Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 192

Chapter 192 Such A Fine Dog


“Song Family’s Family Head, Song Tian Ying arrives!”

“Pill Condensing Manor’s Manor Lord, Jiang Xin arrives!”

“Wang Family’s Family Head, Wang Jia arrives!”

. . . . . .

In front of the Drunken Star Manor’s gates, a steward repeatedly reported names in a loud voice.

Large family’s patriarchs, peers of the alchemy world, martial artists currently in the limelight, and notable figures in the capital virtually all converged at the Drunken Star Manor!

“Haha,for Song Family Head to grace us with your presence, you’re really showering glory on our humble abode! Quickly come inside and sit!”

“Aiyo,isn’t this Jiang Manor Lord? Long time no see, long time no see! Please come in, please come in!”

Wan Dongyang welcomed guests at the entrance and was awfully busy.

Anyone could tell the delight on Wan Dongyang’s face.

Even though Wan Dongyang was verbally courteous, that haughty air made these distinguished aristocrats feel somewhat displeased.

However, no matter how unhappy they were, they had no choice.

Because from today onwards, the Drunken Star Manor would be the indisputable king of the State of Qin’s alchemy world!

Even the Imperial Family would likely have to be dependent on the Drunken Star Manor!

Because the Imperial Family had to nurture talents, so they had no choice but to purchase the Drunken Star Manor’s medicinal pills. If not, their young generation would fall behind the other families.

Most importantly, it was to fall behind the Su Family!

Everybody already deemed that the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion would vanish from the capital from now on. This force that was propped up by the Imperial Family to impede the Drunken Star Manor would completely dissolve!

But they had no choice. To launch three new types of medicinal pills in one move, the impact it had toward the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion was seriously too great!

Therefore, Wan Dongyang had the right to be high and mighty!

“Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s Pavilion Lord, Ye Hang arrives! Imperial Uncle Nanfeng Lou, Eldest Princess, Nanfeng Ruoqing arrives!” the steward called out loudly once again.

Speaking of which, it was quite a coincidence that Ye Hang actually arrived at virtually the same time with the Nanfeng family representatives.

When organizing such a glorious event, whoever arrived first or later was not on a whim.

Although those who entered prior to this were prominent figures in the capital, when compared to the characters who appeared now, they were insignificant.

It should be said that the earlier one arrived, the smaller the force. The later one came, the heavier the weight they carried.

Logically speaking, the Imperial Family’s representatives should be the last to arrive. But now, Nanfeng Lou was not the last to reach, because the Su Family’s representative had yet to come!

Wan Dongyang saw Nanfeng Lou and Nanfeng Ruoqing and hastily went up to pay respects. “Wan Dongyang pays respects to Imperial Uncle, pays respects to Eldest Princess!”

Nanfeng Lou furrowed his brows and said unhappily, “Where’s Wan Donghai? I represent the arrival of the Imperial Family. Doesn’t he, the owner, know how to come out to welcome people?”

Towards Nanfeng Lou’s displeasure, Wan Dongyang behaved like he did not see it. He just flashed an apologetic smile and said, “Calm your anger, Imperial Uncle. There are too many guests today. Elder Brother has his hands completely full and truly cannot free himself. Hence, he arranged for me to be here to welcome Imperial Uncle and Eldest Princess.”

“Such impudence! This State of Qin is still under the regime of the Nanfeng Family, and your Wan Family already dares to be so unbridled?” Nanfeng Lou was enraged when he heard that.

“Haha,Imperial Uncle can also see it; there are seriously too many people at this Pill Grading Assembly. This is also the first time our Drunken Star Manor organized such a major event, so we really don’t have any experience. If there are any areas where we did not receive you well, please be magnanimous enough to forgive us, Imperial Uncle. Although I, Wan Dongyang, am not the owner of the Drunken Star Manor, I’m still born from the same mother as my Elder Brother; the Second Owner of the Drunken Star Manor. Being here to receive Imperial Uncle is also justifiable, right?”

Wan Dongyang’s smirking look made Nanfeng Lou so incensed that smoke was coming out of his orifices.

Within the secular world, the imperial power was supreme.

Nanfeng Lou was the Emperor, Nanfeng Yi’s blood uncle. He represented the entire Imperial family. No matter how busy Wan Donghai was, he should also be here to welcome Nanfeng Lou right now.

However, Wan Donghai avoided meeting him. This was clearly showing one up on the Imperial Family.

This Pill Grading Assembly today had other motives!

“Humph!Looks like the Drunken Star Manor really makes light of the Imperial Family! Since that’s the case, Qing-er, let’s go!” Finishing, Nanfeng Lou really flicked his sleeves and left.

But Wan Dongyang did not have the slightest intention of stopping. He just smiled and watched Nanfeng Lou leave.

“Hang on, Imperial Uncle.”

Right then, a slightly tender voice sounded out. It was Ye Yuan who tagged along with Ye Hang. When Nanfeng Lou heard this, he paused his footsteps.

Nanfeng Lou was clearly also an alchemy fanatic. He basically had no experience on how to handle such situations.

This situation was directed against the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion on the surface, but in reality, it was pointing straight at the Imperial Family. This fact was clear at a glance for those with discerning eyes.

If there was nobody present from the Imperial Family today, that would be equivalent to stepping back without even fighting.

Those people inside might not be loyal to the Imperial Family, but in the human world, it had always been the word ‘benefits’ that reigned above. There was not much difference to them who became the emperor.

Therefore, even if the Wan Family continued putting them down, Nanfeng Lou must not leave!

The Imperial Family must have somebody present in this Pill Grading Assembly. Or else, those fence-sitters who were kept in the dark would really lean towards the Su Family!

When Nanfeng Ruoqing saw that it was Ye Yuan, she also could not help being slightly surprised. She was also caught off-guard by this situation happening under her eyes and did not know what to do. Just as she was wavering on whether to leave or not, Ye Yuan called out timely.

“What you do want to say, little child?” Nanfeng Lou asked with a frown.

Ye Yuan ignored Nanfeng Lou. Instead, he copied the steward’s voice and called out loudly, “Su Family’s Family Head, Su Yulin arrives!”

Wan Dongyang’s face changed while others were a little unsure, only to see Wan Donghai walking out in quick strides with a wide beam on his face.

Except, when he just came out, the grin on his face froze right there.

Seeing Nanfeng Lou and Ye Hang, Wan Donghai immediately knew that he fell for it!

Sweeping a glance over everyone’s face only to see Ye Yuan looking at him merrily, Wan Donghai’s face fell. It was this brat’s doing again!

He already came out, so it was naturally not nice to go back in. He could only toughen his scalp to come forth to pay respects.

“Wan Donghai pays respects to Imperial Uncle, pays respects to Eldest Princess. Dongyang, seriously you; Imperial Uncle and Eldest Princess arrived, why didn’t you call me?” Wan Donghai did not give other people a chance to speak and lectured Wan Dongyang straightaway.

Wan Dongyang instantly understood and condemned himself as he said, “It’s all my fault, owner. I saw that you were too busy back there and had no time to receive guests, so . . .”

“Shut up! Are Imperial Uncle and Eldest Princess ordinary people?” Wan Donghai reprimanded as he turned to Nanfeng Lou and said, “My younger brother does not know any better. Imperial Uncle, please don’t find fault.”

Nanfeng Lou was about to speak when Ye Yuan started laughing loudly. “Manor Lord Wan, it’s truly a waste for you to not become an actor.Hahaha,you’re killing me!Hahaha,the two of you singing and chiming along together really cracks me up!”

Wan Donghai’s face darkened. He was well aware that this brat had a sharp tongue. The more he spoke, the more he will be dragged into the gutter, so he might as well just ignore him.

However, Ye Yuan clearly did not have the intention of letting him off. He continued laughing and said, “Manor Lord Wan, you’re such a fine dog. The moment you hear your owner arrived, you immediately ran out obediently. Just now, inside there, were you perking up your ears just to listen?”

“Ye Yuan, Imperial Uncle and Eldest Princess are present. How can your insolence be tolerated!” Just a few sentences and Wan Donghai was on the verge of exploding again.