Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 209

Chapter 209: Utter Loss of Face!
Chapter 209: Utter Loss of Face!
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"Second Brother!"

When Su Yulin saw Su Yubai's tragic state, he exploded in anger.

"Ye Yuan! If I, Su Yulin, don't kill you, I'm lesser than human!"

Su Yulin thoroughly went berserk!

The three closest people in the Su Family all died in Ye Yuan's hands. The killing intent in Su Yulin's chest was about to punch through the skies.

"Ye Yuan! Die! Tranquil Profound Ice Palm!"

The full power attack from a Second Level Crystal Formation Realm caused the great hall's temperature to drop in an instant.

Ye Yuan who was bearing the brunt of it felt a limitless cold attack coming, virtually freezing his entire body!

Ye Hang's face fell and immediately unleashed Violent Blaze Transforming Dragon!

But Yao Qian's hands moved slightly, and a boundless essence energy ball gathered in the palm of his hand.


The fire dragon collided with the essence energy ball in midair. A massive recoil sent Ye Hang flying out, crashing heavily onto the wall.

This was the true disparity between Sea Transformation Realm and Crystal Formation Realm!

Yao Qian's actions were relaxed without any effort at all, but Ye Hang could not even withstand this blow.

"If anyone else intervenes, it wouldn't be so simple next time!" Yao Qian said coldly.

Due to his identity as envoy, Yao Qian could not attack Ye Yuan. But if Su Yulin killed Ye Yuan, others naturally could not complain.

Seeing Ye Hang injured, Ye Yuan's face darkened.

He was truly infuriated!

Su Yulin's Tranquil Profound Ice Palm had already approached, but Ye Yuan did not have the slightest intention of dodging.

"Go and die, Ye Yuan!" Su Yulin's had a ferocious expression as a palm landed on Ye Yuan's body!

"Careful!" Yao Qian's face changed as he warned.

"Humph! Too late!"

Ye Yuan who was frozen suddenly transformed into a bundle of yellow flame and Su Yulin's palm started burning!

"Essence fire!"

Su Yulin clearly recognized what this was as well and could not help faltering. He hurriedly pulled back his palm, but it was already too late!

The essence fire crept upwards from his palm instantly. A horrifying flame promptly burned his palm into ashes!

But it was not over yet. The Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame gradually burned Su Yulin's entire body like bone infesting maggots!

Virtually in an instant, Su Yulin became a burnt person!

How could Su Yulin withstand the might of a Tier 4 essence fire?

A pin drop could be heard in the entire great hall. Only Su Yulin's miserable cry echoed.

Ye Yuan used the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus's true body to create an avatar body just now and did not release the flame through his meridians.

This was the strongest state of the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame!

Su Yulin's palm landed, but he himself jumped into a fire pit!

After several dozen breaths of time, the charcoal-like Su Yulin collapsed onto the ground and stayed down. He was already charred beyond recognition. One could only see the shape of a person.

Those present exchanged glances, their eyes revealing complicated feelings. They were utterly unsure of what to say.

Today, the shock Ye Yuan gave them was overly intense. He overturned the Su Family virtually all by himself!

And he was merely Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm.

"Wh-What was that just now? Su Yulin is Second Level Crystal Formation Realm. He's gone just like that?"

"Too scary! That was essence fire! And from the looks of it, it's at least a Tier 3 essence fire! No . . . possibly even higher!"

"B-But Ye Yuan is only at the Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm. How did he subdue such a high ranking essence fire?"

"Are you daft? Can Ye Yuan's performance be measured using common sense? Have you seen before a Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm killing a half-step Crystal Formation Realm? Have you seen before the emperor pay such solemn respects to a youth? Have you seen before anyone who could kill in front of a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse?"

". . . . . ."

Many people were discussing Ye Yuan softly. Before they came to this Pill Grading Assembly, they thought of numerous possibilities, but they would never have thought that it was evolved to this sort of situation!

The situation in front of them already completely broke out of control. There was no longer anyone who could control the current situation.

Most likely, even that Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse could not control it either.

Because the Su Family was thoroughly finished!"

"Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus! Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame! You . . . You actually had such a level of lucky encounter!" Yao Qian stared at Ye Yuan with a dull look in his eyes. His brain could not quite wrap itself around it for a moment.

However, the eyes he looked at Ye Yuan with quickly transformed from astonishment into greed!

Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame. This was a Tier 4 essence fire! If he acquired it, perhaps there was still hope of him advancing into the Alchemy King realm in this life!

But it was just a thought. He did not dare to kill Ye Yuan in front of so many people.

The sect attached much importance to disciples who made it past the Nine Heavens Road. Otherwise, they also would not directly bequeath core disciple status.

Although Ye Yuan had not entered the sect currently. But in reality, he was already registered by the sect.

The Tranquil Cloud Sect's rules were that no internecine was allowed between fellow members. This was an iron-clad rule! He, an elder, had no authority to privately punish disciples.

But Ye Yuan did not answer Yao Qian's question. Instead, he said coldly, "Yao Qian! You're very good! Today's matter of injuring my father, I've noted it down!"

Not knowing why, hearing Ye Yuan's threat and seeing that ice-cold gaze of his, Yao Qian could not stop himself from trembling.

Could it be that I'm afraid? What kind of joke is this? The other party is only a Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm little bastard! Yao Qian felt baffled by his own reaction.

Perhaps to other people, Ye Yuan's threat to Yao Qian appeared so pale and hilarious, but Huyan Yong found this scene rather familiar!

Back then, when Ye Yuan was nearly killed by Su Yubai's sneak attack, he also used this kind of 'hilarious' words to threaten him.

Most probably, even Su Yubai could not have imagined that Ye Yuan could actually realize those seemingly 'hilarious' threatening words so quickly.

Huyan Yong felt that Yao Qian attacking Ye Hang today was the most foolish thing he had ever done in his entire life!

Ye Yuan went to Ye Hang's side and helped Ye Hang inspect his body. His brows could not help furrowing.

Ye Hang's injuries were not light. It was evident that the blow from Yao Qian earlier was not held back. This intensified the killing intent in Ye Yuan's heart.

But Ye Yuan knew that it was impossible to kill Yao Qian today.

He could kill Black Crow Old Man the other time because of favorable timing, geographical, and human conditions; not a single one could be omitted. It simply could not be replicated again. Even if Ye Yuan could sense that there was also essence fire in Yao Qian's body, it was also impossible to display flame explosion to blow the other party up.

While Yao Qian might be an alchemist, he was also a genuine Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse! Even if his combat power was lacking, it was also not something that the people present here could rival.

"Teacher Huyan, can you please bring my father away from here first," Ye Yuan said.

"Okay!" Huyan Yong did not hesitate and directly agreed.

"Humph! You killed the Su Family trio brothers and want to leave just like this? Aren't you looking down on me too much?" Yao Qian said with a cold snort when he saw the situation.

The aura of a Sea Transformation Realm was released once again, crushing everyone until they were suffocating.

"What? Does Elder Yao Qian want to kill all of us to take revenge for those three brothers? I recall that a certain someone said that if somebody could harm a hair of the Su Family brothers in front of him, he would immediately get lost. Looks like sect elder's words is just like farting!" Ye Yuan said with a sneer.

Yao Qian could not help freezing when he heard that. He still thought about skating over it just now, but he did not imagine that Ye Yuan did not forget it and brought this matter up again.

This time, the face of him, a sect elder, was utterly lost!