Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 210

Chapter 210: Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword Art, Thousand Flowing Petals!
Chapter 210: Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword Art, Thousand Flowing Petals!
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"Humph! Even if I don't bother about the Su Family affairs, there will naturally be people who will care about it! Stinking brat, just wait to receive the flames of wrath from the Ouyang Family!" Yao Qian found a way for him to step off the stage.

"This won't need to trouble Elder Yao. Even if the sky falls, there's me, Ye Yuan, catching it!"

If it were before today, Yao Qian would definitely snort in derision at these words.

But today, Ye Yuan's methods came in endless streams. He clearly only had Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm strength, but that could make Yao Qian, a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse, felt like Ye Yuan was a hard nut to crack.

Though his words were rampant, Ye Yuan truly had the capital to be unbridled.

However, he did not plan on letting Ye Yuan off just like this. Or else, where would he put the face of him, this elder?

"Since the matter over here is done, then let's deal with the sect's internal affairs! Ye Yuan, you secretly stole sect pill formulas and circulated them into the secular world! This sin is unforgivable! Initially, I came to welcome you into the sect. But now, as a sect elder, I have no choice but to escort you into the sect to wait for the sect's decision! Are you going to surrender or do you want me to make a move?" Yao Qian recovered to that insufferably arrogant sect elder at this moment again.

The Su Family's matters were already a foregone conclusion. Even he was helpless about it.

But if he let Ye Yuan swagger his way into the sect, putting aside other things, he could not give an account over at Ouyang Ming's side.

Only by marching Ye Yuan into the sect could he look a bit better on the surface.

When Yao Qian's words fell, the temperature in the great hall dropped drastically.

Everyone understood that this was Yao Qian killing the chicken to warn the monkeys!

On the one hand, he was striking the Imperial Family. On the other hand, he was hammering Ye Yuan. Killing two birds with one stone!

Furthermore, if he entered the sect with this criminal charge, Ye Yuan would probably find it hard to retreat unscathed.

When Ye Yuan heard that, he suddenly grinned and said, "Then I'll have to seek advice from Elder Yao's brilliant moves! Everyone leave this place first! Once Elder Yao makes his move, most likely not a living being will survive! Your Majesty, I'll hand Wan Donghai and his son over to you. Don't let me down!"

The crowd felt touched when they heard it.

This was Ye Yuan not wanting to harm the innocent. The might of a Sea Transformation Realm attacking was extraordinary. That bout with Ye Hang just now was already considered showing mercy.

Even though Ye Yuan's performance was very monstrous, they all knew that there were elements of gaining advantage through trickery. Genuinely facing a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse like Yao Qian, it was impossible for Ye Yuan to be his match.

"Yuan . . . Yuan-er!" Ye Hang doted on Ye Yuan the most and was naturally unwillingly to leave alone.

Ye Yuan flashed Father a smile and said, "Don't worry, he won't dare to kill me! If I can't beat him, at most, it's just suffering a little. Leave this place first, Father, I know what I'm doing."

Seeing those firm eyes of Ye Yuan's, Ye Hang nodded and said, "You be careful!"

The crowd left the Drunken Star Manor. The originally packed great hall only had Ye Yuan and Yao Qian left at present.

Yao Qian did not stop the others from leaving and also did not bother about Wan Donghai's life or death. He just wanted Ye Yuan to crawl out from here!

"Use the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame as well. If I guess correctly, your trump cards should be all used up, right? What method do you planning on using to deal with me?" Yao Qian said nonchalantly.

"Tch, don't you feel too immature for trying to goad me like this? Or is Elder Yao scared?" Ye Yuan said with a cold smile.

"What a joke! Do you feel that a Sea Transformation Realm would fear you, a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist?"

Although he flatly denied it, not knowing why, Yao Qian had a feeling like anger from having his thoughts read.

Ye Yuan's means were endless. To say that Yao Qian was as steady as Mount Tai, even he himself did not quite believe it!

After all, Tier 4 essence fire was an existence which was already sufficient to threaten him!

"Haha, enough crap. Bring it on!"

Finishing, Ye Yuan did not wait for Yao Qian to attack. He walked out from his own body.

One Ye Yuan became two Ye Yuans just like this!

Yao Qian's pupils involuntarily shrunk when he saw this!

He still thought that Ye Yuan would play hide-and-seek with him using the avatar body. Who knew that Ye Yuan would actually showcase his avatar body so openly? What was he planning on doing?

Yao Qian did not dare to delay. Putting his hands together, he began to gather essence energy!
The ace in the hole for Sea Transformation Realm martial artists!

Right then, Ye Yuan's avatar body moved!

He would not stand there stupidly and watch Yao Qian gather essence energy. If he let a Sea Transformation Realm gather essence energy, what did he need to fight for?

There was only the outcome of a one-shot kill!

The timing of the avatar body making its move was grasped perfectly. It just happened to disrupt the rhythm of Yao Qian gathering essence energy!

'Ye Yuan' arrived in front of Yao Qian. Yao Qian did not dare to delay. An essence energy ball was fired out.


The essence energy ball exploded in midair along with 'Ye Yuan,' raising a bundle of flames.

Right at this moment, Yao Qian's expression suddenly changed dramatically!

Purple-colored petal rain!

As a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse, his sensitivity towards essence energy was far beyond what Crystal Formation Realms could compare to.

This purple petal rain was actually agglomerated and formed from heaven and earth essence energy.

This . . . How was this possible?

Ye Yuan was only Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm. He could actually mobilize heaven and earth essence energy?

Yao Qian was an alchemist in the end. He was simply inept at combat!

At this time, he actually had the time to stand there in a daze!

An intense sense of danger welled up inside him. Yao Qian's hair was standing on its ends!

This move by Ye Yuan was likely to be extraordinarily powerful!

"Tumultuous Violent Wave!" Yao Qian hurried revolved his power and started to gather essence energy again.

Only this time, he did not have such ample time to accumulate it. However, there was more than enough to use this amount of essence energy to deal with a Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist.

Yao Qian pushed out both palms. Essence energy actually roiled over towards Ye Yuan like a violent, turbulent wave!

"Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword Art, Second Stance, Thousand Flowing Petals!"

Ye Yuan gave a low cry. The sword tip danced, and the boundless flying petals actually assaulted Yao Qian!

Gigantic waves billowed with a majestic aura, surging forward like a torrential tide!

Falling petals adrift noiselessly where the source was distant and the stream long!

Those countless falling petals were like moths flying toward a blazing fire, continuously whittling down the aura of that Tumultuous Violent Wave.

Finally, those countless falling petals punched a gap in the gigantic wave and swept towards Yao Qian!

Although the essence energy sea was greatly diminished by the falling petals, it still carried enormous attack power as it surged towards Ye Yuan.

Both parties received the attack at the same time!



Ye Yuan was sent flying out, directly smashing through the wall and flew outside!

Yao Qian was no better. Those falling petals were like individual knife blades, wrapping his entire body and slicing him!

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The clothes on Yao Qian were shredded into countless ribbons, his flesh a bloody blur!

However, the essence energy protection of a Sea Transformation Realm was much more powerful. The wounds on Yao Qian's body appeared terrifying, but it was actually not that serious.

Rather, it was Ye Yuan who became unconscious after being hit outside!

Even so, this was an unprecedented humiliation for Yao Qian. A frontal clash between a Sea Transformation Realm martial artist and a Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist, and he was actually injured to such an extent!

"Ye Yuan! I'm going to kill you!"

Yao Qian had already lost his mind in his rage. He directly rushed out of the Drunken Star Manor and unleashed a palm towards Ye Yuan!

The people outside had not dispersed yet. When they say this scene, they could not help being greatly startled!