Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 193

Chapter 193 Dont Interfere With My Posturing


“Haha,Wan Donghai, you’re really ballsy! You actually dare to talk this way to a Tranquil Cloud Sect core disciple?” Ye Yuan suddenly kept away his smile and said icily.

Wan Donghai’s expression changed when he heard that. He really forgot that Ye Yuan had already obtained the status of a Tranquil Cloud Sect core disciple!

A Tranquil Cloud Sect core disciple was even more exalted than a secular world emperor!

If there were no accidents, many of those among the core disciples would end up taking on important sect positions in the future!

In front of Ye Yuan, what did he, Wan Donghai, even count as?

“What? Could it be that in Manor Lord Wan’s eyes, that master of yours is even more exalted than me, the high sect’s core disciple? I’ve already stood here for a long time, and you don’t even know how to come out to greet me!” Ye Yuan became fiercer as he spoke.

Wan Donghai’s old face became like a chameleon, changing multiple colors already.

He loathed in his heart!

Even though he knew that this was Ye Yuan assuming the majesty of the tiger, there wasn’t the slightest bit he could do to him.

Ye Yuan’s present identity was overly sensitive!

In front of so many people, how could Wan Donghai dare be disrespectful to the high sect’s core disciple? If he really did that, then even if he got rid of Ye Yuan, if the matter reached the Tranquil Cloud Sect, he, Wan Donghai, would die a thousand times over!

The power of a sect was simply unimaginable to the secular world. As an Alchemy Grandmaster, Wan Donghai was naturally even more deeply aware of this point!

“En?Could it be that I, the high sect’s core disciple, is still lacking the status for you to pay respects?” Ye Yuan said with a frown.

Wan Donghai gritted his teeth and was about to pay obeisance when a voice sounded out. “You haven’t even entered the sect yet. Junior Apprentice Brother Ye is really overbearing! Which rule in the sect allows disciples to abuse power and bully others?”

Everyone turned around when they heard that only to see three people arriving jointly; two elderly and one young.

The two elderly were not others, but precisely Su Yulin and Su Yubai, and that young one walking in the center could also be considered an old acquaintance of Ye Yuan’s. Who could it be other than Yang Hao?

That voice just now was precisely uttered by Yang Hao.

When Wan Donghai saw Yang Hao, it was like he was granted amnesty. He hastily went forward to pay respects. “Wan Donghai pays respect to Mister Yang!”

Yang Hao casually waved his hands to motion Wan Donghai to rise. He then said to Ye Yuan, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, you’re the one in the wrong here. When we, sect disciples, go outside, we have to win people over by virtue. How can we force others to pay obeisance?”

The current Yang Hao had recovered that sort of high and above attitude, compared to what happened during their previous encounter.

Ye Yuan did not say anything. He just looked towards Yang Hao’s back as if he was looking for something.

Yang Hao could not help being puzzled. He followed Ye Yuan’s sight to the back but did not see anything. However, he quickly realized what Ye Yuan’s meaning was, and his old face involuntarily turned red as he wished he could find a hole in the ground to crawl into.

This was a threat! A blatant threat!

If Ye Yuan were to tell the events of the fire battle in front of so many people, what face did he have left to stay on?

Forget about staying here, he could not even stay on in the State of Qin!

A high-rank Alchemy Master battling fire with a low-rank Alchemy Master, and the result was being burned by him until his behind was exposed. The majesty of him, this Tranquil Cloud Sect’s core disciple, would become non-existent!

Furthermore, a veteran core disciple who actually could not even win a newbie who had yet to be initiated. What kind of gaze would others look at him with?

The crowd was uncertain, so they also followed Ye Yuan’s eyes to look over, but did not discover anything. They did not know what Ye Yuan was trying to mystify.

However, they saw Yang Hao’s expression and knew that there was definitely something that happened between the two of them.

It was just that Ye Yuan kept smiling like this without saying anything. They also did not know what medicine he was selling in his gourd.

Doing nothing but just looking!

“Ye Yuan, if you dare to speak of that matter, I guarantee that you will die a horrible death!” Yang Hao transmitted his voice to threaten.

“Aiyo,I’m timid. Don’t scare me, Senior Apprentice Brother Yang! I have a problem. Once I’m intimidated by someone, I can’t control my mouth. If I were to spill the beans, Senior Apprentice Brother Yang mustn’t blame me,” Ye Yuan replied through transmission.

“You! Truly despicable! Fine, what do you want so that you won’t say a single thing?” Yang Hao had no choice but to give in.

“Uh,haven’t thought of it yet. For now, don’t interfere with my posturing and that will do. I had a hard time before I made it through the Nine Heavens Road and obtained core disciple status. You got to at least let me posture here in the secular world. Otherwise, when I arrive at the sect, I’ll be at the bottom of the barrel. Even if I want to posture then, I wouldn’t be able to,” Ye Yuan said.

“. . . Fine, I won’t talk.” Yang Hao finally chose to compromise, so he could only come to terms.

The crowd also saw that these two people were transmitting their voices, but nobody knew what on earth the pair were talking about.

Suddenly, Ye Yuan’s face turned frosty again, and he said to Wan Donghai, “Wan Donghai! You haven’t come to pay respects. Do you really want to slight the high sect?”

Another large charge clamped down on him, but this time, Wan Donghai did not lose his head like before, because there was still another core disciple around!

Wan Donghai looked at Yang Hao with eager eyes, but Yang Hao had an icy face as he said, “What are you staring blankly for? Go and pay respects! Could it be that this Yang Hao’s Junior Apprentice Brother is not worthy for you to pay respect to?”


What sort of situation was this?

Everyone was stunned!

Ye Hang, Nanfeng Lou, Nanfeng Ruoqing, Su Yulin and his brother were all collectively stunned!

What the hell was this? Wasn’t the change in attitude too quick?

Wasn’t he still prepared to exchange blows with Ye Yuan just now? Why did the wind direction change in a blink of an eye and he became apprentice brothers with Ye Yuan?

Of course, the one who was the most stunned was still Wan Donghai.

He had just prepared to straighten his waist. Now, he had to bend back down.

Oh, this old waist . . .

Seeing no action taken by Wan Donghai for some time, Yang Hao said impatiently, “What? Didn’t you hear what I say, Manor Lord Wan?”

“Ah?I . . .”

Wan Donghai was so stifled. He fought with Ye Hang for so many years without even paying obeisance to each other. But now, he had to show deference to his son.

“You what you, hurry up! Are you still planning on holding this Pill Grading Assembly or not?” Yang Hao said with a frown.

Wan Donghai knew that he could not avoid this, so he gritted his teeth and gave Ye Yuan a deep bow. “Wan Donghai pays respect to the high sect’s core disciple, Mister Ye!”

Ye Yuan chortled and said, ‘Quickly rise, Manor Lord Wan. This bow of yours really humbles me greatly!”

Finishing, Ye Yuan suddenly turned to Su Yulin and said with a smile, “Su Family Head, isn’t it your turn?”

Su Yulin was stupefied. He did not think that Ye Yuan would actually point the gun barrel at him. When he reacted, he could not help bursting into a rage.

As a matter of fact, his Su Family’s position in the State of Qin was indeed much higher than the Wan Family’s. But in front of a colossal behemoth like the Tranquil Cloud Sect, the Su Family and Wan Family were no different.

Ye Yuan was using his status as the high sect’s core disciple to pay respects now. If he were to not show deference, wouldn’t that be willful disobedience?

But the problem was that Ye Yuan could very well be the murderer who killed Su Yishan!

Asking him to pay respect to the enemy who killed his son? That was impossible!

“Don’t go too overboard, Ye Yuan! I haven’t even settled the scores with you about Yishan’s matters!” Su Yulin roared angrily.

Ye Yuan ignored him, his gaze floating over to Yang Hao’s behind again.

Yang Hao was about to crumble. He said in a low voice, “Su Family Head, it’s just paying respect. You also won’t lose a piece of flesh! By right, you should pay respect to Junior Apprentice Brother Ye!”