediated to cultivate together with Ye Hang while quietly waiting for Yuan Fei to recover.

In a blink, one night passed. Yuan Fei suddenly snapped open his eyes and stood up.

"Young Master, I've recovered!"