Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 211

Chapter 211: Mo Yuntian!
Chapter 211: Mo Yuntian!
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"Ye Yuan!"


Ye Yuan facing off with a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse, Ye Hang and the rest naturally would not really leave in peace.

Seeing Yao Qian who was drenched in blood, everyone was flabbergasted!

And at this moment, Ye Yuan was lying unconscious on the ground. Ye Hang and Huyan Yong wanted to head over to rescue him, but it was already too late.

An essence energy ball reached Ye Yuan in a blink of an eye, and he was already incapable of resisting at this moment.

Ye Hang shut his eyes painfully, not daring to witness the scene of his son being killed.

Right then, a silhouette appeared in front of Ye Yuan like a phantom and reached out to lightly tap the essence energy ball. It instantly vanished into nothingness.

Everyone was unbelievably shocked. A 28/29-year-old youth in azure clothing faced Yao Qian calmly and saved Ye Yuan!

This unexpected change caught everyone off guard. Who was this youth?

Huyan Yong's pupils constricted when he saw that youth and was immediately overjoyed.

With this person around, Ye Yuan should be safe and sound!

The azure clothed youth gave Yao Qian a slight salute and said with a faint smile, "Please calm your anger, Martial Uncle Yao. You've vented what you needed to vent, so don't kill, alright? In spite of everything, Ye Yuan is still a sect disciple."

Yao Qian had already calmed down currently too. But he gave a cold snort when he saw this youth and said, "What did you come for?"

The youth smiled and said, "Master heard that there are two Junior Apprentice Brothers with peerless talent and feel that it's more appropriate for them to join my Martial Hall. Hence, he explained to the Sect Master and ordered me to fetch the two Junior Apprentice Brothers into the sect."

"Humph! Using Sect Master to suppress me? I don't care about the two of them entering your Martial Hall, but Ye Yuan stole sect pill formulas and circulated them in the secular world. His crime is unforgivable and must be brought to the Pill Hall to be punished severely!" Yao Qian refused to give in at all.

"This matter is all conjectures by Martial Uncle. Ye Yuan has never left the State of Qin before since birth till now and has never been to the sect. How could he steal the pill formulas? I think that Junior Apprentice Brother Ye must have had some other fortuitous encounter, that's how he obtained the pill formulas. How about this, Martial Uncle, I'll bring Junior Apprentice Brother Ye and Long Tang back to the Martial hall first. The pill formulas involve the rise and fall of the sect. Master will definitely take it up personally. After inquiring into the cause, he will naturally give an explanation to the Pill Hall." The azure clothed youth said neither humbly nor haughtily.

"No way! Ye Yuan is guilty and must be detained back to the sect!"

"Since that's the case, then this disciple will have to offend you!" the youth said calmly.

"You dare to attack me?"

"This disciple dare not. But Master's orders are hard to go against!"

"What a fine Mo Yuntian! To actually dare go against your superiors! I'll remember today's matters! I'll report this incident to the hall head and sect master. I want to see just what kind of accounting you all can give! Hao-er, let's go!" Yao Qian said furiously.

Finishing, Yao Qian brought along Yang Hao and left without even turning back.

"Senior Apprentice Brother Mo!" after Yao Qian left, Huyan Yong shouted rather agitatedly.

This Mo Yuntian was precisely that peerless genius who passed through the Nine Heavens Road a decade ago in the State of Qin's Dan Wu Academy and also Huyan Yong's fellow sect senior apprentice brother!

Ten years without meeting. The disparity between the two became greater and greater.

Mo Yuntian looked towards Huyan Yong. An astonished look flashed past his eyes. "Haven't met for a few years, to think that Junior Apprentice Brother Huyan actually broke through to the Crystal Formation Realm too! Felicitations!"

In his impression, Huyan Yong's natural endowments were not bad, but he should not have broken through to the Crystal Formation Realm so quickly. Huyan Yong's breakthrough speed was at least ten years ahead of what he imagined!

"Just good fortune! Many thanks for Senior Apprentice Brother Mo helping to save Ye Yuan. If not for you, Ye Yuan would most likely be killed by that dog fart elder already!"

As for his breakthrough, Huyan Yong did not wish to say too much. But thinking of Yao Qian, he was full of hatred.

That fellow concerned himself with the individual and not the matter! Causing a total upheaval to the situation in the State of Qin and almost killing Ye Yuan. How could he not hate?

Mo Yuntian waved his hands and said smilingly, "Ye Yuan is also my Junior Apprentice Brother in future. I'm here under Master's order. Saving him is expected. This isn't the place to talk. Let's head back to the academy first before continuing."

Finishing, Mo Yuntian looked at the unconscious Ye Yuan, his gaze revealing deep shock.

Mo Yuntian completely took in with his eyes the move Ye Yuan that used to deal with Yao Qian just now. It truly left him tremendously shocked.

A Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist could actually communicate with heaven and earth essence energy to use such a powerful move! Such talent could no longer be described using monstrous!

Although the heaven and earth essence energy that Ye Yuan could communicate with was very limited and not even worth mentioning to Sea Transformation Realm powerhouses, one must know that Ye Yuan was only Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm!

If he broke through to the Crystal Formation Realm in the future, just based on this move, it was sufficient to sweep away those martial artists in the same rank!

Even now, the average Crystal Formation Realm martial artist would absolutely not dare to let Ye Yuan complete this sort of move. Or else, they could only flee for their lives!

Earlier, Yao Qian suffered a loss in Ye Yuan's hands was still because his combat experience was too little, giving Ye Yuan the opportunity to complete his move.

If another martial artist were swapped in to do battle, they would definitely not give Ye Yuan this kind of chance.

The flaw of this move was that it consumed too much time.

Even so, the might of this move should not even appear on a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist!

Also, Mo Yuntian clearly saw a shadow of the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art amidst the Thousand Flowing Petals, but the sword intent of the Thousand Flowing Petals was stronger than the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art!

After this child enters the sect, he would surely become the number one among the younger generation in the not too distant future!

. . . . . .

A group of people came to the Dan Wu Academy and settled down. Mo Yuntian took out two medicinal pills to give Ye Yuan and Ye Hang to eat.

Ye Hang's injuries regained control very rapidly. While Ye Yuan was remained unconscious, his complexion gradually turned for the better.

Yao Qian's attack was initially executed in haste and was also greatly exhausted by Ye Yuan's Thousand Flowing Petals. Hence, while Ye Yuan's injuries were severe, there was no danger to his life.

Afterward, Mo Yuntian went together with Huyan Yong to Jiang Yunhe's residence to pay respects.

When Mo Yuntian saw Jiang Yunhe, he gave a bow and said, "Yuntian pays respects to Lord Dean. Has Dean been well recently?"

"Haha! Well! Very well! Don't be too courteous, Yuntian! You're Hall Head Xiao's direct disciple now with a status that is much higher than mine. No need to pay such solemn respects." Seeing Mo Yuntian, Jiang Yunhe was clearly also beside himself with joy.

He had already been in position for over a dozen years and only nurtured this one talent. He would naturally regard him importantly.

Mo Yuntian smiled and said, "If not for the dean's nurturing, how can Yuntian have today? In this life, no matter where I go to, Dean Jiang will always be Yuntian's Lord Dean!"

"Haha, this dean is already satisfied that you have such sentiments. You coming to the State of Qin this time is under Hall Head Xiao's orders?"

"That's right. It's also fortunate that Master instructed Yuntian to come. Otherwise, our Tranquil Cloud Sect's losses this time would be too massive! Junior Apprentice Brother Ye's talent supersedes Yuntian's ten times, a hundred times over. If such a genius were to be ruined in Yao Qian's hands, it would undoubtedly be a catastrophe for the sect!"

After seeing Ye Yuan's Thousand Flowing Petals, Mo Yuntian also felt lingering fear in his heard. Such a matchless genius; once the sect lost him, they might not even find another one for a hundred years!