Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 194

Chapter 194 Inciting Public Sentiment


Su Yulin’s face turned green. He looked towards Ye Yuan with eyes brimming with killing intent, as if he was looking at a dead man.

With Su Yulin’s relations, he could, in fact, ignore Yang Hao.

But what Yang Hao represented was not himself, but Yao Qian behind him!

Today’s matter was excessively important. To the Su Family, it could not afford any slightest room for error. If he were to lose the entire game due to offending Yao Qian, then he, Su Yulin, would be the sinner of the Su Family.

Thinking up to this point, Su Yulin simply shut his eyes and gave Ye Yuan a bow. “Su Yulin, pays respect to the high sect’s core disciple, Mister Ye!”

Su Yulin deliberately dragged out the ‘Ye’ to express his displeasure.

But Ye Yuan did not mind. He chuckled and said, “Looks like the Su Family is still very respectful towards my Tranquil Cloud Sect. Not bad, not bad! Hey, it’s getting late, what’s everyone still standing here for? Standing until my legs are already aching. Manor Lord Wan, is this your way of treating guests?”

Wan Donghai was so furious in his heart!

Just who was the one making a displaying of might and delaying everyone from going in?

Now that you finished posturing, you even say that your legs are aching?! I’ve never heard of any Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist whose legs ache after standing a while!

“Mister Yang, Brother Yulin, please!” Wan Donghai shot a fierce glare at Ye Yuan and then said to Yang Hao and Su Yulin.

The group of people headed for the inner hall. Nanfeng Ruoqing’s and Ye Yuan’s eyes met as they smiled and also went in.

. . . . . .

The Drunken Star Manor specially opened up an enormous hall just for today’s grand event. It was enough to house all the big and small families in the capital.

This spectacle was even grander than the Imperial Family’s state banquet. It clearly already surpassed that.

But at this time, nobody was paying heed to these anymore. After today’s exchange, there would surely be one side who must withdraw from the stage of history.

After Su Yulin and the rest sat down, Wan Donghai went to the center of the great hall. He spoke in a clear voice, “Everyone, today, the aim of our Drunken Star Manor organizing this Pill Grading Assembly is to promote our State of Qin’s medicinal pill business! Next, I would like to introduce a distinguished guest to everyone first.”

Speaking up to this point, Wan Donghai paused to create suspense.

Indeed, those aristocrats looked towards Yang Hao, because he was seated in the most prominent position!

Everybody was speculating just who this young man was, to actually seat in the seat of honor above Nanfeng Lou and Su Yulin.

And those two person’s faces were calm as if they were not at all unhappy.

“This person hails from the high sect, core disciple Mister Yang. He represents the high sect this trip to cheer on this Pill Grading Assembly of ours!” Wan Donghai introduced loudly.

With Wan Donghai’s introduction, the audience burst into an uproar.

Tranquil Cloud Sect core disciple. This identity was too illustrious!

No wonder he could seat above the Imperial Family and Su Family.

Don’t look at how these people could summon wind and rain in the State of Qin. In all of their years, they might not have really met anyone who came from the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

“No way? The Wan Family can actually call down a core disciple from the high sect? There’s probably going to be a good show to watch today!”

“Hehe,a high sect core disciple coming to pay tribute to the Wan Family. There is much food for thought involved in this.”

“Could it be that the high sect is already displeased with the Imperial Family? Originally, today was only to come and view the new medicinal pills. To think that something like this actually happened! I wonder how the Nanfeng Family is going to handle this big introduction from the Su Family!”

“Who cares! We’re all merchants; what we pursue is benefits. As long as there’s money to be made, who cares whom the emperor is? My goal of coming here today is to seize the power of agency for the new medicinal pills!”

“Humph!I’m definitely getting these new medicinal pills’ distribution right!”

“Heh heh,then to each his own! I’ve already put down an arm and leg for today’s Pill Grading Assembly. How can I possibly lose to you?!”

For some time, there were clamors among the nobles.

When Su Yulin saw this scene, he involuntarily felt great satisfaction.

He planned for so many years. Finally, he could realize his ambition!

Once Yang Hao, this big move, was executed, it was equal to him winning half the battle!

What Yang Hao represented was the Tranquil Cloud Sect. If even the Tranquil Cloud Sect supported him, there should not be a need for him to waste his breath on which side these people should stand on, right?

Su Yulin’s gaze swept around but finally landed on Ye Yuan, his complexion turning icy involuntarily.

Ye Yuan seemed to have sensed something and looked towards him, even flashing him a grin.

Not knowing why, being looked at like that by Ye Yuan made Su Yulin feel uneasy.

Su Yulin had a feeling that the greatest variable today would lie with Ye Yuan!

Su Yulin also could not verbalize why he had this sort of feeling, but he just felt that the threat from Ye Yuan was even greater than Ye Hang’s!

This sort of feeling was very unusual. Ye Yuan clearly only had Spirit Condensation Realm cultivation. He simply could not join in the conflict between Crystal Formation Realm martial artists.

But why was this sort of feeling still so intense? Was it because of Ye Yuan’s performance outside?

Although Ye Yuan also had core disciple status now, he was simply incomparable to Yang Hao.

Even if Ye Yuan flashed his identity, Su Yulin also had ways to make a comeback!

“Cough, cough,everyone! Quiet down!” Wan Donghai made a silence gesture with his hands. After the great hall quieted down, he said in a loud voice again, “Mister Yang is the high sect’s Pill Hall elder’s, Yao Qian’s, disciple! Elder Yao and Elder Ouyang are bosom friends! Today, for Mister Yang to come for the Pill Grading Assembly, this Wan expresses my heartfelt gratitude!”

Another huge commotion!

Even though everyone had some speculations, with Wan Donghai saying it out, it still made everybody draw in a cold breath.

In many people’s hearts, the scales had already completely tipped over to the Su Family’s side!

This was likely the greatest calamity faced by the Nanfeng Family since the establishment of the State of Qin!

Countless people’s gaze looked over to Nanfeng Lou, their eyes filled with sympathy.

They were aware that the Nanfeng Family also had ties to the Tranquil Cloud Sect. But they were totally negligible compared to the entire Pill Hall!

“No way? What does Wan Donghai mean? Could this be the high sect’s Pill Hall showing their attitude in wanting to dispose of the Nanfeng Family?”

“Unlikely! Without extenuating circumstances, the high sect won’t intervene in the secular world’s replacement of the imperial authority! If the Su Family had the support of the entire Pill Hall, then it probably wouldn’t be just one core disciple who came. They would also have no need to host this Pill Grading Assembly!”

“En,what you said is right. But even so, this influence borrowed by the Su Family is also too strong!”

“Yeah! The Nanfeng Family is in danger this time!”

Just two sentences from Wan Donghai already smashed apart all the hopes of the Nanfeng Family.

Nanfeng Lou sat in the position beneath Yang Hao, his expression looking very ugly. Even Nanfeng Ruoqing beside him also did not look too good.

This move from the Su Family was too ruthless!

Nanfeng Lou and Nanfeng Ruoqing were seized with a sudden impulse to look at Ye Yuan. If Ye Yuan flashed his identity, would it be of aid to this situation?

The pair exchanged glances, but Nanfeng Ruoqing shook her head slightly.

It was true that Ye Yuan obtained core disciple status, but he had not even entered the sect yet. Even if he revealed his identity, it would not help things at all.

The terror of Yang Hao’s identity did not lie in him being a core disciple, but in the Pill Hall behind him!

Under this sort of circumstances, what should be done? Nanfeng Ruoqing could not but to panic secretly.